Motivation Of The Day Quotes Will Change You Forever

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Today i’m going to explain motivation of the day quotes which will change your thought completely forever.

And you’re going to learn a new fact from today motivation of the day.

So are you ready for motivation of the day quotes today ? Continue reading.

I’m also excited to share this fact with you.

Because you can definitely took advantage from today motivation of the day.

What’s today Motivation Of The Day Quotes Going To Change Your Thought

Well, what should choose as a priority earn money or follow passion ? by the way what’s your opinion about this ?

So after finishing this article write in comment box. I’ll show you in this article which’s right decision. keep reading ahead.

But you should know Carrier decision is never taken just by bouncing off coin.

Because according to your carrier decision 30 to 40 year of your life decide.

So it’s very important if carrier decision is wrong life will Ruin.

This’s general question ask by people or students.

what should choose as run behind money, or follow passion ?

So today Motivation Of The Day Quotes i’m going to clear the confusion about money and passion right now.

Such that i’ll explain money and passion advantage and disadvantage as well as how you can take right decision for you.

What’s important point you should care before taking decision.

Let’s first talk about money because this is favorite of our relatives. most asked question “how much you earn son”.

Of course there is some advantage and disadvantage of money ?

# Money Advantages :

  • If you have money you can complete basic needs (food, cloths, shelter)
  • Complete your dream (Nice car, Big house, luxury life)
  • Help family emergency, marriage, any functions
  • It’s also true who dear courage to earn money get more respect in family and society.

So money is important but only run behind money can make you loss.

Because we only focus on money and forget about personal skill development.

Motivation of the day what’s money disadvantage ?

  • Forget about skill development
  • Not care about Learning and knowledge development
  • careless in relationship
  • No time for himself

So only we care about money and those people from which we’re getting money.

And we focus on that work from which we’re getting money right now.

If we run too much behind money then become part of race.

Then what happen ? we compare our self earning with others income and think they may not earn more than us.

And finally competition, tension, stress, anxiety. Because this is result of that race.

Now i want to share with you an organization survey report.

And the name of that organization is one to one help.

Who done a survey on 6000 corporate employees in many cities.

And it was a shocking result 80% of people were found anxiety symptoms.

Also 55% were found depression symptoms.

Now we understood about money advantages and disadvantages from motivation of the day today.

And now let’s talk about passion.

Motivational Quote Of The Day About Passion

Motivation of the day quotes

Everybody have different passion it depend upon person to person for example someone passion to join Army.

And someone entrepreneur, singing, dance, acting and many more. So it can be different.

But the problem is that when we see and try to make our passion as a carrier then doubt comes in mind.

So at this moment we’re totally confused.

And our family advice and suggest us to take passion as a hobby and focus on money.

But when we follow our passion the we learn so many things in a single life.

Because you’ve interest in it so we want to learn more deeply about your passion without tired.

As well as you meet with different people to know more about your passion and develop your knowledge, skills and grow mind.

Then your body and mind both support because you love passion so mind feel freshness and you become more productive without tired.

And you become more effective then Work doesn’t feel work, it feel like a game which you want to play without stress.

So it’s natural if you dare to follow your passion then your self confidence and respect will increase.

Because you’re going on that way such that mind and body always ready to do.

But there’re also some losses to follow the passion. Today motivation of the day quotes clear here.

Because in some passion there’s no money in starting,as compare to salaried jobs.

Therefore to earn money from passion you’ve to wait it’s slow process but more than your expectation.

So you’ve some dream which’s linked with money can’t complete right now.

Just for example you’ve to buy car but can’t buy whereas friends are buying.

So in this situation you may be disturb.

And it’s observe that many times family and relative’s expectation destroyed our passion.

Because you face many times the question like, what you’re doing ? how much earning ? why taking too much risk ?

focus on job and earn money why you’re wasting time, you can’t do.

Now you’ve understood advantage and disadvantage of money and passion from today motivation of the day.

Today Motivation Quotation of the day will clear your confusion, what should you choose money or Passion ?

So it’s right time to clear our doubt and end the confusion.

Let’s dive in right now.

At first see what’s your priority, if you want to earn a lots of money to complete dream then go ahead to earn money.

