How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety

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Today topic is How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety person easily and make him happy.

How to react when a loved one is going through something as painful and intimate as depression? There are no magic tricks, but these steps usually help.

But the right way is here, How to help someone with depression and anxiety.

When someone close to us suffers from depression, we try to help them but we don’t always know how to do it , and often we even feel like we’re messing things up.

How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety

There are no foolproof recipes for situations as delicate and personal as depression, but these 10 steps usually pay off.


  1. Keep in mind that the other needs you and values ​​you , even if it seems like not.
  2. Listen . I know it’s hard to believe that just by listening we are so useful to the other person, but trust me, the other only needs you to listen to them, without advice or solutions.
  3. Never say “calm down” or “try to cheer yourself up” unless you are also giving detailed and foolproof instructions. Demanding love is useless. With the good “love” always is enough.
  4. Understand that it is a disease . Things will be said that are not really felt.
  5. Put yourself in their place . Above all, understand that what might seem easy to you – like going to a store, for example – may be an impossible challenge for a depressed person.
  6. Don’t take anything personally , and don’t take it personally that someone has the flu or chronic fatigue syndrome or arthritis. None of this is your fault.
  7. Be patient . Understand that it will not be easy. Depression ebbs and flows and rises and falls. It does not stand still. Don’t take a happy moment, or a bad one, as proof of recovery or relapse. Look for the long-term goal .
  8. Keep him company . Ask how you can help. Relieves all the pressure both existential and dawn, family, etc.
  1. Try to prevent the depressive from feeling more abnormal than he already feels. Three days on the couch? Didn’t you draw the curtains? Crying over tough decisions like which pair of socks to wear? And that. Nothing special. Remember that there is no standard normality. Normal is always subjective .

On this planet there are seven billion versions of what is “normal.”

How do you calm down a depressed person?

How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety
How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety

Having a concrete plan indicates a higher probability of a suicide attempt.

Seek help. Contact the person’s doctor, mental health professional, or other health care professionals. Let other family members or close friends know what is happening.

Call a suicide prevention hotline. In the United States, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) (toll-free) to contact a specialized counselor. 

Use that same number and press “1” to contact the Veterans Crisis Line.

 If possible, remove objects that could be used to commit suicide. For example, remove or lock firearms, other weapons, and medications.

Call 911 or your local emergency number immediately if the person is in danger of hurting or killing themselves. 

Pay attention to any warning signs of suicide

Educate yourself and watch out for any frequent warning signs of suicide or suicidal thoughts:

Talk about suicide; for example, making statements such as “I’m going to kill myself,” “I wish I were dead,” or “I wish I hadn’t been born.”

Obtain the means for a suicide attempt, such as buying a gun or storing pills

Avoiding social contact and wanting to be alone

Experiencing mood swings, 

such as going from being elated one day to being deeply discouraged the next

Worrying about death, 

dying, or violence

Feeling hopeless or helpless in a situation

Increase alcohol or drug use

Suffer changes in the normal routine, for example, changes in diet and sleep schedules

Provide support

Remember that your loved one’s depression is no one’s fault. 

What you can do for your loved one:

What is the best way to help someone with Depression and anxiety?

Encourage them to continue with treatment. If a family member or friend of yours is being treated for depression, 

help them remember to take their prescription medications and to attend appointments.

Be ready to listen. Let your loved one know that you want to understand how they are feeling. 

When the person wants to speak, listen carefully, but avoid giving advice or opinions or judging them. 

Provide positive reinforcement.  Remind your loved one of their positive qualities and how much this person means to you and others.

Offer help. Your family member or friend may not be able to handle certain tasks well. 

Give suggestions about specific tasks you would be willing to do, or ask if there are any particular tasks that you could take on.

Helps create a low-stress environment. 

Offer to make a schedule for meals, medications, physical activity, and sleep, and help organize household chores.

Look for aid organizations. For example, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 

employee assistance programs, and many faith-based organizations offer help for mental health problems.

Encourage participation in spiritual practices

 if appropriate.  participation in an organized religious community or through personal spiritual beliefs and practices.

Make plans together. 

What do you say to someone who has anxiety?

How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety
How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety

Ask your loved one to go for a walk together, watch a movie together, or do a hobby or other activity together

 that you once enjoyed. However, don’t try to force the person to do something.

What you can do by yourself:

Learn about depression. 

and how it can be treated, the better you can talk to and help the person you care about.

Beware. Supporting someone with depression is not easy. Ask other family and friends to help you, 

and take steps to prevent frustration as well as burnout. Find your time for hobbies, physical activity, friends, and spiritual renewal.

Lastly, be patient. Symptoms of depression improve with treatment, but this can take time. 

Finding the best treatment may require trying more than one type of drug or treatment approach.

 For some people, symptoms improve quickly after starting treatment. For others, it will take longer.

