Real life inspiring stories that touched heart

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Some times real life inspiring stories that touched heart.

And in this article i’m going to share with you some inspiring real life inspiring stories that will touch your heart.

Because every story gives us some moral lesson for life.

And who knows, which real life inspiring stories that touched heart for you.

Because human is emotional so it may be one of the story can change your thought and life forever.

So let’s begin the amazing real life inspiring stories that touched heart right now.

Real life inspiring stories that touched heart

Real life inspiring stories that touched heart
Real life inspiring stories that touched heart

Well,today i tell you a story, but listen to this story carefully.

There was a child very dear and smart,

And he was about two month, then his father dead.

But he was living with her mother, And his mother did not have one eye.

So she did not look good from the face.

When that child was little, he loved his mother very much.

But when that child grew up, he feels that his mother’s face is not good.

So he felt ashamed of this.

And he didn’t used to take his mother to school.

Because he thought that if he took his mother to school, he would be insulted among his friends.

So his mother used to feel sad about his this thoughts and attitude.

But she never let his son fall short for anything.

whereas as time passed, and as his son grew older, he started making fun of his mother.

And he used to narrate things because of his mother’s bad face.

But his mother used to tolerate this poor thing and wept in heart.

Even many people do this today’s and this’s real life inspiring stories that touched heart. continued.

Now one day that son become young and he get married.

And his wife also started saying that your mother does not have an eye, and her face does not look good.

Hence she used to talk to her husband every day, so one day that son expelled his mother from the house.

And that mother was living alone somewhere and was living very hard life.

Because she became old.

Real life inspiring stories that touched heart a moral stories for adults

Now time passed and one day the birthday of that young man arrived.

And her mother remembered her son’s birthday,

So she walked towards the house at night with a letter and a flower.

She reached home and rang the door, when his son came out, he gave his son the letter and flower,

And, wishing him a happy birthday, she went back.

Then his son went inside and kept the flower and opened the letter.

And something was written in that letter, son, I know that I do not have one eye,

But son, I am telling you one thing which I have never told you.

When you were six months old, you fell down from your bed, below your toys were kept one of the toys hit your one eye.

And i took you to the hospital immediately, then doctor said that your one eye became waste,

Now it has only one solution that someone give one of their eye to him.

Without wasting my time, I told to doctor give my one eye to my son.

And this’s the real life inspiring stories that touched heart.

So that day my one eye was given out to you.

And since that day I have no one eye, and this is why my face looks bad.

I have not done you any favors, but I would like to tell you one thing son, mother can be ugly, but mother can not be bad.

So the lesson of this story is that friends, never let your mother grieve.

Always keep your mother ahead of yourself,

Because your mother loves you so much,

Therefore i’ll suggest take care of yourself and your mother.

And write your feedback about this story in the comment box.

Real life inspiring stories that touched heart with true motivational stories

Those who keep dare of dreaming can win the whole world.

Today i’m going to tell you a true story based on Michael Jordan famous basketball player.

And hope from this story all of your negative thoughts will change, and you’ll be able to achieve your goal in life.

Before start story, i would like to tell something about Michael Jordan.

Because Michael Jordan is a American basketball player, Those who have retired now,

But Michael was born in a very poor family, So he and his family lived in a small hut,

Whereas Michael always thought of doing something big, So that their poverty problem can be solved.

When he was 13 years old, his father called him, And an old cloth gave to him and said, OK son, tell me what will be it cost.

Michael said after thinking a little, it would be one dollar at least.

Then the father said that after going to market, you have to sell this cloth for two dollars.

After that Michael washed that cloth off well,

And then due to not having iron at home, he putted that cloth under a lot of clothes to straighten it.

So this’s the best real life inspiring stories that touched heart.

Then the next day, the clothes is looking good before.

Now he went to nearby railway station, and sold the clothe after waiting for 5 hours.

And coming home very happy and gave money to his father.

Now 15 days later, father gave him another such cloth again, and said, go and sell it for $ 20.

Then Michael being surprise and said, who’ll pay 20 dollar for it ?

After that father said try once,

Therefore he set his mind again and with the help of his friend went to the city and put the image of Mickey Mouse on that cloth.

And started selling it in front of the school of rich children,

Then a small child bought the cloth telling his father. continued,

Short stories with good morals lesson

The father of the small child also gave a $ 5 extra tip to Michael.

And thus he sold 1 dollar of cloth for 25 dollars.

Hence gladly came home and told dad,

A few days later his father gave him a cloth again, And said son, take this and sell it for $ 200.

This time it was too much, but Michael did not say anything.

Because every time he was succeeding,

So this time he took two to three days, he could not understand anything how to price it from $ 1 to $ 200.

And suddenly an idea came to his mind and he immediately went to the city. There was a very popular actress in the city that day.

Then he broke the police cordon, went on that cloth to ask for the autograph of that actress.

The actress could not deny seeing the child innocently.

And that actress gave her autograph on that cloth.

The next day he went to the market and started selling that autographed cloth for $ 200.

And a lot of people gathered to get that dress, The crowd became so much that started bidding for that cloth.

But in the last, a man of money bought that cloth for $ 2000.

And this’s the best real life inspiring stories that touched heart.

This time when he reached home with so much money and told the whole story to his father, then tears came in his father eyes.

And he said, son, you can do anything in your life.