But if you think there’s whole life to earn money, and you want to do something on your own power then go for passion.

So ask yourself honestly what does really motivate you ?

How can you check which’s motivating you actually.

Well, after getting money you like to work more then money is motivating you.

And if you enjoy doing your work without caring money then passion is motivating you.

Now i’m considering my own example, If I did the same thing for others, I would get more money but i’m sharing here FREE.

Because i love my work without caring money right now it may be latter i’ll earn.

But at present moment i’m doing my work without getting money.

So you join me i’ll share you regularly how to change yourself everyday 5 minute motivation.

You may have different passion so it’s important to ask yourself honestly, which motivate you money or passion.

And go for your choice. But remember money choice will give you money only.

But passion will give you everything in your life. I’ll share you most important point about money and passion, so continue reading ahead.

If you’ve just passed out from college, and unmarried or you’ve saving amount then you can follow your passion right now.

Because you’ve no more financial responsibilities, So you can go ahead for your passion. True motivation of the day quotes.

Motivational words Reality about Money and Passion

But if you’re family responsibility, then you’ve to care about family did not get in trouble for your passion.

you should not think you’ve got married then choke throat of your passion.

In this case you’ve to plan accordingly or do some saving to continue your passion.

Because many people started followed their passion late, but get successful in this world.

So it’s all about your planing but you need to consider your age and responsibility.

The people who’re doing job they’re getting money as salary, and also changing company increasing their package.

So they’re achieving their goal. But in case of passion it may be you can’t get right job related to your passion.

It’s also possible to reach at right position in case of passion may take more time.

Many months can be unemployed if we’re agreed to bear this situation then go for passion.

Because unemployment feeling can be painful and bad, but if you’re strong and bold to bear this feeling then go ahead for passion.

But if you’ve doubt about yourself you can’t bear unemployment then go ahead for money. So follow this motivation of the day quotes for happiness.

And develop your passion follow side by side by doing saving, when you feel right time then pursue your passion.

How to take decision for money and passion ?

Our life duration is long and carrier development process is also long, so thinking about long term goal is very important.

If your long term goal is nice car, big house, and best school for children more money related then go behind money.

But if your long term goal is that you known by your art, talent and you never think what we’re doing with our life then definitely go for passion.

Because it’s your true choice. You can complete your all dream along with passion but journey can be long.

So planning is very important make a blue print plan. I’ll show you all people of the world is only divided in four categories about money and passion.

Therefore at last i’ll tell you passion and money both are right but it’s our decision what we’ve to choose.

Because you’ll find many peoples example they chose money, like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos (Owner of Amazon). And they’re successful today.

Also there’re many peoples who chose passion like Tom Cruise, Elon Musk and they’re successful right now.

They’re best example and proof for today motivation of the day quotes.

So add Remember in your life not regret. Add happiness in your life not sadness. I’ll write more articles regularly for your happiness keep reading more.

Do you Know today Motivation Thought Of The Day All people of the World is divided in four categories Passion Vs Money ?

This’s real hot topic today everybody want to earn money. I hope you’re AGREE with me.

But maximum people don’t know how to make money. Do you want to know why ?

So continue with me to know the true FACT. I want to explain you the exact relation between passion and money today.

So Let’s dive in the main reason is they don’t know, “what do you get money for” ?

And the best part is, they are searching for long time on internet.

How to make money without doing ANYTHING. After all some people make their own excuses like i’m not lucky one to make money.

And some people go for the advance training. How to attract money to their life, law of attraction is best example.

But they don’t know in reality how to make money. So what’s the way people are making money today.

So to answer this question, you need to know first, “what do you get money for” ?.

By the way some people suggest you below listed options.

  • Hard work
  • Smart work

So What’s your opinion, which option is correct for making money ? Hard work or smart work.

If you’ll ask me, then my answer is non of the above is correct method for making money.

Because never run behind money, let the money rush to you, The money has to run to you.

But the question is, how money will come to you ? I hope you’re excited to know the exact answer.

Well, i’m here to tell you the correct answer RIGHT NOW.

How do people make money actually ?

So what do you think ? ANYBODY of this world are making money through only and only of just his SKILLS.

Then if you REALLY want money come to you, then just develop yourself multiple SKILLS.

