What are the five leadership skills

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What are the five leadership skills that is important for a world class leader ?

Because leadership is an influence of personal power, not positional power.

That creates progressively advancing community, no department, no division and organizational.

But make a big community towards a common purpose.

So let’s begin, what are the five leadership skills must poses by a successful leader.

What are the five leadership skills make a leader successful ?

What are the five leadership skills
What are the five leadership skills

If you want to know, What are the 5 qualities of a good leader?

Then here’s the most important quality for a good leader.

  • Leadership is a personal power
  • Influence other people
  • Progressively advancing community
  • Build Community of people
  • Common purpose

If leader is using its positional power and force to get the work done,

Then as he lose the leadership power, after that people will not come back to him again.

So this’s called influence, the meaning of influence is that, Some leaders have influence, and some leaders have pressure.

The leaders who make the pressure also get the work done,

But there’s big difference between positional pressure leader and influences.

Because people like to work and join with influence, whereas people hate positional pressure leader.

So from personal power influence comes,

Now i hope, you got the meaning, what are the five leadership skills for a successful leader ?

And leader is not one who create leaders, but leader is one who can create the leaders of leading leader.

From where the community is build, because there’re so many social organization, where people have devoted his life with heart without any profit.

Hence try to build community in your leadership position,

what are the five crisis leadership skills

But if your purpose is to make yourself stable, then nobody will devote his life for you, and will not join with you.

Because if you drive people for your goal, then people will tired and stop after a while.

But if you add the Goal of people with your Goal, then they will run with you throughout their life.

Therefore without common purpose community can’t be built,

If it’s your personal goal, then your team will work with their hands and legs,

But if that goal is also their goal, then they’ll work with their heart and mind.

If employees are working with organization for salary, then they’ll go in the evening.

But if employees are achieving their dream with organization, then they’ll devote their life for organization.

So if any of the above five skills is missing, then that leader will not success.

5 characteristics of a good leader identity

Here’s the five level of leadership.

What’s important to identify the different leader characteristics,

And who is good one, and what’s good quality of a leader.

  • Master– They’re not in percentage, but they’re in numbers, people who created history,

Because they’re born to make history, so what’s greatness about master, when master falls, he’ll get back up and go one step back.

And search for there’s always a better way, because there’s strategy in master life.

So master says, I never lose either i win or i learn. Hence he will find out new ways.

and he accepts there’s a scope of improvement in me. Because he’ll not change the goal.

But he’ll change the strategy.

  • Stressors– These are very powerful and great people, because they’re extraordinary people.

When stressors will fall down, then get back up, so he’ll never give up,

and he always get up, because he bounce back in every tough time, So he says, no matters i’m not a loser.

If i lost once, and i’m not a failure, if i failed once, They don’t give up and are extraordinary men.

Because they say, failure is not the option, they’ll not cry but try.

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  • Dabbler– When he join any new organization comes with great enthusiasm, but after falling twice and thrice,

How to recognize the best leaders ?

Then he says, No, no i can’t do. So they’re called shooting star manager, come fast and go fast.

  • Fault finder– Analyse and he’ll logically find faults, finally he’ll convene it’s not possible.

Because he’s going to find all the faults, he doesn’t look for solution,

So these types of people ignore 99 good thing, but focus on one bad thing.

  • Quitter– The moment he sees the difficulty, he quits, when the circumstances is tough, he’ll fall down.

He’ll say it’s not possible, let me change the job, and he can’t sustain.

Because he’s not meant for handling the difficulties, and focusing always on problems.

These are the five level distinguish between an ordinary man an extraordinary man.

So, what’s that quality 1% people are contributing more than 99% people of the world.

How to demonstrate leadership skills ?

Leadership qualities
Motivation Need

Leadership is not by positional power, but it’s personal power.

Because leadership is not by instruction, so it’s by inspiration.

Hence you need to develop your personal effectiveness,

So do you want to know, What are the basic leadership skills?

Because when your personal effectiveness is good, then your interpersonal effectiveness will be better.

So here’s 3 powerful tips on interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Don’t see things worst then they are– So you don’t behave based on what has happened to you. But you behave based on what you feel,

What has happened to you, If you behave something bad about you, then it creates a negative cyclic reciprocation.

And if you feel negative, then you deal negative.

Because when you value somebodies negative value system, his negative value system becomes your value system.

  • Try to see things as they are– When you change the way you look at things, So change your vision.
  • Try to see the things better then they are– Mentality is always different from the reality, So mentality is what you’re thinking about reality.

And reality is actually what reality is. So mentality is perceived reality.

People don’t care how much you know, people know how much you care. If your feeling will improve then your dealing will improve.

So feel better if you want to deal better,

Examples of leadership roles in current organization

It’s all about how do you take ownership,

As well as how do you lead, influence and inspire others.

So how this question is asked ? This’s typically ask in one or two flavor.

In flavor on they might ask about a specific time, so they ask tell a time you lead a team,

Or tell about a team successful outcomes you lead,

And in second flavor they can ask tell me about your leadership style.

So it’s important you to go back to your star frame work and height light your actions.

Because you’re very clear about the role you played being a leader,

And you’re also very clear, how that role impacted others.

So this’s not only about your achievement, but also about the team excitement to achieve that goal.

Because do you understand, how to motivate your teams, And if you know, then can you harness the motivation to achieve the objective of organization.

And can you build a follower ship so that the team coming to you on regular basis,

Because you can uplift the performance of the team.

How you can know the skill of your team is relevant ? and the thing you highlight are that, how you can train, upskill and invest.

So not just for the short term, but for a long term.

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