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I’m going to explain today what motivation is exactly in simple word ? And why it’s important for us.

How motivation help us to achieve our target ? So be ready to know something new about what motivation is real meaning.

I know you already heard about motivation but today you’re going to learn new thing about motivation.

Because i’m also excited to share something new which you want to learn, so keep reading.

What Motivation is Actual Meaning ?

Well, first of all think what’s root cause of motivation in real life or how this motivation is created ?

can you ask yourself why you’re reading this article ? of course If you’re reading this article its mean that you want to know about motivation.

Am i right or wrong ? write in comment box. So it’s clear that you’ve need to know about motivation.

Therefore first thing is cleared that needs create motivation. If someone has no any need then he can’t be motivated at all.

And the best example motivation work on human only, because humans has different needs in this universe only.

So human only use this motivation to complete his needs which may be his work, goal, target or dream.

Now motivation is an invisible force, energy, and power which help us to complete our any type of needs.

I hope you’ve study in science Physics about work energy power theorem in school.

So this theorem simply state that work can be transform into energy and further energy can be transform into power.

Means same quantity or things can be transform from one form to other form science teach us.

Hence compare with motivation is an invisible force, energy and power. So here force is our needs and energy is our action take for need.

What is motivation in management

And power is how much we take action for that need, if you take more action for your need then you’re more motivated for your need.

Because we can’t take any action if we have no need or desire for something. Nobody do anything without need in this universe.

So Motivation is very important for our life. There’re mainly two types of motivation.

  • External motivation ( short time just by listen any person or watching any Video and just get motivated)
  • Internal motivation (it’s for long time but not easy, need continuous actions until the goal is not achieved)

So it’s important we should focus more on internal motivation which actually help to achieve our goal.

People generally ask for long time motivation what should we do ?

If you want to motivate for long time than you can do two things.

  • Identify your needs and take action for it.
  • Increase your burning desires

So i hope you got the meaning of what motivation is actual meaning.

How Motivational Speech effects on our life ?

Motivation is really important in human life. Because humans has needs and desires in this universe.

And there’re many obstacles in front of humans daily life. Everybody of this universe face challenges to complete their needs.

But don’t worry it is natural obstacles comes and will come in every walk of life.

Suppose if obstacles don’t come then everybody can do anything easily then human system will totally disturb.

I’m considering here one example for you if we can read all thing without any hurdle then no need of teachers and school or there is no need of any expert.

Then think how this human system will run.

And you also know that human is super living thing of this universe.

But do you know more challenges comes from human. people are having more problem from people rather than nature.

Do you want to know why ? because people change their laws always but nature never change its laws.

As a baby grow his fear increase with his age. And who’s responsible to increase his fear, nature no, people of this planet including parents.

Motivation is natural gift for baby

When any baby born without fear and up to 7 years he does not feel any fear. Because he is naturally confidence and he do anything without fear.

He is always ready to do anything because he has no fear right now.

But as he grow after that parents including relatives start fearing him moment to moment, it’s generally start from home after that other people also participate in it.

Saying like you’re not intelligent, you can’t do, you’re not good in study we’re getting complaint from school or college.

Why you have not secure 90% marks ? After that he really feel i’m not good, i can’t do it, and start loosing confidence and become fearer.

So some of the challenge come from nature and some are from society. But what does this challenges do with us.

They fill the fear in our mind. So we doubt our self and divert from our goal.

Then how can we release our fear ? We need here motivational speech, motivational books, article and take action.

It’s very simple do one thing Change your thoughts, think always positive, automatically negative fear will release from your mind.

Because fear always bear in negative mind.

what is motivation psychology ?

Motivation compel us to take an action. But we can’t take action without a driving force. So what is motivation psychology has been long interest of psychologists.

As well as general people also want to know psychological factor behind motivation. So let’s dive in how psychologists define this term.

So according to psychologists motivation is a process by which any activities are actually get started. Such that certain needs or desire are met.

Needs are also psychological which created time to time with human. If there’s no need, then motivation will not be created.

For example when we hungry who tell about hungry our psychological brain. Then a motivation process start and we search for food to met our need.

What are the Components of Motivation ?

If anyone has set his goal to lose 10kg of his weight. Then only making a desire is not enough to complete his goal.

So he need some action for this goal to accomplish. There may be many challenges which’ll come in the process of achieving the goal.

But he has to face through obstacles and keep going on towards the goal with sprite.

There’re three major components of motivation.

