Inspiration Story With Moral For Success

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Inspiration story with moral for success is today topic. Which we need to know and understand our life value as well as our work.

Because many times we work, but don’t realize the importance of that work.

what we’re doing, So inspiration story with moral value will guide the true fact of life lesson.

You’ll learn here secret tip and trick, how you can achieve your dream step by step guide. So keep reading ahead to know all real life success.

Because what does differently do a successful man. Which we’re not doing for our target. So today you’re going to know powerful technique in this article.

Inspiration story with moral value of hard work

There was a successful businessman but his son was very lazy and fun loving. So he was very worried about his son.

So he knew that he has to do something with his son for his lazyness, otherwise it’ll be big problem for him latter.

Because one day his son will spend all his hard work money carelessly, and never help around the house requirement.

After that his father decided to teach him a lesson.

Now father called him one day and told him that from today onward you will only be given meals at night, if you earn something through the day.

Then son was confused at first time, and in doubtful disbelief. But he observe seriousness of his father face, and feel he is not joking at all.

After that son quickly run away to his mother for sympathy and help. Then mother feeling sorry for him, and she gave him a gold coin.

Now that night at dinner table, father asked the son about his earning for the day.

Then son showed him the gold coin that his mother has given him. After seeing the gold coin father knew that the boy had not earned anything that day.

So father told him throw the gold coin into the well in the garden. then without any hesitation, the boy threw the gold coin into the well.

After that father called his wife, and sent her to his father’s house.

Now the boy get up in the morning and realized, that his mother is not around to give him any money.

Then he quickly run away to his grandfather, after listen him, his grandfather also felt sorry for him, and gave him another gold coin.

So that night his father asked him about his earnings, then he gave him the gold coin, that he got from his grandfather.

Then his father, disappointed that he still did not understand, and told him to throw this coin into the well too.

Inspiration story with moral for real life lesson

So again without any hesitation, the son threw the coin into the well in the garden and finally returned to the dinner table.

After that later that night, the father went to visited grandfather and told his about his plan. then grandfather understood it well.

And don’t give the boy any money. Now boy is worried.

He could not get any money from his grandfather and mother.

So finally the boy goes to the market to search for work. And he met a shopkeeper thought he might be able to help him.

Now shopkeeper looked at him and said, if you carry this heavy trunk to my house, then i’ll pay you three silver coin.

The boy agreed and set to work. So by the time he had delivered the heavy trunk. He was fully exhausted and drenched in sweat.

But he felt very accomplished having earned three silver coins all by himself. Now he raced home to show his father.

So he proudly presented the three silver coins to his father.

But his father, again asked him to throw the coins into the well. Now this time the boy refused, almost in tears.

Because he felt crushed, he told father my entire body is aching, and you’re telling me to throw the money, i made this money from my hard work.

Then he said defeated, after that father smiled and said, it feels painful, when the fruits of your hard labour are wasted.

Because those three silver coins are made out of your hard work, sweat and tears.

When you did not worked for the coin, you threw all them into the well without any hesitation.

This inspiration story with moral lesson, what is value of coin.

So you now understand that the value of these coins is your hard work. After that the son realized the value of hard work, and understood his mistake.

And said, thank you father, you never know, how grateful i’m right now father.

Therefore sometimes life’s best lesson comes from the hardest situations. Because the value of hard work is not only in the reward always.

But it also depend upon our own sense of achievement. So what do you think about this inspiration story with moral write in comment box.

Inspiration story with moral father and son

This story is all about between a father and his son. and lead the way of true life very well about real life fact.

So you’ll learn very powerful message in this Inspiration story with moral. Let’s start now.

A poor man’s 10 year old son asked his father, how can i become rich. Because the man had struggled his whole life to make ends meet.

And he did not know, what answer to give his son. so he said to him simply, Son you’re already rich.

Then one year passed by and their financial condition did not improved.

Now he again asked his father, Dad how can i become rich, and the father said, you’re already rich.

Because 10 years went by and they still did not become rich right now.

Then the boy understood that his father was making him fool all these years.

And he had stopped asking him the question anymore. Now it was time to go out and look for a job.

After that he faced one rejection after another and found it extremely difficult to get a job.

So finally he got frustrated, but did not give up on his desired job.

Then a year later he finally got the job he wanted. And he was happy.