Always remember Until you give nothing, you will not get anything. This is the fundamental natural law.

There’s no any system in the universe which provide output without input.

And the best tip if you really want to earn more money then make your SKILLS as passion.

Because money is directly link with your SKILLS >> PASSION. I’m going to show you here see below image.

motivation of the day quotes
  1. First type people are those who follow their passion (+) and earning more money (+) in life. And they’re getting everything in life and happy with life just all is right.
  2. Second type of people they’re not earning money (-) but follow their passion (+) need to continue passion to become first type. it can take some time keep patience.
  3. Third type of people they’re not happy with their life because either they’re not getting money they want or also they’re not happy with their work too. Just surviving life with frustration. So to jump in first type develop side by any SKILL to make it your passion.
  4. Fourth types of people they’re earning more money (+) but they feel stress and anxiety in their work, feel scare because this work is not their passion (-). And they’re unable to maintain their other relations well, so they’re not getting everything fine life.

Now i’ve given you formula for today “Motivation Thought Of The Day” check yourself where’re you right now ?

And how you can jump into first quadrant to get everything in life.

Motivation For Day Should You Focus on Pursuing Your Passion or Making Money First ?

Should you love your life and follow your passion or should you follow the money, by doing something which you hate to do ?

This’s really a question which we should thought. Nobody like to do a job but we need to paid a bill.

So we go to job but if you go to do something you love which’s hobby then it’s not going to pay you anything.

You should understand hobby and passion are different things.

Because hobby is something by doing it we feel happiness. But burning Passion is a need which motivate your mental state every moment in your mind.

But the goal is to make money either by doing job or business.

So majority of people believe just earn money and be happy at the same time. Which is not possible with job and business only.

And this is reason that majority of people are not happy with their jobs.

According to a worldwide survey report only 13% of employees are actively engaged at work and enjoying jobs.

So out of 10 people 9 are not happy with their jobs. Then what’s main reason for this shocking result.

There’re two reason important reason.

  • you’re not doing for which you first signup for the job
  • Not getting paid enough as per work assignment.

So if you really want to earn money along with happiness then create and follow passion which add some value.

Why you should chose Passion first know the Real Fact ?

Well, making a life, making a living (Mark Albion in his book) revealed a study of management students.

So a study was conducted from 1950 till 1980. The student when they passed out of business management institutes.

They were questioned on their priority in life. Would they prefer to first make money and become comfortable ?

So that they can then do the things that they’re interested in. Or would they prefer to do the things they’re interested in ?

Would the belief that money would come as a result automatically.

Then 83% of students chose the first choice. They prefer to make money first become comfortable.

And then do the things that really inspired them. Rest 17% of the students chose the second perspective.

Do what interests you and money will automatically come as a consequence.

So their career paths were traced over a period of 20 plus years.

And after 20 years they were a 101 millionaires in this group of 1500 management pass outs.

Now a “hundred belonged to the second category“. Who had decided we do what interests us and money will come automatically.

And only one belonged to the first category. Who said money is the most important.

We must make it and then later on we’ll do what interests us.

So Mark Albion concluded there were two perspective.

The second perspective was obviously better in the sense that a person was doing.

What interested him or her.

Then he concluded by saying that if you can convert your work into play then you don’t need to work for another day in your life.

Because you’re always playing. This is “motivation for the day today“.

Make your work as Passion and wait for results

So work is a ladder provided by God to help you grow and to help you evolve.

And when you take this perspective to your work. You take a step back from the external results.

So that brings us to the science of work put in your best efforts in your work.

With great responsibility, enthusiasm and zeal go about doing your worldly duties.

Give it the best you have but let it not just be about results. such a motivation level is required.

Be detached from those results. Then you’ll realize that there’re internal results. Which’re also important.

Your primary goal at work is not just to produce external results for multinational employers.

Because learn and grow to become a better person as well.


What’s your opinion about Money Vs Passion write in the comment box. Which you’re going to chose first what attract you passion or money. Your comment and suggestion will motivate me to write such type of article. If this article is helpful for you comment, like and share in social media. But if you’ve any doubt ask me i’m always here for your support. I hope you enjoy learning Motivation Of The Day Quotes Will Change You Forever Thanks for sharing keep learning and grow.