What Is Motivation In Management

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What is motivation in management for an organization to achieve the goal.

Because why do some professionals focus on their work.

And others don’t focus on their work.

Also why do some learners start their task right away, while others start late.

whereas few never complete their assignment on time.

So what do participant think and feel during the activity engagement.

And what is the main cause for a person to continue or give up.

Therefore the answer to all these all questions, is lay in What is motivation in management.

So you need to know What is motivation in management advantage.

Lets begin to know get success in our works of life now.

What is motivation in management role ?

What is motivation in management role ?
What is motivation in management role ?

No matter, whatever you want to do in your life.

For example academic, profession, carrier, business, politics and startup short term or long term goal.

Because motivation is the key to all success.

So first try to understand, what is motivation in simple word.

Because motivation is the key to success in any real work life.

So if you’re able to understand motivation, then it’ll be easy for you to success in your real life, whatever you’re doing right now.

Hence the concept of motivation is anything which move you, prepares you, and make you ready to do some tasks is a motivator for you.

So you get motivated and the whole process is motivation.

Because whatever activities we do in our day to day life, all are associated with some kind of motivation.

But without motivation we can’t do anything in our life.

Therefore motivation is required for all our life activities, to initiate, to continue and to accomplish all tasks.

what is motivation in management practice

So for examples, need for drinking water, for eating, reading and making a phone call, and for all other activities.

We must need motivation to do, and with interest and enjoyment.

But some may be psychological, biological and some may be bio-psychological in nature.

Therefore motivation is a general psychological concept.

Which is used to explain behavior initiated by needs and directed towards a goal.

And the term motivation is derived from a French word ‘mouvoir’ which means to move, to stir and to prompt.

So according to Lovell motivation is defined more formally as psychological or internal process initiated by some needs.

Which lead to activities which will satisfy those needs.

Because every individual has different kind of needs, so to achieve some desire.

Which may be normal nature or instant nature.

Also for short term or long term and for self or for family, society, nation or humanity.

And depending on the intensity of needs, we develop our motivation to accomplish those needs.

what is motivation in management to achieve the goal ?

Hence in the motivation definition, there are three key concepts.

  • Arousal of behavior– for example a child want to become a doctor, this mean the child behavior is arousal to become a doctor. image of a doctor in child’s mind.
  • Sustaining of behavior– now the challenge is to sustain this arousal behavior of the child, this task can be done by himself, or with the help of the family members, and the teachers. the sustaining behavior reflected in the study pattern and attitude of the child. So this clear the child is sustaining behavior to become a doctor.
  • Regulating the behavior or activity– But sometimes it may happen at certain stage, that the child is slowed down in the pace of study. Or become very fast in his achievement behavior, and loses his night sleep in the stress of preparation. So he needs to control or regulate his motivation of becoming a doctor, But in this process teacher’s and parent’s roles are crucial.

Hence we see that arousal, sustaining and regulating are three most important aspect of motivation.

If any of these three is missing, then motivation is not complete.

And it may creates obstacle in the successful achievement of the set goal.

So considering all these definition, motivation is instrumental to all success in our life.

Now i hope you well understood, what is motivation actual meaning in our life.

What do you mean by motivation cycle ?

here are five important point in a motivation cycle.

  • Needs/wants– Needs are the most basic things for each and every individual, Because all living creatures have their needs. All human beings have their own needs. So no human can be existing in this world without their needs.
  • Drive– These needs and want create some kind of drive in all of us. Suppose i’m hungry then my need is to have food. So being hungry create need of getting the food, therefore a drive is created in our mind, that is mental state to get something done. And if needs or want are failed, then create drive.
  • Response/Action– And drive put individuals into action, in the form of response. So because of this action to fulfill those needs. People works very hard, to accomplish those needs and desires. And at the end there can be only two situation, either the need will be satisfy or people can fail. So what can happen ? Now it depend upon the individual personality.
  • Need compromised– Whether he is ready to compromise with the need, or he is ready to continue with the same need. If he compromise with the need, then the need structure is change, so he will compromise and lets leave this need. And to have some other need.
  • Satisfaction– And if needs are satisfied, then as per economics needs have no ends, so one need is fulfill another need comes into your way of life. Hence the whole process of motivation cycle goes in our lives.

What is motivation in an organization ?

what is motivation in management
what is motivation in management

Motivation is good for organization.

Because motivation in the workplace create a healthy environment among the employees.

So it’s a crucial ingredient of a profitable business.

Because a workforce of employees that is adequately motivated is more productive.

Hence they learn and feel confidence while during working.

So they really enjoy their work as well, and upgrade their skills and knowledge.

