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If you’re looking for the best inspiration thought for the day, then you’re at right place.

Because i’m going to share with you, the best inspiration thought for the day today.

But remember one important point, People who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.

So that One ‘desire’ changes nothing, one ‘decision’ changes something, but one ‘determination’ changes everything.

Therefore don’t stop yourself, thinking as you’ll be successful or unsuccessful, just do your work, Because no work is small or big.

So you need to know inspiration thought for the day, which’ll help you to change your thought right now.

Now you’ll change your thought today.

The best inspiration thought for the day today

The best inspiration thought for the day today
The best inspiration thought for the day today

One moment can change one day, one day can change one life, and one life can change this whole world.

There is an old saying, a potter is making something from the soil.

So The soil is in his hands.

And his wife comes and asks him, what are you making this.

Then the potter arises head with great love, and answers to wife, I am making a chillam.

And nowadays it is in big fashion, will sell a lot.

The wife said, hey mad, you are making chillam, why don’t make jug.

Because Summer is coming, the jug will also sell a lot.

Then the potter said you’re right,

And the potter left the soil and started new soil qulling again.

But now the potter started giving shape of the soil, And that is jug.

And when the soil started to be shaped as a jug, then it is said that, a sound came from the soil what does this.

Because earlier it was giving some other form, now it is giving some other form.

Now listen to the potter’s answer.

Then the potter says my thoughts have changed.

Now listen to the answer of the soil.

The soil speaks, your thoughts changed, but my life changed.

Because if i was made a chillam, then fire is used to fill.

And myself burns and also burns the world as well.

But now jug is made, so water will be filled.

Hence i myself will remain cool and keep the world cool too.

So what has changed ? only Thought changed.

Because one idea can bring earthquake in your life.

So change your thoughts and you can change your world.

And the second formula to become successful in life.

Because the world can be changed by changing thoughts.

Inspirational thoughts about life

inspiration thought for the day
inspiration thought for the day

Think rich all the time,

Because the poor thinking does not produce rich human beings.

But we wear expensive cloths, but we don’t conditioning our mind.

And mind conditioning is done with thought processes.

So how much blunder we’re doing with ourself, i’m going to tell you the truth here.

Because rich thinking makes rich and poor thinking makes poor.

Therefore a good thinking is a habit.

So to make this good habit, never bargain with barber, rickshaw puller, and auto rickshaw.

Whereas give some extra rather than his demand.

Because when you do this, then people feeling start to change for you.

And when these people start thinking about you, like you’re a rich man.

Then all these surrounding combines and favor for you to make rich.

And it’s very powerful tool, and it works very well.

Because in real life our philosophy is reverse.

So just by doing bargain, and saving little amount of money, actually you declare yourself poor.

Which impact very much on your whole day life, and again this become a habit in life.

Hence by giving some extra amount you’ll feel rich and your attitude will be very good whole day, as well as all day.

Because with this rich feeling and attitude, you’ll perform well in your any work with confidence.

But in other case with bargain your attitude will show bad.

And you’re not going to perform well anywhere.

Because becoming poor is not a sin, but looking poor is a sin.

The reason is, nobody wants associate with the poor.

So remember nobody has seen your pocket, but your attitude tells everything about you and the world see it.

Because this small things really impact on our life too.

Therefore never buy unbranded any thing in your life.

If you want to become rich, then first adopt the thinking of a rich person.

Because a person becomes rich first by thought, then he becomes really rich.

What is a good thought for the day?

But it’s not easy, whereas simple, because you’ve not done it before.

Then your mind will be panic, but remember to do these all, your extra huge amount will not spend, it’ll be some little amount only.

But by spending this little amount of money, you’ll become the quality man, with a well thoughts.

which you’ll not become in any university.

But it’s very old programming done in our mind by our parents, relatives as well as society.

So this will not remove easily, hence you need hard work to break this iceberg.

If you really want to earn money in your life then.

