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Success story is today topic, So i want to EXPLAIN the reality of success story ?

Because i’m going to explain the true fact about success story in this article.

So i ensure, you’re going to learn something new about success story. which you have not heard before.

Which’ll inspire and motivate you to do something for your burning desire and change the present life condition.

And you’ll also take action for your passion and goal.

So keep reading ahead.

Failure to Success story that will start your switch on

Success story for life change
Success Story on the Earth

Failure is actually everywhere and occurs everyday, in business, education, jobs, housework and relationship.

But the interesting fact about failure, what we understand failure is not actually failure.

Because what we generally listen and speak, he is failure, you are failure.

So these sentence are WRONG, forget it right now. This is totally myth.

Because a man can never failure, then what is failure, well, an idea is actually failure.

But why an idea become failure, ever you thought about this.

So this is truth, Success is not achieved until you become worthy of success.

And that is why, our idea become failure, but we are not failure.

Because as our idea become right, we get success in any field like business, education, jobs and relationship.

Now understand the main point, a correct idea is important for success.

But the correct idea is not one day game, it needs practice, and improvement day by day.

Because you can not give a single example of any person on this Earth planet, who got success without failure idea.

So failure idea actually help us to search for right idea for success, but remember we don’t fail.

Now it’s our mistake, we just implement two three ideas and if it’s wrong, after that we finally leave our goal and dream forever.

But those who want success never leave, because winer never leave.

Due to failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

So successful men always give the value of failure, because they learn from failure idea.

And every failure actually give a best opportunity, this’s experimental perception by successful men.

So never become worry, whenever your idea is failure, take it like a best opportunity waiting for you.

Now i hope you got the real meaning of failure to success story.

This story will give you motivation to do something big in life.

A Lesson For Life To Become Successful

If there is no defeat in this life, victory means nothing.

Now failure and success word is opposite to each other, but live together like true friend.

But the only difference is that unsuccessful people break and successful people flourish.

Because in this world, most of the people accept failure very soon after two to three attempts only.

But very few people accept failure as friend and learn something from it.

And try unless they did not make their dream come true.

So in today article there’re some story about the great stubborn people in the success story diary.

Therefore i’m going to start from world biggest failure record breaker person.

Now i hope you know well Thomas Alva Edison, who lighted every home with his light bulb invention.

But the deep relation between failure and him was from his childhood.

So he only attended three month school in childhood, because school management fired him saying as he is mentally disabled.

After that primary education given by mother at home and he continued self studies.

But when he became 12 year old, then due to one infection his listening power decreases.

Then he taken this problem in a positive way like, now outer sound will not disturb during work period.

when he started doing job, then he listed as non productive, and fired.

But this man who slept only four hours never gave up in his life.

Because he said defeat is either that method or that effort.

So just think, if this person was accepted defeat after 10th or 50th times, then possibly we were using candle today.

But he was very stumbborn person. because he never accepted failure, and continue his try one after another.

And he learned from every failure and try for other method.

Inspirational Success Story for life

Again he failed, and again he tried, continue this process for long period of time.

But as many times his try became failure, he found himself near the success.

Because he was knowing well that his idea become failure, he is not failure.

So he never accepted himself as failure, after 9999th failure attempt.

Then after that he invented light bulb finally, and told 9999th attempt, i researched through which light bulb can not glow.

So we can just think, how stumbborn was mr Thomas Alva Edison.

After 9999th time failure, he did not accepted himself as failure, but what we do for our goal.

So his Success Story, is really Lesson For our Life goal.

If our 10th try become failure, then what do we think, you think to do 11th attempt.

Because about thought Thomas Alva Edison told, only 5% people in this world think.

And 10% people think, they think.

Rest 85% people like to die better than think.

So think and write in comment box, you’re in which category.

If you want to get more inspiration then check this link inspiration for life quotes success.

Failure to successful business man

Failure to success story business man
Failure to success story

Well, now talk about an another stumbborn failure Jack Ma,to success story business man, on this planet.

Who founder of Alibaba, and at 21th postion powerful in the world.

Because this man has got wholesell failure in his life.

And he born in poor family, somehow he did graduation, and come out start for searching jobs.

They kept giving interviews on the interview but were rejected every time.

Because in his own city 24 people were interviewed for KFC.

And 23 people were selected, but he was rejected only in that interview.

Now again in police requirement total 5 people were called.

But 4 were taken and Jack Ma was finally rejected only.

So for job he was interviewed 30 times but got rejected one after another.

Now for education applied 10 times in Harvard university, but 10 times rejected.

