5 Motivational story will change your life

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5 Motivational story will change your life forever, so today i’m going to share with you true motivational story best message, which’ll inspire you to pause and thought.

Because we all know life journey depend upon our thought. So we’ll learn true knowledge from these motivational story

And it’s need to implement the message of these story in our life for personal development.

I ensure you these motivational story will touch your heart. So keep reading.

1. The Best Motivational Story

Why i chose this topic today, because peoples are very aggressive nowadays everywhere, like in office,journey as well as every walk of life.

Whether it’s personal or professional life but they’re aggressive. So what’s reason behind this i’ll share more details in other article.

Now let’s start the best motivational story here.

A doctor was entering in hospital very fast, actually he was called for an urgent accident case.

As he entered in the hospital he saw patient’s parents are eagerly waiting.

When patient father saw the doctor then he told, you’re coming now, we’re waiting for a long time. why do’t do your duty properly.

If anything happen with my son you’ll be responsible. Then after listening all these, doctor replied forgave me.

I was not in the hospital. As i received the call i tried myself to come here fast. please keep patience don’t worry.

Then patient father told to doctor, how i can keep patience, if he was your son then You say the same thing.

If someone negligence, and your son is death, then you’ll say the same thing.

After that doctor told to patient father, you just pray with God everything become well. Doctor entered into operation theater.

But patient father was continuously speaking it’s easy to advice but who suffer from the situation understand the actual problem.

Now after spending one and half hour in the operation theater doctor came out,

there was a smile on doctor face, and told the patient guardian, thanks to God, your son is out of danger right now.

Powerful Motivational story change your thoughts

After listening this message all guardian became happy and start to ask more question with doctor, how long my son will become fine.

When does we can take him home, but doctor was going at same speed he came to hospital.

And he told asked rest questions with nurse. guardian told to nurse standing near, why this doctor have so boasting.

whether he can’t stop 2 minute to answer our questions. there was tear in nurse eyes.

She told with painful voice, Actually today morning in a terrible accident doctor sahab son has dead.

When we did called him, then he was doing last ritual of his son. But he came here and after treatment of your son, he’ll do his dear son last ritual.

After listening this sentence all guardian were riot and realize their mistakes.

So dear friends many times we react without knowing the real situation. We should control our self and know the real situation well.

We should avoid to give any negative reaction because some times, we give the pain to that people who were thinking our wellness.

That man who describe loudly and loudly about his anger he is actually ignorant.

But a wise man always control on anger, so in trouble keep patience is like half win with trouble.

So remember one thing always right or wrong is Perception of our mind thoughts.

Because Perception always depend upon our thoughts, and thought depend upon our idea, and idea depend upon us.

So try to understand someone silence. Because often Broken people does’t use words.

Now hope you understand well this best Motivational Story. So write in comment box, what do you feel about this story.

2. Motivational short story will inspire you

There was a Sculptor living in a village. He used to make very beautiful idols. And he was earning good money by doing this work.

After some time he got a son. Now his son started making idols from childhood. And his son was making very beautiful idols.

So father was happy on his son success. But every time father used to draw out some lack in his son idols.

And father used to told him it’s very fine, but try to remove lack next time.

So the Son was not even any complaint, he was using his father advice and was making better idols.

Therefore due to continuous correction in idols he used to make better idols than father.

And then such a time came when people began to buy son idols paying with more money.

Whereas father idols was selling at same price. But still father used to draw out some lack in son’s idols.

But son was not feeling it good now. Then he was accepting without the mind. But still used to made correction in his idols.

And one time came when son patience break. When father was drawing out lack in son idol, then son reply you’re saying like, you’re very big Sculptor.

If you have big understanding then your idols should not sell in low price. I feel now no need to take your advice. And my idols are perfect.

When father listen this word then stop to give advice, and does’t make any comment further.

Few months son was happy, but latter he notice people were not admire about his idols now.

And now the price of his idols were not increasing. In the starting he does’t understand anything but latter he goes near to his father.

And told about this problem to father. Then father listen very peacefully his problem, like he was knowing this time will come.

Then son notice this and asked him, had you know it’s going to happen ? And father reply Yes, because many years before i had bumped from this situation.

Always Listen older’s advice

Therefore son asked question to father, then why did you not instruct me. Then father replied, because you didn’t want to understand.

I know, i do’t make good idols like you. And It may be possible my advice about idols can be wrong. But it does’t matter due to my advice you made idols better.

But when i used to show lack in your idols, then you were not satisfied with idols made by you.

