How To Motivate Employees As A Manager

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How to motivate employees as a manager in any company ?

Because all small company owner and big company manager are looking for a great employees.

So that their company can generate profit and business can expand, and acquire more customer.

As well as be a brand in the eyes of the customer.

Hence in this article i’m going to share with you some important point for you, how to motivate employees as a manager.

And i’m sure after reading this complete article, you’ll be able to motivate your employees the best way.

So lets begin, how to motivate employees as a manager responsibility for the company growth.

How to motivate employees as a manager for company growth ?

how to motivate employees as a manager
how to motivate employees as a manager

There’re 5 best way to motivate employees for the company growth.

  • Incentive 1 flexibility– Because in life, things happen. both special events that you don’t want to miss, and people get sick.

And who’s at their desk at what hours gives people more control over their day and makes them feel trusted.

That is hugely important, now, of course there are positions, where you do need to be at your desk at certain hours.

  • Time off– Because what one thing we all want more of ? that is more time. So you should give six week of paid vacation,

And paid holidays, plus something called inspiration days, Now you might be asking, what are inspiration days ?

So inspiration days are paid time off that you can take to do something fun and inspiring.

For example, go to a museum or head to the beach.

  • The best tech– So you have to check your employees up and make sure, they have most up to date software and laptops and phones.

Now, of course you don’t have to upgrade every time something new comes out, that would be a little nuts.

But the best tech not only helps people be more productive, but it also builds company pride and morale.

  • Challenge them to grow– So you need to expect a lot from your employees and really challenge them to gain new skills,

Because if they don’t see a growth path ahead, they’re not going to stay. No one raises to low expectations.

A players want to step up, not level out.

  • Appreciation and acknowledgement– Now you have to accept, this’s one of the most important things, you can do to attract and retain talent.

And it’s one of the most underrated. So you have to make a part of your company culture to celebrate and appreciate publicly acknowledge employees for their hard work.

So five creative ideas how to motivate employees as a manager, to attract and retain top talent.

How to motivate employees in the workplace ?

Before we talk about employees engagement, i want to explain a cold hard truth that you need to understand first.

And that is in order to have engaged employees you need to be an engaged manager first.

Because there’s a concept that i like to tell people about and it’s what i call, the world is your mirror and it’s really that the world is your mirror.

Whatever is reflecting back to you from your external world is due to the result of something that is going on within you.

So if you’re finding that your employees are not engaged in your team in your company.

Then it has something to do with a lack of potential engagement from within yourself.

So if you were to be honest with yourself, can you truly say that you’re fully engaged as a manager every day 100% of the time.

I’m sure there would be hints here and there of lack of engagement within yourself.

And so if that is the case it should be no surprise that there’s lack of engagement in your employees as well.

So today i’m going to help you and your employees, how to motivate your employees as a manager.

And so i’m going to show you three signs to know what employee engagement actually looks like.

As well as the step by step solution to implement, if it’s not their sign.

What are three sign of employees engagement ?

  1. They work hard everyday with pure intention and passion to get their work done well and to have strong results.

So you know that an employee is engaged, when you can visibly see it, or when you can see they’re working hard every day.

And when they come into the office, they have that pure passion and intention to do well deliver high quality work.

As well as to achieve strong results.

Now there’s difference between looking as they work hard versus actually working hard the result speaks for themselves.

And so if you’re able to see the hard work and also see the result of it,

Then you know employees are doing their job well.

And they have intention to do it well.

2. They are always improving something.

So they have the mindset, i want to make things better more efficient and more productive.

And they don’t just sit there and talk about it, you see them actually going out there and doing it they’re making improvement.

So people are always getting benefit, that shows an engaged employee, when they are always improving and looking to make improvements.

3. They are helpful and knowledgeable

The employee who are helpful, and who have created a brand for themselves to be seen as the go to advisors.

And the knowledge champions, the expert in their role and are willing and able to help others.

Hence provide others with information that they need.

So they’re also truly engaged in their job, because they would not put themselves in that situation.

If they didn’t have the desire to be able to share their knowledge.

And help others, they know that others rely and depend on them.

So they’re happy to be there.

Now this is your turn, are you an engaged employee yourself ?

And as a manager do you exhibit these three traits daily.

So if you’re truly honest with yourself, and you find that you are not demonstrating these things on a regular basis.