And their sense of commitment is also stronger with the organization.

Because employees will invest more of themselves in what they are doing.

And if you’re a manager and want to encourage productivity, then focus on motivation for the employees.

Also take pride their work, feel that what they do is important, and has meaning.

And reward them for their good work done.

Feel that you’re treating them fairly.

If they are well motivated.

So they add more value to the organization growth fast.

The advantages of the motivation in the workplace.

  • Encourages employees to develop their skills
  • Increases productivity of organization
  • Better employees commitment
  • Helps and boost profits for organization
  • Improved employees satisfaction
  • Allows management to meet the organization goals

Why motivation is important for employees ?

Motivation helps to change the employees attitude, and improve their performance level.

So organization will be able to achieve their goal fast.

And motivation create a supportive environment among the employees.

So each employees will help each other in their work with good will.

Because a motivated employees possess positive attitude.

And help to change anything in organization.

What is the importance of motivation ?

So here are the some importance point about motivation.

  • Encourages the behavior towards something– If you’re motivated for some particular reason to achieve something. So motivation keep encourage to do certain specific task.
  • Sustain the behavior on the task– If somebody is motivated, then it help the individual to sustain on the job.
  • Directs the behavior in a particular direction– Because if i’m motivated and i’m clear, what i want to achieve, then this motivation will help me in proper direction. whether the direction is right or wrong.
  • Regulates or controls the behavior for the accomplishment of aims– Because motivation also help in regulating or controlling the behavior. For the accomplishment of goals, which we’re working.
  • Helps keeping focused– If you’re motivated for a particular goal, then you’ll be focused for that goal to achieve.
  • Motivation helps in guided study– If i’m motivated to become an engineer, my study will be guided to achieve those goals.
  • Motivation makes you goal oriented– So your eyes is always on certain goal, which you have to achieve. And this concentration to achieve those goals are set by your motivation. If you’re highly motivated, then you’ll be highly goal oriented. And if low, then low motivation to achieve those goals.
  • Helps you to be systematic and organised– The more you’re motivated, the more you’ll be organised in your assignment.
  • Encourages self evaluation– it assess whether you’re on the right path or not, whether your progress is satisfactory or not.

Importance of motivation in management learning process

Importance of motivation in management learning process
Motivation Needs

Learning is a very common concept, that is used in our daily language.

But in the field of educational psychology, it has some specific meaning.

Which must be understood by all of us.

And specially teachers as well as, who want to join teaching profession.

Because there is no universally accepted definition for learning.

But different psychologist have define in different ways.

So some important definition about learning, which will clear your concept.

Therefore according to Skinner, learning is a process of progressive behavior adaptation.

When the child are born, his habits are form, and the habit formation goes slowly.

The child learn to speak some words and sentences.

And in this process child progressively goes on and develop his habits, attitude values and all kinds of norms of the society and family.

So the whole process is called learning.

And according to Woodworth the process of acquiring new knowledge and new responses is the process of learning.

Hence according to Crow and Crow learning is the acquisition of habits, knowledge and attitude.

How learning helps for self development ?

So whatever knowledge we acquire from family, school, society and from the community.

And whatever the attitude develop among us from different sources in the formal or informal way.

These all are the process of learning.

So the importance of motivation in management learning is good for the organization development.

And learning makes a man perfect in his field.

So learning is a very good habit any management system, and motivation helps for learning new things for your own development.

Because learning can only modify our behavior and attitude, and learning should be permanent in nature.

But all changes are due to practice or experiences, which everyone of us feel in our daily life.

So for all these changes, modifications, all kinds of learning the basic requirement is motivation to learn by the learners,

And without motivation learning can’t take place.

Motivation is the core of management

Because motivation makes employees ready to learn before actual learning.

So motivation is the most basic and fundamental requirement to do any task or achieve anything in our life.

And without motivation we can’t put our efforts to accomplish any goal in our lives.

The essential of motivation for action demands management’s and organization’s positive role in creating required level of motivation,

Among the children and learners to put them on the right path of achievements.

Motivation for employees meet the organization goals.

Because studies have found that high employee motivation goes hand in hand with high organizational performance and profits.

And the motivation is need or desire to do something.

So intrinsic rewards are the satisfactions that a person receives in the process of performing a particular action.

And extrinsic rewards are given by another person, typically a manager.

Because they originate externally, as a result of pleasing others.

Therefore effective managers want people to receive both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to meet their needs.

So according to a research, what can motivated a people most, and they found the people give their best efforts.

When the work itself interested and excite them.

Whenever they feel their work has meaning and appreciated for the work contribution.


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