How To Start A Business With No Money

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How to start a business with no money is want of many people.

Sometime it’s good, if no money to start a business is best option.

Because those who has money, they make money their weapon and use it.

But in other side, those who has no money make their mind as weapon to use it.

And using their mind they create the good business ideas.

Because sometime money makes people lazy by mind and from taking action.

So in this article i’m going to explain, how to start a business with no money.

Because these ideas are self made millionaires and billionaires along with their experiences.

Therefore read the complete article, if you really want to learn something new about business in your life.

So lets begin, how to start a business with no money now ?

How to start a business with no money a real new ideas ?

How to start a business with no money ?
How to start a business with no money ?

Well, your ideas and thought are more important than money to make a business successful.

Because you can purchase an ideas, but you can’t make it successful, unless you don’t use your mind.

So remember money is not everything to make a business successful,

Because many times due to more money increase chance of wrong decision in business.

Whereas less money increase creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Which is best for the business all the time.

So if you have no money, then don’t understand this is your weakness, but it’s your power so use your mind, and do business related to your passion.

Because you can do many things free on internet.

Now many people can ask, which business to do without money ?

What should you do the business ?

Then the correct answer is, you can start many service based business on many website without investing money.

But it’ll only take your time, and not required any money to spend.

So for example, Animation, coding, copy writing on

And data entry, App developing and ghost writing on right now.

Because there’re a lots of work and opportunity on these sites, and many people are making huge amount of money from these sites.

So this’s one best idea, how to start a business with no money ?

And there’s one product based business one mobile app shop 101, here many products are available for example, jeans, watch, shoes, shirts and many more.

So you have to just select any item link, whatever you like, and sell those items on your own website or Facebook, whatsapp or any social media group.

And the best part is, set profit according to your desire and you can sell anywhere.

So after selling any item you’ll get profit without any investment.

And not required to open shop, nor to buy any clothes, just you need to sell and earn money.

There’s no any investment at all. just download the app and start it, So how easy way to start your own business now.

How you can start a business from zero experience ?

Yes, you can start a business without any investment right now.

And there’s no any basic startup cost.

But i’m going to be honest, some very small startup cost for example, internet connection or may be computer, laptop and cell phone.

So i’m assuming these all things, you guys already have, and available with you.

Therefore it’s basically free, because you have already these things to use for this business.

So you no need to go for business loan, There’re so many businesses you can start with zero rupees.

But i’m telling you one of the best, How to start a business with no money ?

And in this business, there’re a lots of customers looking for you, to help them to scale their businesses.

So you don’t have to worry about customer as well,

But you have to invest your time only, but no money, and i hope you’ll be interested for such business.

And write you feedback in the comment box, how is this business and are you going to start this business without money.

So the first business, how to start a business with no money is.

  • Facebook advertising agency– Anything related to social media, but in particular Facebook ads this’s a massive opportunity for making money, with your own digital advertising agency.

And this’s very simple business to understand,

you have all different businesses out there that are looking to acquire new customers, and get people through their door.

So literally the only way to get customers these days is to understand, how to use social media ?

Because the actual problem is that, these different business owners spend 40 to 60 hours per week actually running their businesses.

So they don’t have extra hours in the evening to learn, how to use Facebook ads ?

And learn how to run Facebook ads for their business and setup advertisement for their business.

So your advertisement agency will create Facebook ads in their behalf,

Types of Facebook advertisement model

There’re basically two model for Facebook agency to make money from this business.

  • Model 1– You’ll get 25% of money company gives you for creating, managing and optimizing the Facebook ads. Suppose a medium size business company budget spending on ads $5000 per month, then $3750 will go to advertising company Facebook And you’ll get $1250 for creating, managing and optimizing ads.
  • Model 2– This’s also very popular, Business pay you $1000 per month retainer plus ads spend as separate pool of money.

So i hope you understood, how is this really very good business in short period of time.

And you can learn this Facebook ads skills free from YouTube videos and many websites on internet providing these skills free.

Even there’re many course which will teach you step by step free, just you need to do some research on internet.

Here’s one link you can check Link. this is not my affiliate link,

So you check the more best option for you free.

How to start a business and make this successful

How to start a business with no money online
How to start a business with no money online

There’re so many businesses online or offline, you can do business without investing any money.

But here i’m telling you the best one, how to start a business with no money online.

So this’s amazing idea to make money without investing any rupees.

And you want to earn just by that resources you have already.

Therefore this business idea is best now to make money without any investment.

  • AIRBNB HOST– This business is about to rent your home, house space to travelling customer. So you can rent others home or house just taking permission from house owner, If he or she is interested for this business.

And you can build this business in any city you’re living.

Just you have to list that available house room on the airbnb website along with full address and room capacity photo.

After that you’ll get the notification for host available.

And you’ll get the commission from both side owner and airbnb.

But your income depend upon the home or house location, If it’s in big expensive city,

Then you’ll get more money.

There’re many home or houses vacant, no one is living, or some are big but very few people are living.

So you can contact that type of owner for the business, and if they are agreed, then you can list that home or house on airbnb for business.

And this may be book for one day, two days, three days or week and month at the time of booking it’s confirm.

Even there’s option for shared or separate booking as well, whatever the customer is looking for.

And you can make decent amount of money from this business.

It’s very simple and it’ll take only 20 minute to list your space up along with some photos.

And within 24 hour you’ll get notification for booking.

So for more details you can check airbnb website for listing.