Neither had rich parents nor had own money in the pocket for support.

But he was very stumbborn, and he never accepted himself as failure.

Now Jack Ma took 2000 dollar as borrow from his friends and relatives and opened a company Alibaba.

When he opened the company, then people were making his fun and tried to scared him.

Because people commented like, this idea is wrong, you can not earn from company and it will close soon.

But he never give up and made a company which is know by Alibaba name in the world.

How to Success in Life a Story

If you do not ever want listen to criticism of good work, then never do new work.

And If you are not stubborn, then you will accept defeat soon by doing new experiments.

This word is told by mr Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon company, who is richest man of the world.

We all know Amazon is not unknow name for anyone right now.

Because this ecommerce company started almost 20 years before.

And today it has became largest ecommerce website of the world.

So this is life success story of Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon company.

He had born on 12 july 1964 in New Mexico United states.

And his mother Jacklyn she was 17 year old that time not adult.

But when Jeff Bezos was only 3 year old then his father Ted Jorgensen left them.

Now again his mother married with Mike Bezos, who is stepfather Jeff Bezos.

When Jeff became some older then his interest developed in electronics equipment.

And in childhood Jeff made an electric alarm so that his stepbrother can not inter in his room without his permission.

When jeff was in 4th class that time in his school a mainframe computer was brought, but teachers were not knowing to handle computer.

But jeff read manual and learned to operate computer.

So due to this talent he got silver award from university of florida.

Now he did computer engineering from Preston University.

After that he got a big job in 1986 Wall Street New York in a company.

And Jeff was interested to read always something new from books.

One day in 1994 he was doing net surfing and found web users numbers are increasing at the rate 2300% every year.

Then he got an idea for online business.

And he decided to left his good job to make his idea success.

But it was really a hard decision, because he was got recently married.

Success Story Amazon

He was thinking what to sell online.

After long consideration one idea come in mind to sell books online.

Then he established his company in 1994 and started to sell online books in 1996.

Jeff was decided to give company name but after 3 months later he changed this name to

He give the name started with “a” alphabetical letter because it came first in internet search.

Now he wanted to make amazon biggest company of the world in book selling.

This company was initially started with book selling but later change in DVD, software, electronics and many more selling.

Jeff started this company from his home garage, where only three computer and three employee were available.

And Jeff made online software for sell, and initially his parents invested $3 lakh.

So at the time of company establishment his father asked his, what is Internet ?

Then his mother replied, we are not spending on internet but on our son Jeff.

And this believe of parents came completely true.

So being as owner of shareholder 6% in Amazon, parents became Billionaire in 2000.

Because in 16th July 1995 Jeff started to sell book on his website

So in first month Amazon sold book in America 50 states and other 45 country.

But this job was not easy, because sitting on the ground through knee and packing the book.

And Jeff was going to deliver parcel himself.

So one day during the book packing Jeff asked his employees, Do you know, what should do to make this work easy.

Then one employee replied, we should put pillo under the knee, then Jeff smiled.

And next day Jeff arrange table for packing the book comfortably.

With the hard work of Jeff and his employees day by day selling was increasing.

And in 2007 Amazon became well known brand of the online selling.

But the company turning point came in 2007, when amazon Kindle book reader launched in the market.

Success Story Amazon Jeff Bezos’s

In Nov 2007 Amazon Kindle all book sold out, and showing out of stock online.

And next five month it was out of stock.

So due to Kindle ebook Amazon captched 95% online market of America.

Because Kindle launched was really a profitable successful business for Amazon and customer.

And Kindle launched provided permanent customer to Amazon business.

Then you can think, what Jeff did, because starting from three employee, 3 lakh employee in the Amazon working right now.

And Jeff Bezos became one of the richest person the world.

So come to know his main principle of business life. which will inspire you too.

According to Jeff Bezos if you think long term decision, then you can take right decision.

Because he always work for long term vision, so that he can not regret on his decision later.

He thought not to regret leaving his job after 60 years, but he will regret to not try himself for business.

So he tried and became a well know successful man in the world.

Because new work is the easy process to become a successful man.

Jeff was not having budget for advertisement, when he started company.

Then he thought the best way for advertisement is customer admire about Amazon with his friend and relatives.

Jeff always care his customer to provide best service and experience.

So that customer advertise and admire about products and services with others.

And this is main Success Story Amazon, which inspire us to do something new for our life also.


Write in comment box, which story inspire you most to do something new for your life. I hope you enjoy learning Success story for life change. Which will motivate and inspire you too. If this article is helpful for you then comments, like and share in social media. And you are having any doubt ask me always here for your support.


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