So recalling the same thing, Michael said in an interview, where positive thinking takes place, there way become automatically.

Because you can never live a positive life with negative thinking.

That’s why always think big and positive, Your path will become automatically.

If you want to know more about story then check 5 motivational story will change your life.

Inspirational stories of success in life

real life inspiring stories that touched heart
real life inspiring stories that touched heart

We all whatever are doing in our life, just doing, and we will go wherever, the time will carry.

And we will get what we get on time.

But if you’ll understand this story, then i’m sure you’ll feel the level i am going is small, i have to do something great.

So the story is as, Once a man is lost in the forest,

Whatever was similar to eating and drinking with him ends very soon.

Now he was craving for every single drop of water for the last four to five days.

And he was thinking in mind, if he does not get water now, then his death is sure.

But he was sure that God is with him, some miracle will happen, and he’ll get water.

And must read inspiring short stories on positive attitude.

Then he sees a hut far away, He doesn’t believe his eyes.

Because even before he had come into such a confusion,

But besides believing, he had nothing to do, Because it was his last hope.

And with his remaining strength he walked towards the hut, As he got closer to the hut, his hopes increases.

But luck was with him this time, the hut was empty and alone, like no one stays here from long time.

Still in the hope of water, the man entered inside the hut, And he could not believe his eyes after seeing the inside view,

There was a hand pump, the man become full of energy after seeing hand pump.

So longing for a drop of water, he started running the hand pump quickly.

But hand pump was dry, Now that man got frustrated no one can stop him from dying.

And he fell there after getting upset, then he saw a bottle of water tide from the hut.

So he was somehow about to drink water, Then he saw a paper sticking in the bottle, Wrote on it, use this water to run hand pump.

And don’t forget to fill the bottle back. continued,

Inspiring short stories on positive attitude

Now there was a strange condition for that man.

But that man was not understanding, now drink that water or put it in the hand pump and run it.

So a lot of questions were arising in his mind, what would happen if the water did not run after putting it in the pump.

What will happen if this written thing is a lie, And who knows, if the water has dried inside the ground.

But in the last, he also said, it may be pump run, and wrote thing is correct.

Then after thinking for some time, he opened the bottle, and with trembling hand started pouring water into the pump.

By pouring water, he prayed to God and started running the hand pump,

And around three to four handles cold water started coming from the pump.

Then the man drank a lot of water, and he felt energy and happiness, now his mind start work properly.

So he again filled the bottle with water and tied it in the roof of the hut.

While he was doing this, he saw another bottle which contained a pencil and map.

Which had a map of the forest exit, The man remembered the map, and placed the bottle containing the map there.

Look carefully, he could take the map, but he didn’t took the map.

Then the man started going from there, but then looked back and came back to the hut and started writing something on the bottle paper.

And he wrote, believe me, the water comes out of this hand pump, where only it was written using this water to run hand pump.

So many people used to come in this forest and wondered whether this pump will run or not.

But thinking of this, the man wrote, believe that water comes out of this hand pump.

Really, this lesson teaches us not to give up hope even in the worst of situations.

If you want to achieve something big then you have to give something big.

Motivational story power of positive thinking

Motivation Need story
Motivation Need story

We all are having, some positive things in us and some negative things,

But our focus always goes on the negative things,

Because of which we live in problems and also remain unhappy.

And we never focus on the positive things that God has given us.

Now i want to tell you a story, There was a king in one state, the whole people was happy from him.

When the king came out to walk, then they used to bow to him and everyone was happy with him.

But the king had a disability, he was not having one eye, And he was not having one leg also.

whereas he never got sad about it, But one day while he was walking in the palace, he saw that his ancestor picture is in the gallery.

And everyone’s picture is in very good poses, he was very happy to see it.

So he thought that when my children come out of this gallery, they will be very proud to see.

But one thought again came in his mind that my picture is not engaged.

And how can my picture become beautiful, I am a disabled person.

So this’s real life inspiring stories that touched heart.

After thinking that when he went to the palace, he made an announcement that all the painter artists in this city should be called tomorrow.

When the next day all painter artist came to the court, he asked a question that who from you can make a beautiful picture of me.

Now all painters were confused that king is handicapped, so how can we make a motivational picture, which people will like to see.

So everyone was in this thinking, if we did not make a good beautiful picture, then the king would give us the punishments.

And one of these painters raised his hand and took the challenge. continued,

You become what you think

Then the king said that it is okay if you think you can make a good picture, but if you do not make good then maybe you get punishments.

And hearing this, the painter went to his house and after a long time made a painting.

When he brought the painting to the palace and showed it in front of the whole assembly, everyone was surprised.

Even the king was shocked when he saw that painting too, And very happy to see that painting,

In the painting he had made, he showed the king sitting on a horse, showing one of his legs and running a bow and one of his eyes is closed.

And you all know that when we aim at something, we close our one eye.

So that painter only focused on that things which could make the king picture beautiful.

But rest of the painters were focusing on the things that king’s painting could not become good.

That is, no one has focused on the thing that is there, but has focused on what is not.

Only one painter focused on how king’s picture can become beautiful.

And he made a picture that no one could see that the king was handicapped.

So this’s the real life inspiring stories that touched heart.

The moral lesson of this story is when you see positive things, then only you see positive.

And when you focus on negative things, then maybe it will be negative.

So always focus on positive things, you have.

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