  1. Activation > this involve the decision to participate in such as enrolling in a game.
  2. Persistence > It’s continuous effort towards achieving goal even facing with challenges and obstacles. So the best example of persistence is earn a degree although it requires certain amount of money investment along with time, energy and resources.
  3. Intensity >

This define concentration and focus on pursuing a goal. how much we’re dedicated for our goal.

for example suppose one student is not focusing at goal not putting any effort. while other student study regularly participate in discussions,

As well as take advantage of research opportunities outside of class. So the first student lacks intensity.

Whereas the second is more focused on his educational goal with greater intensity.

What are the major theories of motivation?

The first theory of motivation is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow is called father of humanistic psychology.

Because he was the first psychology man, who did self-actualization. So after he had written a book theory of human motivation.

And in this book he has described about human motivation. In which he explained how human is motivated ?

So lets come to know what’s his ideas about human motivation. He told humans have infinite needs, and to complete these needs human makes a series.

Such that finish one by one, like if first need is completed then target to finish second need. So in this way humans complete their needs.

And that is called Hierarchy. Therefore Maslow explained two types of needs.

  1. Deficiency Needs: These’re those types of needs, when human feel shortage of things, and after getting it motivation is dead. for example if a man feel hungry, then after getting food his motivation is dead for food.
  2. Growth Needs:

this need is not due to deficiency in this case after getting the things motivation level is more increase.

For example if we play video game so after completing first level we don’t stop our motivation level is more increase for level 2.

or if we set our goal to earn money then after getting money our motivation level increase to earn more money.

So according to Maslow there’re five level of needs, but later it increases to eight levels.

Maslow’s theories hierarchy for motivation

The main point of Maslow theories about motivation is that it happen in series always, it never disorder series.

Like first basic needs then higher needs. So on the basis of that he explained five needs, which are given below.

What motivation is according to Maslow's theory
Maslow’s theory Motivation

Physiological : These’re the basic needs without which we can’t live, for example food, water, sleep, air and sex.
So after complete these needs, human feel second needs.

Safety: this needs are personal security, financial security, home and health security.

Love/belongings: Social needs meet with different people for search of friendship, relationship, family and intimacy.

Now after complete this needs we search for next needs.

Esteem: we want respect from others, an identification in society, achievement and status, independence.

if we donate money for charity, then want to make our identity in society.

Here one thing is important if somebody is on 4th level then he can’t motivate by 3rd level person.

Because his lower need is already completed. So we can’t motivate him.

Self-actualization : what was his desire to become, now he want to become what was his actual passion by birth.

and realize his potential to develop his passion also search for personal growth as well as knowledge.

Criticism on Maslow’s theory

It’s not necessary the series remain same because self esteem can be more important than love for someone.

Because some people motivation level is higher level whereas their basic need is not completed.

This theory explanation was not very clear. suppose there’s a child of good family his all needs completed in age of 10 years,

Then for his sexual need he will again come to first level or go further, so Maslow’s theory unable to explain.

There’s no experimental proof of Maslow’s theory it is just a theoretical concept.

Achievement Motivation theory

This theory was given by McClelland and Atkinson. So according to this theory there’re three types of people,

therefore three types of need.

Need for achievement: This type of people want some achievement in their life. They have a strong need to set and accomplish challenging goals.

Always takes calculated risk to complete their goals. they likes to receive feedback and prefer to work alone.

Need for Power: There’re some people who want power, they want to control others, to get desired things done.

They influence others, likes to win arguments. Enjoy status and recognition. high risk taker.

Need for Affiliation: they want to live in society friendship and they want good relationship with others.

Does’t like high risk or uncertainty. they like and belong to a group. favors over collaboration.

3 Important Things For Success in Life

If you really want to success in your life then remember always these three things in life.

This’s the main point behind all successful men in this world till now. I’m sharing here think deeply about all there points.

It’s a chain so don’t forget any points focus deeply on each points and take action for your passion.

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Change your thoughts
  3. Value yourself

Now these point are invisibly connected with three things your body, mind and soul.

Because a man can’t success unless his body, mind and soul are not fine.

Hence your body is product of your thoughts, So whatever you thought believe yourself you can do it.

And when you value yourself then automatically other will value you, So yourself believe will increase.

So change your thoughts always think good because thoughts create things.

Because everything of this world are created due to someone has thought about that thing.


What you learned new thing in this article, write in comment box. Because i’ll share more article for success, happiness, joy and relationship, which will motivate and inspire you towards success in your life. I hope you enjoy learning about What Motivation is exactly in simple word. If this article is helpful for you like, comment and share on social media.


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