And he is not able to change his state of mind to find a way to improve himself. The apathy, sadness and negative thoughts take up all your time, preventing him from seeing things clearly. 

How can I improve my mood with Depression and anxiety?

In this article we tell you how you can help him feel better:

Depression can manifest itself in many ways. 

For example, if you have less appetite than usual, if you neglect your personal hygiene , if you show less interest in activities that usually motivate you or if you are too  irritable or hypersensitive to any external stimulus.

When someone is depressed, they feel helpless . Lack of self – esteem is a huge drag that prevents taking any step in any direction. 

Depending on the degree of depression, 

you may need professional help.  A professional knows how to deal with the situation and help you understand what is happening to you. 

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It is the first step to gradually get out of depression. 

 Sometimes just knowing that someone is listening to you , that they care about you, and that they are not judging you is the best possible help.

Therefore, in a case like the one we are discussing, we recommend that you listen to that person without judging them.

Giving your opinion is not always necessary. Keep in mind that this person may feel vulnerable and sensitive to any external comments. Any statement may affect you more than you think.

Therefore, validate the feelings of that person . Listen to him, value him, understand him or at least respect his words and feelings.

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Depression: Supporting a family member or friend

In difficult stages sometimes you need a little help to be able to see things from a different perspective . 

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helps increase serotonin levels in the brain, facilitating an improvement in mood and the appearance of positive feelings.

Depression is like a “snowball” that gets bigger as it progresses. If this situation sounds familiar to you, we will tell you how to help someone with depression.

Perhaps the first thing that would be important to emphasize, due to the most widespread false belief about depression, is that it is an illness, not a “fault” in character … 

Although it is true that depression has very clear symptoms such as they are alterations in the character and habitual behavior of a person.

 This “decline” in mood and vitality of a person, can plunge into isolation and grief, which over time becomes increasingly difficult to overcome, 

if not treated correctly and as soon as possible.

Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

A mood disorder can go on for weeks, months, or even years. The intense feeling of sadness characterizes these mental illnesses , 

as well as anguish, anxiety, lack of interest and self-esteem and a remarkable and extreme apathy. 

In the article on how to know if someone has depression , we already went into the definition and symptoms of this disease. 

Now, helping someone with depression, be it a family member, friend or partner, is not easy, but not impossible, far from it … 

There are a series of “keys” that will give us very useful guidelines to follow to combat this evil. We repeat, it is a disease, not a defect in the attitude and / or thinking of a person.

How to help someone with depression

“You have me here for what you need”: 

When someone who is going through depression really feels that he has you close, he is receiving help many times greater than we can seemingly believe; 

we must help, without passing judgment .

through a tunnel without light, and in that darkness,

 it is very important that we do not let him / her feel that they are crossing it in total solitude . Letting the patient know,

Not Sure What to Say to Someone with Depression?

How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety
How To Help Someone With Depression And Anxiety

 and showing it as much as we can, will help enormously to cope. 

“I’m going to accompany you”: either to therapy sessions, to periodic medical consultations, 

or to the pharmacy, if we offer to go with them, we are giving them very valuable support, and reaffirming the conviction that what they occur can and should be treated .

 that we are willing to help them feel better, because that is what we want. 

“What kinds of things are you thinking about?”: 

 fight against their illness. If necessary, and these exist, even talking about suicidal thoughts that the person may have or has, 

as annoying as it may seem to talk about it, will be crucial to not miss the opportunity to really help. 

We should not be afraid to ask what that person really feels or thinks, it is very necessary and therapeutic for them to talk about what really worries them, 

and not avoid serious issues, or “beat around the bush” with questions that will be profound and of Vital importance.

“Do nothing concrete”: it  may seem silly or absurd, and it is not at all. In many cases, our mere presence will bring great relief to those suffering from depression. 

Supporting someone with a mental health condition

He / she feels that you are there, that you have not neglected them, and that, in itself, is of enormous value to the person who is suffering from a depressive disorder.

What types of depression exist:

Major Depressive Disorder: it is the most characteristic disorder and the one that concentrates most of the symptoms. 

It is also called melancholy, when the patient is extremely apathetic and with a notable psychomotor inhibition, leading him,

Dysthymia: the instability of the mood and strong anxiety would be characteristics of this type of depression. A low self-esteem and hopelessness in the face of life, as well as a constant fluctuation of mood.

Seasonal affective disorder: it appears in a regular and repeated way, coinciding with seasonal changes, and especially in autumn and winter, and also associated with changes in light .

especially the feeling of fatigue.

Bipolar Disorder: Severe depressive episodes alternate with others of exaltation (“mania”), and these consist of accelerated thinking,

 hyperactivity, as well as insomnia and irritability.

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Cyclothymia: these are mild and unpredictable manifestations with frequent changes in mood (ranging from euphoria to sadness) 

which occur over the course of several days, all for no apparent reason. Usually the people who suffer from it are very unstable people . 

In many cases it is difficult to differentiate it from normal changes.


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