And remember small things impact huge in life, because generally people ignore it.

But all successful people care these small things first.

So you should also not ignore this if you want achieve success in life, as well as make this good habit in your life.

And very soon you’ll see a big change in your life, just by doing this.

Now at last i’ll say, think rich all the time.

Also check inspiration story with moral.

Inspirational thoughts about life

Inspirational thoughts about life
Inspirational thoughts about life

The question is very important, if i ask.

Why somebody become successful and somebody fail, for the same work ?

So to know this, you have to understand the golden circle rule.

Because all the legend and successful people used this golden circle rule to achieve their goal.

And for example, why Wright brothers only success to make flying machine airplane.

Whereas other many people and agencies were also trying to make airplane.

Because Wright brothers used the golden circle rule to make the airplane.

But other did not used, so they failed.

And do you know ? what legend and successful people do.

Actually they think, act and communicate in the same way.

Because their philosophy from inner world is same for all.

And their philosophy is inside out in the golden circle rule.

But all the failure people philosophy run from outside in.

Also every organization and individual know very well, what they’re doing ?

But some people know, how it’s doing ? and very few people know, why it’s doing ?

So successful people first know, why they are doing ?, and then comes how to do it.

And in the last what will be its result.

Therefore all the secret of success is hide in this golden circle.

So i want to explain you in detail through a story.

Do you know about Wright brothers ? And also do you know Samuel Pirport Langley (spl).

Because everybody in 1900 century was trying to make flying machine and SPL was one of them.

And Samuel was a very famous man that time, because US defence had spent 50000 dollar on Samuel advertisement for making flying machine.

Because he was very very brilliant man, and do you know ?

Where he was working ? in Harvard University, so you can think, how was that man.

Why Thought for the Day is important?

And at that time there was a discussion in the whole world, whose name was Samuel.

But none of you listened his name.

And just a few miles away from him, the Wright brothers (Orville and Wilbur) were in the process of making a flying machine in solitude, but nobody was knowing them.

Because they had no fund, as well as no any college degree.

Even in his team nobody had college degree, nothing and nobody was caring them.

But they were trying.

Therefore actually i want to explain, what was the basic thought difference between Samuel and Wright brothers.

Because Samuel wanted to build the airplane only and only to earn the rich and the name.

Whereas (Orville and Wilbur) thought was that, if we made this machine then it can change the world scenario.

There was a difference of ground and sky in the thinking of both Samuel and the Right Brothers.

And finally on Dec 1903 Wright brothers took a flight, And do you know ?

Unfortunately nobody was there to see them.

And after 5 to 6 days, the world came to know that the flight had succeed.

But Samuel had wrongly motivated, and as he came to know flight is succeed, then immediately he left.

Because he wanted to become first, rich and famous, but it did not happened, so he give up.

Only Samuel purpose was to become rich and famous, but Wright brothers purpose was to change the world.

Because there was a difference of land and sky between the two in ‘Why’.

Therefore the ‘Why’ create the main difference between successful man and unsuccessful man.

Inspirational thoughts, go after the things you want

Well, some see what they want, but someone see what is hindrance, of what he want.

So it’s very simple, some people see first, what’s the obstacles, where he want to reach.

And some people only see, what he want.

Therefore focus only on, what you want anyway.

So do your own ways, but get at least what you want.

Because when you see only what you want.

Then all obstacles will look very small compare to your desire.

Because is there a wonderful life shining after obstacles.

Yes, it is difficult today, but after a few days there will be a wonderful life.

So don’t look the present problems, but look the future wonderful life.

And always be last to speak in life.

But always try to upgrade yourself skills and knowledge.

Rather than keeping intention to beat your competitor.

Because infinite players always try to beat themselves, So just cross your own limit, and perform better than your own previous record.

So your competition is with you, not with others.

After that there’s no need to beat the other players, because nobody will see in front of you.

And at last we all need all of us.


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