How to success in life simple steps

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How to success in life is a important question for us. Because everybody want, how to be successful in life.

So today i’m going to explain simple steps for how to success in life. which you need to follow.

And it’s easy you can do it, there’s no any rocket science so keep reading for best success tips.

Because you’re going to learn here the best and simple method for success in life, and you’ll not forget it .

This real inspiration and powerful motivation will fill you with full energy to take you action right now.

How to success in life ?

Do you really want to become successful in your life and want to earn money. then you need to know six most important steps.

And follow this step without fail, after that anyone can not stop you to become successful in life.

Because these six easy steps explain step by step “how to success in life”. so let’s dive in.

1. Focus on your commitment

we all set our goal even we know everything, what we have to do for this goal, but we don’t get the burning motivation to do that.

Then what we do for this, just search motivational video on YouTube, but after watching motivational videos do not get motivated.

So what’s next best option, remember one thing no anyone can motivate you, unless you motivate yourself.

Therefore it’s simple if you know, what you have to do then follow your commitment, show your motivation, just have to do it anyhow.

So start your work right now and stop taking motivation, because the winner reach first at destination.

and loser reach later, this is the main difference between winner and loser.

Just start whatever you want to do right now, without waiting anymore and taking any motivation, this’s first step towards your self motivation.

Because unless you’ll not start your work, always look for someone motivation which’ll be for time being, so make your own motivation momentum.

2. Take knowledge not the results

Actually the problem with us, we want result before work. Because we’re not committed for our work and always look for shortcut method.

How to success in life is easy follow these steps

We want to earn fast, without patience, and think who’ll work hard for long time.

First we generally make plan, what we have to do before sleep. but later on we demotivate our self, such as if this will happen, then what will do ?

Don’t think more, it’ll create problem for me in life, so you’re just demotivating yourself rather than motivation.

So stop demotivating yourself, because we’re product of our thought. and just start, what do you want to do.

we ask And search, which field has more money, i will choose that field without caring our personal interest.

Because we run behind money, which is totally wrong, never run behind money, let the money rush to you.

So what should do so that money will attract towards you. Very simple, do what you love to do.

believe me, If you make your passion as profession, then you’ll earn everything for your life, money you can’t count as well as happiness and peace.

How to use life time to become successful

3. Make your journey fun

Learn to enjoy life, If you think by doing one thing again and again you will become successful, then you’re wrong.

May be you can earn money but not happiness. And doing whole day business making money, there is no profit.

Because children are waiting at home, when papa will come.

So manage and divide your time and enjoy the life. don’t run behind only one thing give your time to family as well.

And do a little bit of everything, to make your journey fun.

4. Use your imagination power (creative)

Everybody in the world is doing something to earn money, but if you want to earn more money then be creative.

So, do the same thing differently, by using some creative idea. or create some unique product such that people attract and like your product.

Think and use your imagination power. successful men are not special, there’re same like us but do things differently.

5. Just stop being nice

Don’t try to become good in others eyes by wasting your time. Understand the time value because time is money.

Do hard work give your 100% everyday as per your commitment forget the rest things,

Never compromise with your commitment. Because without hard work nothing will get here.

We’re not born here to make others happy by wasting our time except your family.

If you focus on your work only without wasting time, then you’ll be successful.

And after that people will take inspiration from you. and you’ll be able to make people happy.

6. Get rid of distractions

The precious thing of your life is time, but these Social medias has stolen our time, and everyday we’re just wasting our time just seeing people face.

Or watching those things which’re not related to our goal, so we’re just wasting our time.

What to do for success in life ?

how to success in life step by step guide

The main reason for failure is our confusion about what to do. most of the people vision is not clear, and they ask from other people, what should i do.

It’s good to take advice, but again they ask in which field and business there is more money. Because i want to start that work or business.

Now this’s totally wrong, because here we need to know, what is my interest to do ? Is there any work which i like most to do.

what do i enjoy to do, without feeling any tiredness with love. and just forget about the money right now.

Because find out, what’s your real passion. Actually success is not one day game it required long time to achieve your goal.

So, if your work is not your passion then you’ll left it after doing few month, because you’ll not enjoy by doing that work.

Now once your passion is decided, then just start it, whatever you know about that work, with basic knowledge.

Don’t wait for time, when you’ll become master about that work, then you’ll start. otherwise it’ll be your biggest mistake of life.

Because, any other person can do it before you. and you’re only thinking to become master.

So start your passion work immediately, and improve about this your learning skill.

Because this’s the best method for success in life. believe me, you’ll earn uncountable money beyond your thought in your passion.

Leave making any excuses for successful life, read more

There’re many real example in front of us many ordinary man become successful on this planet.

But we make excuses always for resources like, money, education and time.

And we kill our dream and goal, just making different excuses every time.

So we never become successful in life, and live an unhappy life.

Because we don’t understand our power and ability. an ordinary man can do, an ordinary man has done.

If we forget making excuses and focus on goal with full energy and intention, there’s nothing to stop it.

Because war of life is won by ability, not by resources.

If you don’t believe me, then just compare Apple and IBM.

When Apple company was starting in a garbage Garage, then IBM company was well dominance around the world.

And that time IBM had everything like high skill employee, big investors and whole digital market of the world.

So IBM was able to cover easily all over the world, whereas in other side one 19 year old boy had not any investor as well as highly skill employee.

But 19 year old boy along with his friend started from garbage Garage invented new technology, and made a new digital computer.

Which IBM company could not done along with having everything,.

so on the basis of his ability this 19 year old boy made Apple biggest digital company of this planet.

Therefore we need to think, if this 19 year Steve Jobs make excuses.

i have no money and resources to start company, then Apple does not made.

So resources is not important to win the race, it’s our ability which help to win every walk of life.

Hence leave making any excuses, if you want for successful life.

What’s the best process to success in real life

Once upon a time scientist wanted to experiment on frog. so the putted a frog in a water bowl and started to boil the water.

And they found that frog used to adjust himself with water temperature in the bowl, and not jump out from the boil water.

Now as the water temperature was increasing, the frog was making himself comfortable and by doing this frog was losing his energy.

So at the last moment, when he was unable to bear the water temperature, he want to jump out now, but he was not having energy to jump out and save the life.

But due to his this foolishness finally the frog dead in the boiling water.

Now many people people can think the frog dead due to boiling water, but scientist explaining that the frog dead due to his foolishness.

When water was boiling, there was a chance for frog to jump out from the boiling water but he did not do so.

Because he did not want to leave his comfort zone.

But many of us are also doing the same thing with their life, because same as boiling water, there’re many problems in their life but they’re adjusting right now.

Actually they don’t want to leave their comfort zone by making some excuses.

So after that one day come, when we want to jump out from our problems, but we had lost our all energies, and not able to come out now.

Therefore everything is in your hand right now, just make a long jump from this all life problems today and save the life.

Because if you today did not jump out from life problems, and did not leave your comfort zone just by making any excuse.

Then in coming time even God will not help you to come out from your life problems.


Write in comment box which advice motivated you most. And also comment now in new year 2020, what you’re going to start new in your life. Which one of your problem going to leave and make a jump from your comfort zone like a winner, write in comment box. I hope you enjoy learning, How to success in life simple steps. If this article is helpful for you then like, comment and share in social media. And if you have any doubt ask me always here for your support. thanks for sharing.


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