How to find your passion test easily

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How to find your passion test free right now ?

Because do you ever feel you have no passion.

And you’ll never be successful, If your answer is YES,

Then this article will change your feeling right now.

Because here i’m going to share with you, how to find your passion test free in very simple way.

And after complete reading of this article, you would be learn so many things, that will help you to success in your life.

So lets begin, how to find your passion test free today.

How to find your passion test easily ?

How to find your passion test easily ?
How to find your passion test easily ?

She was about to die when a woman was in coma on Japan’s island.

And she dreams that she has died and she has reached heaven.

After that she feels voice of her ancestors there.

And they ask her, who are you ?

Then she answers I am Mayer’s wife.

Again comes the voice that I did not ask that whose wife you are.

But we have asked who are you ?

Then she says I am the mother of four children.

Again comes the voice that we did not ask whose mother you are,

We asked who are you ?

Then the woman replied. I am a school teacher.

Again voice comes we didn’t ask what do you do, but we did asked who are you ?

In this way the woman gave many answers, she told her name religion.

She told a lot but she could not tell who she is.

And finally she told that I am the one who gets up every morning to take care of his family.

Also i am the one who wakes up to make a good Mindset of children.

Then this reply of that woman was accepted, And she came out of coma, and few days later she recovered.

But this entire incident explained the purpose of that woman’s life.

After this, she started taking more care of her family, And started teaching children better.

And this’s the best way how to find your passion test ?

What is my passion in life examples?

That woman had got her IKIGAI, After that, every person of that village considered it to be a very important thing to find out about his IKIGAI.

It was happen on Okinawa Island, Japan, Even today, everyone finds his IKIGAI and lives his life.

So even today, those people are healthy and happier than the rest of the world.

Therefore they fall less ill and lives more days than the rest of the world.

And many things in that village are better than the rest of the world,

So according to experts, the people of that village live their lives by finding their own IKIGAI.

Hence IKIGAI is a Japanese word and its meaning is reason for being, the reason for life, and the purpose of your life.

How to find your passion and purpose ?

Japanese believe that every human has a IKIGAI.

Which they get to know only after understanding themselves.

And it is very difficult to find IKIGAI, the whole life of people goes out in the search.

So you also have a IKIGAI and I am going to tell you, how you can find out your IKIGAI ?

Now first of all, we make a diagram of IKIGAI. There are four circles intersection in this diagram.

How to find your passion test easily
How to find your passion test easily

And there are four questions that you have to answer as shown in the image.

  • What you love– This question is very easy, What is the work that you like best, which gives you energy and enjoy to do it,

It can be anything, for example guarding, painting, exercise, photography and many more.

The work that attract you most, it may be your personal interest.

  • What you’re good at– In which work you are good, and in which work you have expert skills.
  • What the World needs– What does the world need in today’s date.
  • What you can be paid for– By doing this you can earn money, and people pay you for your work.

Now the important questions between circle intersection as shown in the image.

And this’s the best way how to find your passion test ?

How can I find my passion and talent?

  • Mission– The kind of work that you love, and that is the need of the world.
  • Vocation– The work that the world needs, and people are also ready to give you money.
  • Profession– Such work in which you are an expert, and people are also ready to give you money.
  • Passion– Such work in which you are also an expert, and you also love that work.

Once you find your passion, it will be easy for you to find your IKIGAI.

So next I am going to talk about Passion.

Therefore first of all to know your passion,

  1. you have to understand yourself– Because generally failed people don’t about themselves.
  2. Where do you spend most of the time– Because failure people don’t know where to spend their time, so they waste their time.

And due to these two reasons, people are not able to move forward.

Because according to all great people, you must know yourself well to grow in life.

How to find your career passion test ?

Now you take a pen and copy, because you have to write.

If you will write, then you can easily understand next part and can know yourself better.

So whatever you’re learning, if you write then it’s a good habit and sign of successful people.

The biggest reason for not getting passion is that people spend their time in that work, which work neither they like nor they are good in that work.

So to find out where you’re spending your time, we’re going to do an exercise.

And i hope you have pen and copy ready.

So first of all you make a square and divide it into four squares, And write down as in squares as.

Live example to check your passion

  • First square– i love these works, i’m expert at too- So write everything in this square which you like to do and are expert,
  • Second square– write i love these works, but i’m not good at it- write whatever you like to do, but not good at.
  • Third square– i don’t love these works, but i know how to do it- write those things you don’t like, but you have to do it.
  • Fourth square– neither love these works, nor know how to do it- but you do it.

So take your time think and write your answer in these four squares.

After write this, then you see what work you spend your more time on.

How much time you spend that work in which you’re good and like to do.

And how much time you spend that work, what you don’t like.

Like I said earlier, people spend their more time doing what they don’t like.

So they do not get their passion.

Hence they spend their more time in 3rd and fourth squares.

And this’s the best way how to find your passion test ?

If you have to find your passion then you will have to spend more time in the first and second squares.

Without leaving your current job, you have to try that you spend a lot of time in first and second squares work.

How to find your passion hobby ?

It may be you have written so many works in first and second squares.

But you should focus only on that work, which you like most and enjoy to do.

And you can earn money later, and by working, someone is earning money too.

So you should do research that work and man, how is he earning? And you should also do the same.