After that his father now asked him, Son do you believe you’re rich ? The son got angry and said stop fooling me.

Because i’m not a kid anymore. I know we’re not rich. Then the father asked him, why you did not give up.

When you could not find a job. Then the son replied, because i was not confident that sooner or later, i would get a job.

Then finally the father told him, you have always been confident, since you were a child.

Because self confidence is the best form of wealth you can have. So you were always rich son.

So this story teaches us self confidence is actually your wealth. If you want to know what can do our self confidence.

Short Story Inspiration Life for believe

inspiration story with moral for success

Well, everything is possible, you have heard this many times before,

I know this’s not new word for you, but in this story i’m going to make your believe strong with proof that really how everything is possible.

So read this Short Story Inspiration Life for believe carefully, because if you understood this story well,

then you can achieve highest point of anything about any field in your life. Now let’s start the story.

A fish was swimming in the sea, and it floated, floated, some way came into the well.

After that fish asked to frog, You know how big is the sea. then frog told, i don’t know.

Then fish told to frog, The sea is very big, then frog unfold his little hand, and asked is so big.

Fish replied, no no bigger than this, then again frog unfold his full hand and asked, bigger like my hand.

Then again fish replied no, bigger than this. After that frog asked, it will be bigger like two ends of the well’s wall.

But fish replied, bigger than this two ends of the well’s wall.

After that frog told fish, you’re telling lie because there’s nothing beyond this wall.

This means that the fish is also telling the truth and the frog is also telling the truth.

So frog has to just open his mind for a while. And frog just has to assumed perhaves fish is telling the truth or lie.

Then there’s chances of the frog to go to sea only. Otherwise frog will never go to sea. and it can not go.

Therefore we have to believe on self confidence that everything is possible. and we should just open our subconscious mind it’ll reply your questions answer.

Because here sea is your subconscious mind, and conscious mind is fish.

what do you think about this inspiration story with moral lesson for success.

I’ll discuss more about subconscious and conscious mind in other article, so keep reading regularly for self development.

Inspiration for short story lesson

Some time a short story give us a very big message or lesson for life. So i want to share same with you, which’ll give a powerful message for our life.

So let’s start this Inspiration for short story lesson.

Once a time a Troubled man goes near a monk, and told to monk master, i’m very restless, because different people advice me differently.

And some people even create fear me, don’t do this and that, as well as some stop and some courage.

So i’m totally confused, whom i should follow up, after listen him, monk gave him a stone, and told to go out, and asked people the price of this stone.

But monk told him, careful you will not sell this stone in the market. then he agreed with monk word as you wish and go to market.

Then first he saw a fruit seller, and he showed the stone to fruit seller, and asked him, what you will give me in exchange of this stone.

After seeing the stone, fruit seller tell him i can give you one kg apple in exchange.

Then he tell, i want to sell this stone, and he goes to near a vegetable seller.

Now vegetable seller sees the stone and think stone is good and shining, and then tell him, i can give you two packet potato in exchange.

Then he takes stone back and says to vegetable seller ok thanks. and move further ahead, there’s a gold shop and gave this stone to goldshoper.

So after seeing this stone goldshoper get excited, this is very good stone.

Where do you got this shining ruby, i’ll give you 20 lakhs rupees in exchange of this ruby.

Then he tell i don’t want to sell this stone, it’s instructed by monk master and take back from goldshoper, and again moves forward.

True life lesson for your own decision

And goes to near the city biggest diamond seller. Now Jeweler see the stone and also get excited, and then lay a bed sheet put this stone on it, and tilts his head.

After that Jeweler tell him, How you got this stone, if i’ll give you crores of rupees then it will be less for exchange.

Now he took the stone back from Jeweler and quickly run towards the monk master. And reaches at Monk place having many questions on his face.

Then the monk replied with his questions, and told him you had a quality diamond but different people were different prices for this stone.

So in the same way peoples also value you, but its totally depend upon you, whom you want to accept, because whom you follow, you will become the same.

Therefore friends, we also get everyday same type of people everywhere, who tell you can not do, its out of your range forget it.

Don’t think about this product it will fail, and we accept their ideas, and run our life according to their suggestions.

Because we make our thought according to their ideas, and forget that this’s thought of those peoples, it’s not mine thought.