And check these 5 best business ideas that make money.

How to start a business goal ?

Small and small efforts bring big changes.

So i’m going to tell you some secret tips, after knowing it, you’ll compelled to think, I wish I had known this earlier.

Now to complete any work, you need real motivation, and once you motivated then you ready to do that work.

But you would definitely like this know, how much money is important in life.

And everybody from us know very well, money is very important in life.

Because if you want move ahead in life then money need, if you’re looking to setup your business then money is required.

So in simple to do anything in life money is required.

And everybody think, i wish i have a lots of money, big house and big car, and you wish a good business which run very well and earn a lots of money.

Today 80% of people want to setup a business, but they don’t have money to start a startup.

Therefore it is true that money is necessary to start a business,

But you can even start business without money, every work is not done with money.

Whoever the person has become big now, he has started one day from zero, and now he’s hero.

The only thing you can really change is yourself.

And one thing you know, in jungle elephant is the big animal only.

But lion is the king of jungle, because due to his confidence only.

Therefore lion always sees his hunt in every animal.

How to make a good strategy to success business ?

Because lion knows, no risk no gain, so lion always ready to take risk.

So it’s said, where there is a will , there is a way.

Hence just like lion, you should see as client everyone.

And you should feel, how i can do business with this person ?

Lion feels everything easy, so just like lion, a business man should feel, whatever he think, he can do.

Now i’m telling you a real story example, If there’s scalability in business, then it can be easily scale though many medium.

So making with other people collaboration, you can grow your business.

And through partnership or investor, you can scale your business.

So you can contact with Shark Tank and crowdfunding for your ideas, they’ll provide you money for business startup.

If your idea is good.

How a great leader start a business ?

Motivation need for business strategy
Motivation Need for business strategy

See many people still understand that product and services are the main thing to hit a business.

But it’s not correct, because any business main part is his leader,

So just think before Facebook there were many social media sites, but Facebook hit only due to a great leader behind it Mark Zuckerberg.

And many more products like Apple, Amazon, Tesla and Alibaba these all products are good, but their leader is more important role to hit these company.

So i’m telling you the important point, these lessons will make you a great leader,

Because, whatever you’ll choose the business you’ll hit in those business even without money.

So you should become a great leader, to solve your problems using your creative mind, rather than depending all the time on money.

Because that businesses, which’re dependent on money only, are like a body on steroids.

And these type of business are less chance to huge success in long term.

But those who has less money, they run their business with passion and authenticity.

And people trust on them, so they make strong customer base for their business.

Because today’s customer are smart, they quickly understand that, how company are selling their product with fake commitment.

So this’s the reason that big advertisement are not grabbing more customer, than social media influence.

Because usually social media influence is authentic, So you should be also authentic for your business customer.

And hard work on your business product, then people will automatically like you and your business.

But stay hungry for success, because many people start business but very few people success.

And you should do research to use new technology advantage in your business.

So just find out the way to represent old things through new technology in your business.

And grab the more knowledge about market, products and customers before starting any business.

It’ll safe you to invest your money many useless place.

How to start a business if you have nothing ?

Many people ask this question, If you have no money,then how to get started, very simple.

Then search a small job, whether it’s not for your level, but you should do it, because you need some money right now,

Because to do anything for example, if you want to improve your skills, you want to buy a books, you need money, right

Even to survive and eat, you need money, so do something little a job,

May be the other person can suggest you different idea.

But this is reality, money is needed for all things, and if you earn a little amount of money, from any job,

Then your self confidence is increase and you put your more effort for more money.

So anyhow earn a little amount of money, and nothing wrong to do a small work at all.

But you don’t say, oh i can’t do this small job, because i’m an entrepreneur, so do it without any excuse.

Then in your spare time start something.

And develop a high income skill, but it’s not a business, it’s a skill set that you can develop.

Then you can sell or offer your skill to the market place in the exchange of money.

So in the day job, whatever you do, continue, and in night time you develop high income skill,

After that you’ll start earning and earning more money day by day,

And your high income skill producing money 2k, 3k, 4k thousands,

Then you can quit your job, and now pursue this full time,

Now if you’re getting 8k or 10k money a month, then from there you’re making money.

And you’re paying the bills, right. And you’re eating, it’s good ideas to eat.

Therefore you’re taking care of your family, so you’re making good living.

What you should do if you want to achieve your dream ?

Then from there if you want, to start your business, and what other option you can pursue.

But the problem is that, you guys watch video on YouTube about entrepreneur, and you want to get higher position over night without going through the steps.

Which’s not possible, and this make paralysis you, because from where you are, and where you want to go, without going through step by step.

You’re not making any money, but want to buy Rolls Roy, who the hell are you,

So start from the the level you’re right now, and go through step by step.

For example get a job, then side hustle, then high income skills.

Now you’re at different level, and from there you can start your own business.

And you grow, investing, now money will work for you.

The problem is you don’t know, what is the right advice for you at this given time for you.

And that is why you confuse,

because everybody is saying different thing, and you don’t what’s right thing for you.

But right advice for you is, go through step by step, as i told, get a job, then side hustle, then high income skills.

So you’ll reach closer to your goal every single month or year step by step,

And one day you’ll be at top level, but not over night.


The best way i have discussed, how to make money without money, so if this article added new value in your life, Then write your feedback in the comment box. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. I hope you enjoyed learning about how to start a business with no money. And you can subscribe us for latest post, Thanks for sharing this article on social media.


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