Because you were trying to make yourself better, and that try was reason for successful. But those day whenever you satisfied with your work.

And you assumed there’s no any chance to make it better, then your growth is stopped. Because people always hope better from you.

So this’s the reason, now your idols do not become good. As well as you’re not getting admire for your idols.

And due to this reason, you’re not getting more money for that idols now.

Then son kept silence for some time. Then again he asked question, what should i do now ?

After that father replied, learn to become unsatisfied. suppose there’s always possibility to become excellent.

This word will continue to inspire you always to become excellent in life. It’ll make you always better.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” (Steve Jobs).

3. Powerful Story on Motivation

Motivational story powerful message

Once upon a time there was a carpenter, and he was 60 years old. he was working since 40 years,

Then one day he goes to his boss and told boss now i want to take retirement. And told to boss i have worked with you last 40 years,

now i want to enjoy with my family and children. Then boss is actually boss, at last moment he want to get some work done.

So boss told him no problem if you want retirement, you’ll take but one last project has come it’s about 2 and half month, so after completing this project.

we’ll give you good farewell party and celebrate your retirement.

Then it’s obvious that carpenter agreed and come on work from next day.

But it was difference in work quality from previous work, because he had thought to sit on home, but he was coming at work without desire.

He was making very beautiful house before, but now he was just doing work somehow without the mind.

So that carpenter who made best to best house in his career, now he was not making good the last house.

Because not so good carving, polishing, hammering and finishing.

Somehow he made not good house in two and half month. Now house is ready and boss is coming for inspection.

When boss was walking towards the house then stops before two step from reaching the house.

And holds the hand of carpenter, and handover the key of house to carpenter, saying as this house which you made is gift for 40 years of your service from my side.

Because this was your house, which you were making. So just imagine, What will be going on in Carpenter’s mind at that time.

I wish i knew this is my house. i wish someone had told this is my house, then i make this best house of my career.

Your work is your recognizance

Because carpenter is repent again and again here. Now why i shared this story with you, Because we’re making our coming tomorrow same as carpenter everyday.

Such that we’re carving, polishing and finishing for our coming future everyday. And this is that future, in which we have to live, which’s our coming tomorrow.

So some of us are decorating by taking some actions for coming tomorrow, but some will say wish, same as carpenter.

Therefore whether you’re student, or in job and business, but if you’re giving your best then you’ll perform well. otherwise you’ll see others and say wish wish.

Because you’re making your coming tomorrow everyday, and what will be your coming tomorrow, it’s decide by your everyday actions.

Now only one thing is possible from both and it’s your choice, in future what do you want wish or sky.

so decide now, to live in the future at our own will or wish to suffocate.

Hence start from today and now to built your best future,

such that start to built your future with focus and hard work along with full dedication, and decorate your future, all the best.

4. Motivation Story Think Out Of The Box

Once a time a lady is going by her car on highway. And Suddenly his car breaks down. It’s time of evening and slowly raining.

She come out from the car and think, how to repair and manage the car now. Then road other side a boy name Saleem Ahmad see the lady, she is worried and in problem.

Now Saleem crosses the road, and moves towards the lady. But the lady become upset For some moment, why this person is coming towards me.

And Saleem reaches near the lady and says to her, Mam i check the car, what’s problem ? you don’t take tension.

Then Saleem opens the car burnet, and start to searches the fault, and finally correct the car fault.

And started the car again, after that lady is very thankful to Saleem, and she says, you have helped me in problem, now tell how much i have to pay you.

Then Saleem does refuse to take money, because he says to lady, this’s not my work, so i can’t take money for this.

But once a time someone helped me, and told me, you also help someone, and forward this chain of happiness.

So, i will also say to you, if you saw someone in problem, then you also help, and forward this chain of happiness.

Now lady very much impress with Saleem’s word, and thanks to Saleem, and promise with him, i will also help someone ahead.

After that lady start her car and move towards the city,She stops at a coffee house to take some snacks.

Then she observe a working girl in coffee house, and think this girl is 7 month pregnant but working here giving proper customer service with smile on face.

Now lady ordered for coffee and snacks to that girl, after finishing snacks puts their bill amount and leave there.

When that girl comes to take bill amount and clear table, then this girl notices apart from bill amount, there’s a envelop.

Now this girl opens the envelop, and sees ten thousands rupees in the envelop, with a letter note.

Help the helpless to make the world beautiful.

That lady written on the letter note , you’re 7 month pregnant but working here, i feel you need money this time so you’re working here right now.