Hence as i told you to find your passion, you should know about yourself well.

Now second exercise to know about your personality well.

This is a famous personality test, and this is called DISC test.

And this personality test is based upon the two observation test.

  • Outgoing/Reserved– You want to go outside with people or reserved yourself at home and spend your time with some particular people.

Therefore outgoing people make friend very easily and always ready to go outside.

Rather, these people are the ones who plan to go out.

How to find your personality test ?

But reserved people like to stay in home, If you have to take them for a walk, then it is very difficult to convince them.

So they spend their time with some particular people and share their feeling with them.

  • People oriented/Task oriented– People oriented think and care more about others,

For example if company boss is people oriented, then he will think more about employees,

And task oriented people more think about task, a task oriented boss will think, Is it working well or not?

Whether the quality of work is right or not, is work done on time.

There is nothing right or wrong in this, it’s different types of behavior.

But this’s the best way how to find your passion test ?

So give yourself a honestly answer as to which type of Behavior you have.

Do not judge yourself that the reply you make will be final.

With this test, you will be able to know about yourself better, so give honorable answer.

How to find your talent and passion ?

Motivation Need personality test
Motivation Need

By answering these two questions, four types of personality come out, See the above image.

  • D= dominating– outgoing task oriented,

This types of people get the work done on time, and also do their work on time.

Once they take the work in their hand, they must complete it, they like to be on leadership position.

  • I= Inspiring– Outgoing people oriented

So they inspire the other people by their work and talk, they like to talk more on ideas,

And they are having positive attitude,

  • S= supportive– Reserved people oriented

But they like to work in group, and they are humble, they may be slow and sensitive.

  • C= Cautious– Reserved task oriented

These types of people are very careful, they focus on quality work,

And they want perfection in the work, they don’t like mistake, and expert in their field.

So this is DISC personality types, Now you think honestly about yourself, what is your personality type.

And make sure give honest answer to yourself,

So this’s the best way how to find your passion test ?

Because in every human these four quality are present little,

But someone has more and other has less,

So you have to think, which quality is more within you, D, I, S, or C.

The importance of personality test

Hence the motive of this test is not to fix you in some category,

But to know yourself better, because unless you’ll not know better about yourself.

Till then you can’t find your passion.

Now what you have to do ?

Do the work according to your personality test,

For example if your personality test is C and you have written in first square public speaking and coding,

Then you should focus on coding, because coding is matching more with your personality test.

But this is just an example, you can find out about yourself, which work you should give more time.

Hence remember failure people spend their more time in that work, they are not good at,

And even they don’t enjoy their work,

But successful people spend their time in that work, they are well and good at their work.

And they enjoy as well, So this is the best way how to find your passion test.

Now this is dependent upon you, whether you’re using this test or not.

If you want to know more about passion then check this link motivation of the day quotes.

what is your passion in life ?

If you feel, you have no passion for anything, then first of all you need to understand,

You have sure passion for something, but you just don’t know yet it,

What’s your passion ? Because if you do not have a passion, then you were not reading this article right now.

So as i promised in this article, now you’re going to know, how to find your passion test easily ?

And after that you’ll get success, to which you are entitled.

Because KFC founder Colonel Sanders before starting KFC, he worked as lawyer and manager.

And he was also a secretary in the Chamber of Commerce for a few months.

Also done many different businesses and jobs. So he did many work, in which he had no passion.

So by doing this he became 40 years old, and he found his passion after 40 years, that his passion is in feeding the people.

How you can convert your passion into profit ?

And this passion came to him when he used to cook and feed his brother and sister in age of 7 years.

But after he got his passion, he remained attached to the same work all his life.

And he found such success that even after he left, the whole world remembers him.

Now your next question will be, unless i don’t get my passion, what should i do ?

And its simple answer is do something anything,

Because maximum people don’t get their passion due to they spend their whole energy in search of their passion.

And they do not put 100% effort that work he is doing.

But some people do more wrong, Leave everything ,they simply say, i’ll do something when i’ll find my passion.

So you have to understand that, you can’t find your passion.

Whereas if you make 100% your efforts then your passion find you.

And gives you the success you have always wanted,

How do I find what my passion is ?

Well, Colonel Sanders are best example of this.

But he is not only example, Mark Zuckerberg success Facebook founder is also example of this.

Mark Zuckerberg is passionate about connecting people together.

But before Facebook started, he had not thought about it before.

Prior to this, he had made many small tools which was his college project, which together he made Facebook.

And when Facebook became successful, Mark Zuckerberg got his passion.

Which was to combine the world people into a group.

But there are so many examples, action came first passion came later.

Therefore all of you have passion, only you need to meet that passion.

In exactly the same way many successful people of the world met.

Like you, those people also did not know anything about his passion, until his passion found him.

But you have to care here, Passion of those successful people was able to find them, because they were doing something.

And they were doing it wholeheartedly, they all failed, they all learned from their failure,

So if you think you don’t have passion, then change your thought right now.

And do what you are doing with honesty, also do new things when needed.

Don’t worry your passion will find you.

And if you are not doing anything waiting for the Passion, then believe me you are making the biggest mistake in the world.

So in this situation i will suggest you, go out and do something, give your 100% effort to that work.

And after that your passion will automatically find you.

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