Then you have to start and understand why that is.

How to motivate staff as a manager ?

how to motivate employees as a manager
how to motivate employees as a manager

Because you can’t expect to have engaged employees,

If you yourself are not engaged.

Because here’s the another truth the only way that your employees are going to feel truly motivated.

When you demonstrate that energy first. And it’s interesting how people don’t realize that as managers you have a lot of influence over your employees.

So the way you’re, the way you feel and represent yourself is going to have an impact on your direct reports.

And they’re either going to feel good and motivated.

So you’re find that either you’re not engaged, then your employees are not engaged.

Therefore this’s how you would reengage a disengaged employee.

Don’t scare your employees into working harder by threatening them with the idea that they will lose their jobs.

They’re acting this way, You’re the manager play role in their behavior,

And if you don’t take ownership for that you need to start to.

Because a truly influential leader understands the impact that they have on the people.

Who they influence so don’t try to impose your power over them by scaring them.

That is poor management style, if you think that the only way to motivate your unmotivated employees is to scare them.

Through fear then you don’t really fully understand your role as a manager.

Also check this 51 top motivational quotes for employees.

If you’re engaged, how to motivate your employees

And you really want to motivate your team, but you have gotten a point.

Where there’s one or two individuals who are completely disengaged.

And you want to reengage them, because they are good employees.

They have done good work in the past and you want to re-motivate them.

And bring them back to the level that they were at what do you do.

Then the answer is to figure out the source reason to understand the root of their disengagement.

So what does that mean, it means sit down with your employee give yourself both sacred time and space together one on one.

Because they can open up and explain discuss their issues.

And in this discussion as the manager, there are three things that you want to tell them in a genuine way.

You have their best interests in mind comes to helping them to grow as an employee in the organization.

The second thing that you want to tell them is how much you recognize their value.

And again you want to be genuine about this, so bring up specific instances specific accomplishments.

That they were able to achieve throughout the time, that they worked with you.

And how much you appreciated it, and how much they made contribution to the company.

So once they telling the reason, why they disengaged and why they feel this way.

And that is the time to start to come up with a plan together to implement new solution.

That will mitigate.

What’s importance of employee motivation ?

Motivation Need importance of employee motivation

If you’ll ask with small business owner about their employees, then they usually say, looking for some top salesman employees for their business.

And the same situation in a big company with manager, looking for top performer employees in their team to complete their project without fail.

So in every business they are looking for a best sales team for their company.

But the problem is that, no any salesmen are born from a mother’s stomach.

Even in school, salesmanship is not teaches, in MBA college. they don’t do salesmanship.

Because they want to become manager, and control the salesman, but they don’t want to become salesman themselves.

Then tell one thing from where the salesmen will be born.

So the success you’ll achieve tomorrow, your team effort will be very important in it.

Because as better your team, as better your success fly,

Otherwise in some day you’ll drain out and leave it, but the question is that, What will you do if you don’t get a good team ?

Will you stop your success ?, and will you kill your dream ? or you’ll train your team.

So staff training is required for the capable team, and employees motivation is required.

Therefore first of all you have to check what is lacking in your team.

Can you overcome this deficiency at your level? but it’s very less chance you can do so yourself.

Hence employees need motivational training, the best part about human is that, human are trainable.

Why do employees fail to achieve their target ?

If you think, as much teach them, but they will not change, then your’re wrong.

Because if a capable man teaches, they will definitely change.

Therefore every employees like managers, staffs, and other employees must need training in your organization.

So if you’re an owner of a company, then you must make a list of rules, do and don’t, right now.

But many people think, without doing staff training, their company can grow and their employees will perform well.

whereas it does not happen so. Because you can collect the material, but to sell the material and service, you need hand’

So where from, you’ll get that trained hand to sell the products or services.

Hence that will have to teach you to your employees for company growth.

They have to be made, and remember one thing, you can buy everything through money, but culture can’t buy.

It’s only born through training, and culture develop through thought in any organization.

And if you’re not organizing motivational training for employees, then you’re just a labour in your organization.

There may be many culture missing in your organization,

And if you think to move your business on next level, then you must need employees training in your company.

Can Employees Be Taught?

And do you believe ? after employees training company growth will happen.

So write your feedback in the comment box.


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