How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

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How to motivate yourself to workout, which you don’t like.

Because this’s a very big problem for us, how to motivate yourself to workout.

So you must know, how to motivate yourself to over come this problem.

Because it must have happened with you at one time or another.

When you seen some motivational videos or movies, then you get very much motivated.

And decided to do fast something big yourself right now.

But next day all that motivation vanished in air.

And you again returned to your lazy life style.

Therefore today i’m going to share with you some important tips how to motivate yourself to workout.

Because after knowing this process, you’ll learn how to motivate yourself.

And this will help you forever in your life.

How to motivate yourself to workout ?

How to motivate yourself to workout ?
How to motivate yourself to workout ?

Well, you see players get limited time offer in any game.

And just game over.

So for this reason, the players play by their heart very well in that limited time offer.

And perform their best result to win the game.

But just imagine, if no time is specified and told them to play, then what’ll happen ?

Of course they’ll not give their best performance.

Because they’ll start to think, they have lots of time to play.

So due to this reason their focus and motivation level will down.

Hence the same thing happen with us.

Because many people are living as, their life time will not over.

And they think, they have lots of time, no hurry, relax i’ll do it later.

But the reality is that, we’ve no more time, as much we’re thinking, and wasting our life.

And it may be many people may not feel it good, but my intention is very clear to convey the reality.

Because my intention is not to hurt you and feel bad.

So understand and accept the truth.

And you must start to take action on your dream in limited time offer.

which you want to accomplish in your life.

Otherwise one day you don’t feel that it is too late.

And now you can’t do anything.

Now Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York time best selling author and a big business man.

One day he was going somewhere by his car, then a woman came near to him and asked.

Say three words that make me motivated.

Then Mr Gary replied her, you will die.

After that she shocked.

But she understood Mr Gary. intention.

So we should realize that, we’ve limited time.

Therefore whatever we’ve goal, we need to achieve with full motivation in limited time without a second delay.

How to motivate yourself to work ?

Let it understand by a real life example.

If I place a piece of long thick wood on the ground, and tell you to walk on it.

Then you will easily walk and cross on it, Right.

But put the same wood in the middle of the twenty-floor two buildings, it will be very difficult for you to now cross on it.

Because you’ll feel fear.

And it’s maximum chance that you’ll fall on the ground before cross on it.

But the question is why ?

Because focus is everything.

So just think, when wood was on the ground, then your focus was only on the wood.

But when wood is in the middle of the twenty-floor two buildings.

Then your focus is towards fall on the ground.

And the main reason to falling is your focus change.

So the same reason is valid with anybody, if they have no motivation.

Because we change our focus towards the problems, Work fatigue, and failure things, rather than the reward you’ll get after achieving your goal.

And that ends our motivation and fall us before cross the goal.

Therefore always keep your focus on the reward, which you’ll get after success, rather than failure and negative things.

How to be motivated yourself when depressed ?

This must have happened to you sometime.

when you are very hungry, at that time you will not feel like doing anything.

And you need only food at that time, well if it’s happen with you, it’s good.

So the same thing you should apply for your goals also.

Therefore i mean to say be hungry always for your goals.

So much so that you do not feel like doing anything else other than that.

And keep thinking about your goals all day long.

Because this’ll help you lots with motivation to achieve your goal fast.

Also you should encourage yourself like, i can do it.

So remember this, “fake it till you make it”.

But practice with high difficult situation.

Hence it’ll make you strong, and keep you motivated in life.

Because an old saying is famous among soldiers.

Sweat in peace so you don’t bleed in war.

And this saying inspire us to prepare for the worst situation.

Then you’ll win the competition in the normal situation, as well as you’ll be motivated.

Because in general anyone is demotivated due to fear of lose.

Face the more difficult challenges to win the game

And you can take an example of Dangal movie in which Actor Aamir Khan used to fight their daughter with boys.

After that fighting become easy to fight with girls.

So you should practice with tough situation in your life, so that make yourself ready to face difficult challenges.

Because we’re pilot of our life like aircraft pilot.

So use that button or trigger which inspire you most to achieve your goals.

A person came to author and asked.

I start a lot of work but I fail to finish any work.

So what should i do ?

Then author replied him, your believe system has became weak.

Hence its solution is simple, very first give yourself very easy tasks.

And select one from that and complete it. then tick mark that in your note book.

Therefore the same way finish and tick mark in your note book other tasks.

Because this practice will make your believe system strong.

And you’ll realize it, you have capability to finish the works.

But once your believe system become strong, then you can finish big work easily.

How to motivate yourself to study ?

Bill Gates says, if you’re born in a poor family, it’s not your mistake.

But if you die poor then it is your fault.

And you also know Bill Gates failed many times in school and dropped out college study at 20 aged.

But still he became successful man in the world.

Because he had a stubbornness in his mind.

What’s stubbornness in your mind ?

Which can be completed without study ?

And what do you think, about them, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, didn’t they finish their studies.

Are they Illiterate ? now Steve Jobs is not alive.

But as much books, you don’t know more than that they read per week.

