How To Start A Successful Business Online

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How to start a successful business online and become a successful entrepreneur.

Because a survey showed that 9 out of every 10 startup businesses fail.

So it mean that failing percentage is 90%.

But just imagine, if today you start a business, So do you ever feel that to fail in this business your change is 90%.

If you really feel this, then why do you start this ?

But the reality is that 9 startup become fail out of every 10 startup.

So in this article i’m going to share you 5 simple ideas about how to start a successful business online.

Which will help you to secure your business in the successful group of 10%.

And what are the different reasons to fail 90% of startup business.

So lets begin the analysis, how to start a successful business online right now.

How to start a successful business online ?

How To Start A Successful Business Online
How To Start A Successful Business Online

The most important factor to make a startup business successful.

Smart idea 1: Start with love for the work.

Wow this business has more benefit, I will do the same.

So this is the main reason of 90% small businesses failure.

Because both business and love are like the same thing.

If in both start to decide only about profit and loss from the starting,

Then that business or relationship will not carry long time.

So for example, suppose there are two person, who has started mobile repairing business.

But one first of them is not passionate about his work.

Because after finishing the college, he did not get any job, then he done a six month training course and just started his business.

But other is different from him, because He loved mobiles since childhood.

And whenever he repairs a mobile and does the same as before, then he feels a strange pleasure from inside the heart.

That is happy without any selfishness, and this happiness motivate him to do more work.

Its mean that the first boy is working in burden only for money greed.

But other boy is doing that work with love, and of course for money also.

Therefore as in relationship many times quarrel, so same in business many times profit and loss happens.

Hence same as in relationship, if no love, only attraction. Then after 2 to 3 times quarrel that relation become over.

It is exactly the same in business too.

If there is no love for work, then the business ends there as soon as you face the problem 2 or 3 times.

So that before starting any business, it’s important to look how much you love to do, Just don’t see the profit only.

How to start a successful business online for more profit ?

Smart idea 2: Value delivered = Money earned.

So 90% of startups that fail initially,

In which 45% are those people who choose that product, which has no demand in the market.

I mean to say, their product don’t deliver any special value to the customer.

Means in one sentence, which all are useless for customers.

So before start any business, the important question to ask yourself is, why people will buy my product from me ?

And if you have the right proper logical answer, then you should move ahead in that business.

Now how you’ll understand your answer is right or wrong ?

So for that, you have to put yourself at the place of customer and then analysis yourself.

Just for example, suppose you made a search engine which generate results same as Google speed and quality.

So if we consider searching speed and quality then both are same.

But you asked yourself first question, why people will use my search engine ?

And answer came, speed is same as Google, but Google is foreign company and mine is Indian, so people will use.

But if you think from customer point of view, then 90% of people will not be interested to know about Indigenous or foreign.

And rest 10% people will influenced from Google marketing and watching other public they will go to Google search engine, while leaving your’s.

Because your search engine does not deliver any special value to the customer.

What kind of online business is most profitable?

And why Google is one of the richest company ? because Google is delivering almost everyone free value that amount is huge.

So that, whatever you want to know anytime, you’re able to find in Google search engine on your finger tip in free.

And Google is delivering this value to a huge number of people.

So due to this Google is the World best and famous richest company.

Therefore at present time, on and average 40K searches query process per second.

And Google search engine handle all these query and provide the best result for the user.

But you may be interested to know, how much Google search engine generate revenue for the company.

Just by showing advertisement Google search engine earn $658 per second.

And other than Google, there are many other examples, you can see, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Amazon and many.

So what is common in all successful businesses is that they deliver some value to their customer, whose value is very high.

Now it is not need to say that Value Delivered = Money earned.

How to run a successful business online ?

how to start a successful business online
how to start a successful business online

Smart idea 3: Changing is must.

Because Amazon company was started to sell the books only, And Amazon is selling everything right now.

So Amazon has became the largest eCommerce website now.

And all of us favorite Facebook was started in 2003 with a name of Facemash.

Only to recognize the hot face, but today along with games many more other activities has been added right now.

So for all successful business, there is a main factor according to time change your business.

Because according to time demand, if you don’t change your business style.

Then its big result will be Nokia is the best example right now.

So i’m not going to explain in details about Nokia here, because we all know very well about Nokia story.

But what we should learn from this examples is that, how necessary of changes in the business.

Because if not change business according to time demand, then there will be no more late to out from the market.

Smart idea 4: Management is the brain of business.

The brain is the part of our body on which this entire system is running by completely dependent.

If there is any problem in the brain, then the condition of a human being is the condition of business if there is any problem in management.

Because management is a very sensitive part, and business growth more depends upon this.

So using by minimum resources, how you can achieve maximum success.

It’s completely dependent upon the management ability. And this is the ultimate goal in a business.

How to build a successful business online ?

Smart idea 5: Marketing is the oxygen to stay alive.

According to American marketing association survey report,

All those companies which has yearly revenue above $25 million, they spend 10% of their revenue on marketing.

Now you have to look in your business and correct it, how much you should spend on marketing.