So we have talent, capability, potential, skills and ability. and my life should run according to me.

Because others do not know my price, but i know my price value. Because we’re priceless diamond ,and we will be shining forever.

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Inspirational story about Elon Musk Success Tips

Everybody today admire about Elon Musk, Because around the world crores of fans follow him right now.

And why not, of course he’s a genius innovator, Because he’s doing everything for the world humanity.

For example, through space X his own company, he want to send the human on Mars. As well as through Boring company he also want to control and solve traffic problem.

And through Solar City he want to solve Global warming issue. So there are many other projects like this.

But it’s important to know, what differentiate Elon Musk from others. Well, many people do public stent and marketing to promote their Brand.

Whereas Elon Musk approach is different about products and brand, his products work as breaking news.

So his success is for real. Now the main question is that, How did he made himself for this challenges.

And why so many people admire him ? So are you ready to know this secret ? then keep reading ahead.

Life lesson by billionaire (Elon Musk)

Now i’m going to share his five success tips told by him with you.

1. Be Innovative

This’s the biggest power of Elon Musk, his innovation has set many trend like Paypal, Space X and Tesla, these are unique sample for the world.

So many times, Elon Musk told don’t follow the trend. Therefore, focus on innovation more than competition.

Always do big innovation, so that all competitor will be out.

2. Power of focus

Eliminate all distraction, don’t waste your time on that things, which’s is not related to your work, stop it right there.

3. Have a high endurance level

we should have high capacity to bear pain, anger and emotion.

We need to make our self mentally strong. and required patience also, learn with your mistake and improve yourself.

4. Be ready to learn always new skills

you don’t ignore your dream, because you don’t know about it, Elon Musk was not having any background in automobile industry.

But that thing not stopped him to do work for Tesla motor. And Elon Musk was not Rocket scientist, but still he chose Space X and worked.

So we have more resources to complete our dream right now. If we’re saying that we have no idea, then we are actually telling lie.

If we can’t do right now, then we can never.

5. Be Optimistic

Elon Musk is very confident man, he always set his challenging deadline for employees as well as for himself.

Because he believe that everything is possible, The big challenge in front him is to make Space X transportation cheap and economical right now.

And it’s only possible by reducing production cost, so his team is still trying right now.

Because impossible is only possible, if you trust on yourself. You have to believe, this problem has solution.

So believe on yourself your dream can complete, there’s a solution, just you need to search and find the way of solution.

Therefore think positive work hard and you’ll definitely get it.

Inspirational story for Success 1% people do this

There’re two types of people in the world, one who talks about big things, i will do this and that, and next day forget everything and sleep well.

And second who works for two month for anything and become tired. Because they convince them self, this is not happening. And it won’t even.

So they finally give up, because both the way is wrong. But what’s the correct way, let’s dive in so keep reading.

Actually we need aggressive patience, its mean that to start any things, there’re two important point, which we need to convince our-self.

  1. It’ll take 10 year to achieve this.
  2. I’ll do this only today

So it’s clear that you’ll give your 100% focus everyday, such as it’s about to finished today.

Just like everyday is final race, everyday is final fenale. Therefore it’ll not pass just to participate in race.

Because to win the race just 20% and 50% effort does not matter anyhow. We have to give our 100% effort everyday otherwise average will become less than 100%.

And make sure you complete your set target everyday. So this’s called aggressive patience.

Because you know very well to achieve that goal it’ll take time , but if you aggressively attack everyday, then you’re just near the finish line.

So just forget, whether to achieve that goal how long like, month, years and decade, but don’t take anyday easy.

Actually i want to say only patience is not solution, because hard work is equally important.

If any task take time it does not mean, we should sit and relax, whereas we need more effort to reduce the time duration by giving our 100% effort.

According to Elon Musk, we should work like hell, and we need to put 80 to 100 hours every week.

Because this improves the odds of our successful. So what we need strong work ethic.

Just close your eyes for next 10 year for goal continue 100% effort with focus. And forget about others, don’t care where’s who, give chance yourself.

So stop doubting yourself, whether i can do or not, just start working for it.

Do everything such that, there should not be any option left for doubt. Hence try everything, which can bring success fast “aggressive patience

Therefore this Inspirational story tells about the real success from ZERO to HERO.

Motivation gives us power to think out of the box.


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