And that is the people whom you thought have became successful without study.

But Bill Gates is still studying today.

Then the question comes, is it important to read.

So the correct answer is YES.

But not because you could get the number.

So that you could concentrate on one place.

And Conquer your mind.

Also be able to increase your concentration power.

Because a big challenge for a student is to control on his mind in life.

And the person who has overcome his mind, which work he can’t do in the world.

There is still time, so control your mind, before your mind control you.

Because the mind works on the basis of temporary fun.

And when the fun becomes a punishment, it is not known.

Therefore, the student who has overcome his mind, his life is set.

So for this reason, make a stubbornness of reading habit, and start just now.

And remember tomorrows never comes.

Also check how to get motivated to work.

Learn how motivate for reading ?

How to motivate yourself to workout
How to motivate yourself to workout

Because time is very precious and limited offer.

So utilize your valuable time for the valuable things only.

And don’t waste your time for useless things any more.

Because useless things is that, which’ll not add any value in your life.

But it’ll take your precious time.

So set your goal and make your value.

Only see the things, which help you to reach your goal.

And forget the rest, because your goal is your identity.

Everything is possible in this universe, don’t limit yourself.

So you can make carrier in any field, whatever is your choice passion.

But whatever you want to become, first you need clarity about your goal.

And find out your unique signature strength.

Because signature is only one, so you have also only one strength.

Hence find out your biggest strength,

And on the day your strength and the intelligence meet together.

Then you will find yourself on the way of success.

And if not found, you will create a new path yourself.

Therefore set a goal, and then do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

And if you want success, then never change your goal at any cost.

So read all the things whatever take you towards your goal of success.

And bear your mental pain, but read.

Motivation to improve yourself

Because self improvement is the best way to achieve success in life.

If you work on yourself improvement, then nothing else more needed to make your dream true.

But very first i would like to clear the meaning of self improvement.

So self improvement is define as, whatever you had knowledge in 2019, must be more than that in year 2020.

Hence this is called self improvement.

Because man moves ahead in life by two ways, one from education and the other from experience.

But it is interesting you have both.

Now to move ahead in life, you have only one way, and that is self improvement.

And i want to also clear you important fact about self improvement.

Because self-improvement does not mean that you have to change a lot in life.

whereas a little bit improvement can brought a huge change in your life.

But a little bit difference in many years can change your complete life.

Because self improvement result is always big in life.

So it depend basically on two factor, which’ll impact your life in next five years.

And first is with whom you live, and second is which book you read in next 5 years.

Because i want to tell you a fact about Bill Gates.

He reads more than 80 books in a year.

So just imagine how much books in 10 years, as well as how much knowledge he posses.

Therefore if you can develop a habit of reading a book or article only 30 minutes a day.

Then you can think how much knowledge you’ll have after one year, you’ll change your life style.

So a little improvement in you habit can give you huge impact in your life.

If it’ll not benefited, but no loss, just make a habit for life change.

Motivate yourself quotes to change your life.

Motivate yourself quotes to change your life.
How to motivate yourself quotes to change your life.

1 Be what you are, this is the first step towards becoming better than you are.(Julius Charles )

2 Don’t ever compare yourself to others, because you’re not a copy, but you’re an original.(Unknown)

3 Just believe in yourself.

4 One important key to success is self confidence, and an important key to self confidence is preparation.(Arthur Ashe)

5 If you have no confidence in self, then you’re twice defeated in the race of life.(Marcus Garvey)

6 Never show your weakness to the world because world is much interested to play with it.(unknown)

7 And never bend your head, always hold it high, and look the world straight in the eye.(Helen Keller)

8 Help others achieve their dream, and you’ll achieve yours.(Les Brown)

9 There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, the fear of failure.(Paulo Coelho)

10 Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears.(Les Brown)

11 It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.(Tony Robbins)

12 The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.(Winston Churchill)

13 Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.(Washington Irving)

14 Life is not about finding yourself, but it is about creating yourself.(George Bernard shaw)

15 The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret.(Nido R Quebin)

How to get yourself motivated ?

Sometimes we have dreams, plans and goals.

But sometimes it becomes difficult to start.

And sometimes it get started but fail to continue.

Because the passion cools down.

So you need motivation, because motivation provide you that force.

Which starts you, force to continue your action and take you to success.

Because any demotivated man has not yet completed his dream.

But motivated men has done everything.

So here i’m going to share with you some tips.

Which will help you to motivate yourself for your goals and dreams.

Because one tips can change your life forever.

So first tips is reminding service, it says keep your all achievement certificate or award with you.

Because it’ll remind you the potential you have in the past.

So you’re not a loser, you had already got certificate or award in past.

When you worked hard for that certificate or award and you had got it.

Therefore you can still do it right now.

Now second tips, motivate others.

Because when you feel that, someone is demotivated in your friend circle or relatives about his goals or dreams.

Then motivate them sure.

Because you’ll get two benefit of that action.

So first you’ll understand it well ownself.

And the second benefit is that, when you support others, then others also support you too.

This is all about how to motivate yourself everyday.


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