So keep this money with you, someone has helped me, and told to help someone and forward this chain of happiness.

Now after getting this money and letter note 7 month pregnant girl become Moist eyes. and after finishing her duty, she goes to home.

Then she find her husband is sleeping on the bed with worried face as always.

Now she hug husband back side and told slowly in his ear, you don’t take tension of delivery, everything will be fine,

I love you my husband mr Saleem Ahmad. If you increase happiness in someone life,

Like giving your time, or with money and hope, then that happiness return to you.

So spread out this chain of happiness in the world.

5. True Motivational story Powerful message

If you trust God, you will get what is written in your fortune, But if you have faith in yourself then God will write what you want.

So friends today’s story is based upon the inexhaustible faith, in which, a little read child On the basis of trust, standout rupees empire.

And believe me, if you understand this story well, then your faith will also increase many times. So let’s dive in this “true motivational story“.

This powerful story is of Japan almost 125 years ago. In a little village story of a child born. And his name was Konosuke.

When he was 9 year old, then his father has to sell all land and left the village due to some financial problems.

So after leaving village Konosuke father came to city and start doing some little work for upbringing the family.

And 9 years Konosuke has to stopped his study and worked at a shop for family support.

Now Konosuke used to left the bed with first sun light, and cleanliness the shop first.

Along with doing some work in shop, he cares his owner children. In the same way he spend some month there.

But due to some recession in shop, his owner fired him. After that Konosuke again joined on a bicycle shop, and start working there,

Those time bicycle was a luxury item, here Konosuke learn many things in this shop related to metal work like lathe machine.

So he worked there almost five years, now this 15 years old Konosuke, start search something new along with work.

Because he could learn something new, So after thinking about electricity importance in future, he got a job in Osaka electric light company.

Now during the work he started learning everyday something new. Then slowly he started reading books related to electricity.

And doing some little experiment related to electricity. Then after 20 years he got married, so some responsibility also increased.

In 22 years he became technical inspector due to his ability, and at that time it was considered a big designation.

Your believe is your real power for success

Therefore during this period using his free time, he made a improved electrical socket, and showed his boss.

But his boss did not liked his idea, and his boss rejected that project, saying as this will not pass in the market.

Well, But he was full confident in his electrical socket. Then on the basis of believe on the electric socket, he resigned the job, and Determined to do own’s work.

And he discussed with his friends, but all of his friends suggested him, this’s your madness, you resigned your good job and want to start your own work,

it’s not easy task of life, and for that product, which’s already rejected by your experienced boss.

Whether it will success in the market or not, there’s also no guarantee. And also you’re not more educated as well as you have no any business experience.

Because your success possibility is almost impossible. But he had trusted himself, as well as on his product.

Then he took a big decision, he spend his all money to buy some tools and joined two co-workers, along with wife and brother.

So with small company, he started to make electric socket, and goes to different places and try to sell the product himself.

But everywhere his light socket were rejected. Hence some months passes away, but he got some little order only, and now it was very difficult to survive company.

Now due to this difficult situation his two co-workers also left him. So three members were Konosuke, his wife and brother in the company now.

But the economical condition was so bad, he has to sell some home items to bear home.

And he has to take some loan also to complete his dream. Now everyday he try to sell his made product, but everywhere he got rejection.

He failed to sell the product. Then many times he feels, he should forget his dream, and should join the old job again.

Never fear with fail, this is first step of success

But his believe again inspire him to try some days more. And tries next day, but again return to home, without selling the product.

And his friends also suggested him, you should leave your insistence, and you should join job again.

But his believe on the product was so strong, he was not ready to accept his defeat.

Then suddenly his company got first 1000 pieces order. And after that day his business caught pace.

Now company started fast growing, then he never look backward. And today in this company more than 2.50 lakhs people are working.

And yearly turnover of this company is 70 billion dollar. But this’s done by a man, who was not more educated as well as no more money and support.

But if he had anything it was his faith. And that belief was unwavering.

So that man made company name is PANASONIC. And this company product is know by its quality.

Konosuke died in 94 years, but this company is all around the world, and its foundation was a man faith.

What is your thought about these 5 motivational story don’t forget to write in comment box.


These five powerful motivational story will change you life, if you understand well, so write in comment box, which story influenced you most. If this story is helpful for you, then like, comment and share in social media. I hope, you enjoy learning true motivational story powerful message for life. So comment if you want to learn more about motivational story and real life fact. If you have any doubt, as well as any question ask me. I’m always here for your support. Thanks for sharing this story.