So what is the secret behind one of the most successful company Apple ?

Then according to expert, Steve jobs founder is the main reason for Apple success,

And Apple spends $12 billion yearly for marketing, So you can think how important is marketing.

Because you made a product, but people who need it do not know, then how customers will know and buy your product.

So marketing is the oxygen for any business and makes it successful.

But during the marketing targeted audience is required, So marketing required in a right direction.

Therefore don’t start a company, unless it’s an obsession and something you truly love.

And you can also check 51 top motivational quotes for employees.

7 steps how to start a successful business online ?

The best factor which work to start a successful business online.

  • Figure out the product that you want to sell and make it as easy as possible– Something that you can sell tomorrow as expertise. Because many entrepreneur calculate everything, before roll out and that is super wrong ideas. But the problem is if you spend two years working it, and then you go to the market, but customer say that no need of that. So you survey the market and start early as possible, before the other done it.
  • Don’t hire a developer straight away create a basic landing page– Because there are so many online tools are available right now. For example you can use clickfunnels to build everything.
  • Start collecting emails/make people subscribe to your social media– Influence people for your product, and sell cheaper. Because it’s a powerful technique to grow your customer.
  • Select your payment processor– There are a lot of services you can use, but my suggestion is for papal and swap. Because from papal you can collect payment from all over the world.
  • Think of a reasonable price for your product– If it’s your first business, then try to put it $20 to $30. Because you’re going to be profitable faster.
  • Launch your first targeting campaigns on Facebook/Google– Because these are big platform you can get targeted audience here.
  • Start building a community even if you don’t have an idea yet– Because building a community is value itself, So start sharing your knowledge to community, on social media.

How to make an online business successful ?

How to make an online business successful ?
How to make an online business successful ?

So what are the main difference between a successful people and a general people.

This’s the first important point you should know.

So the answer is very simple, and that is their thoughts.

Now this’s time to know, how do successful people think ?

Therefore here is 16 crucial life lessons for future entrepreneur.

If you really want how to start a successful business online.

  • Start before you’re ready– Because people get so scared of failure that they don’t want to start something new. But successful people just think opposite of this. Because Amy Poehler said, “Great people do things before they are ready.” So next time whenever you made excuses, like, no support, money and experiences. Then remember, it’s better to start than ready. Otherwise you will regret it all your life. And don’t you dare to say, i don’t know where to start.
  • Never say– I don’t know where to start, Because no one knows where to start. Until they start. So the first step is to figure out the first step. I know, you will be feeling nonsense this. But the first step is only known, when you take first step. I mean to say, when you take any action. But it’s not necessary that may be the right step. So just take some action and begin.

What are the important point for successful business ?

  • Competence breeds confidence– Do the Confident people become more successful, Or successful people are more confident. So the correct answer is both. Because you have to be competent to become Confident. Its mean that as you start to do practice, then your scare remove and you become confident. And it start to increases your confidence, so you become more capable in that skills. Therefore both are interdependent, but for both first action is needed. Because action is the starting point of competence. So you cannot be an expert in anything unless you try it.
  • Implementation VS Information– Because every successful people has knowledge appetite. And they keep learning something new throughout life. But with knowledge, you can only become successful, when you’ll implement that knowledge. Even you can collect all the knowledge of the world, but if you want to become successful, then it need to apply also.
  • Discipline equals freedom– Everyone want freedom from time and money, but to get it, nobody hard work for that level. And there’s only one way to get it, that is discipline. Because successful people are not more smart than others, but they are disciplined.
  • Done is better than perfect– Because perfectionism kills the success chances, and the reason is whenever you run towards the perfect, Then you don’t complete your tasks.

What are the important lesson for successful business ?

  • Never fear criticism– Everyone knows, there are only two choices to become successful. First share your ideas and try something new, and second avoid the criticism. So keep silence on it. Because Elbert Hubabard said, “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing”.
  • Invite Constructive feedback– How you can perform better without feedback, because constructive feedback is crucial for success.
  • Shut up and listen– Successful people knows, to share your ideas is good thing, but they know when they should keep silence and listen others.
  • Never put all your eggs in one basket– Successful people well understood about risk, so they take risk and make it successful.
  • Surround yourself to next level people– Whom you live, become same as them.
  • Start networking– because networking is the short cut method to achieve highest growth in carrier.
  • Be a learn it all– Successful people never shows, they know everything, but they are hunger for knowledge.
  • Stop worrying and be patient– Only those who are less concerned about worry become successful in life ahead. So think for solution, rather than problems.

So how to build a successful business ?

But it’s not a easy task, and few people only do it.

Because successful entrepreneur knows very well to turn any situation in their favor.

But the best part is that, they did not learned this skill in any college or school.

Whereas they have learned this skill from their experiments, failures and hard work of many years.

So you can also do without any doubt just follow them.


You learned in this article, why most startup fail ? and how you can make a successful business ? So how this article added new value in your life ? Write your feedback in the comment box. And if this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media for others benefit as well. I hope you enjoyed learning about how to start a successful business online. You can subscribe us for latest post, Thanks for sharing this article on social media.


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