How To Find Motivation To Study With Light Speed

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How to find motivation to study and make friendship with books.

Because it’s really difficult for most people to study books.

So develop your reading skill, and now you will remember everything.

Because it’s very simple technique, but you don’t know it.

So in this article i’m going to share with you some tips and tricks, how to find motivation to study books.

which will motivate you for study long time, and develop book reading habit.

Even if you don’t want to study. but you’ll read the books after knowing this technique.

Because you’ll know the fact, how to read books exactly and remember forever.

So you need to know the true technique, how to find motivation to study books.

So keep reading ahead and lets begin.

How To Find Motivation To Study Know About Your Brain Truth ?

How To Find Motivation To Study With Light Speed
How To Find Motivation To Study With Light Speed

Because we always listen, read, study.

And keep focus on reading, as well as don’t disturb your focus.

But nobody tells, read how ?

So today i’ll explain each and everything very clearly. just read the complete article.

Because you’re going to learn new technique today.

Which will add value in your and yours children’s life too.

So the first thing you should keep in your mind.

Because it is a boon to forget, what is in your mind, and forgetting is necessary.

But the mind does not forget anything, whereas the brain stores it, but does not tell you.

Because there’s a memory, which you don’t know and brain store the entire data in it.

And the mind has maintained such a rule, so that your mind can be operated well.

Because it’s big thing made by the God.

And due to this we all are in stable condition right now.

Otherwise, there are such incidents in everyone’s life,

If everyone suddenly remembers, then you will start fighting and killing them.

So due to forget everything keep continuous, for example our relationship, and you’re cool.

Therefore you have to keep in your mind very clear, forgetting is an illusion.

Because the mind forgets nothing.

Even you can do its practical yourself.

So now i’m going to tell you reading skill technique.

And it’s simple, not difficult.

But set this rule in your mind. if you learned this technique, then reading will become easy and you’ll enjoy reading.

So, it should be very clear that, whatever you read, mind feed it.

But all the time you say, The brain forgets.

So evil propaganda has been set in your brain, you forget.

now what brain do ? so you have to remove it.

How To Read, Know First Rule ?

What is the sign of good readers, What does they do differently.

And whatever they read, they remember.

Even you listen about Swami Vivekananda, He used to remember everything he read.

Because he had developed a reading skill.

So he first practiced that Brain remembers everything.

And he never said his brain, you’re weak.

Because It’s a crime to say brain is dull.

whereas it’s superfast.

Therefore Swami Vivekananda mind never cheated him.

So make sure you’ll not crime with your brain now.

and whatever you have done in the past forget it, but now you’ll not continue this practice anymore.

Hence you should set this in your mind.

Whatever you are going to read, you are going to remember everything.

So i’m going to share this skill with you right now.

Now the first rule says, take any book to read, also take a pen in your hand.

And start reading from the starting point continuously forward and move the pen along with it.

If you want to highlight somewhere, then highlight it.

And must move the pen along with sentence line.

But why i’m telling you to put pen or finger and move along with sentence line.

Because it’s your first stage of reading skill, in advance stage it’ll change.

And read at a standard speed.

But neither the speed should be fast, and nor slow.

Because if you read slow then your brain will tiered soon.

And it’ll so much tired that it’ll distract you somewhere else.

Because brain will feel, you’re wasting his time.

Then after getting tired brain will finally divert to do something other.

Because brain is very superfast.

And practically you see and feel within a second it goes somewhere else.

So its speed is very fast, equal to speed of light.

Therefore the faster it works, the better it will work.

But the condition for reading skill, you’ll never back on sentence line during reading.

Why do I find it hard to study ?

So you have to move only forward and forward, at any cost you’ll not return back.

Once you moved ahead, then at any cost you’ll not return back, remember this important condition.

Because you brain has already this message, whatever you’re reading, brain is feeding it.

So i guarantee you do this practice honestly only 15 days, now you’ll remember everything.

And you’ll enjoy the reading too.

Also write your feedback in the comment box.

And i want to tell you a fact, take one page of a book.

Select two persons, one will read that page only once, and other will read that page 20 times.

And then ask both of them, how much they have understand.

The result will be same.

Because 20 times reader has given message to his brain, i forget.

But once reader has given message to his brain, I remember everything.

This make actually difference, Because brain work on psychology.

How To Find Motivation To Study With Speed Of Light, Second Rule ?

How To Find Motivation To Study With Speed Of Light, Second Rule ?
How To Find Motivation To Study With Speed Of Light, Second Rule ?

Do not read while doing voice.

And it is a problem with many people that they read while doing voice.

Because there’re two speed, one is sound speed, and other is light speed.

If i ask to you, which speed is greater, then obviously your reply will be light speed.

So when you read doing voice, then sound goes into your ear, and then your mind process further.

Due to which your brain becomes dull, because sound speed is very slow.

And you’ll tiered very soon, can’t read long time.

So read only with eyes, but you can do lipsync.

But it’s even better you don’t do lipsync, only read with eyes.

If you want to read better and for long time.

So do this practice next 15 days, along with first rule.

But you must remember, at any cost you’ll not return back according to first rule.

Because doing this practice you’ll feel next 15 days, Everything is starting to be remembered.

So you’ll feel first time in life.

Whatever you’re reading, It is being remembered at once.

And your speed of reading became so fast.

So do yourself an experiment in 5 minutes reading, and it’ll be 285 sentence lines are average.

Now i want to tell you an advance level of reading skill.

Who has good reading skill, they focus their eyes at the center of the whole one line.

So they always catch the center word only, and read very fast.

Also you’ll reach at this level, after doing the practice of first and second rule.

But you don’t do it in starting, right now.

And follow one thing, if you remember 50%, and forget 50%.

So always give the importance for 50% remember.

How can I get motivation to study?

Therefore read a book thrice only, and use different pen colors for each highlights according to rule first and second.

This is enough, no more reading required.

The entire book will be in you mind. But again i’m reminding you don’t return back.

Because whoever returned, he killed his brain.

So do this practice honestly, and must write your feedback in the comment box.

Because this is golden skill of reading, which tells give your brain a positive wave and start reading.

Then tell me, how you don’t remember.

But some days you’ll feel, you’re forgetting, because it’s your old psychology.

And it’ll take some time to forget.

But once new psychology is developed, then you’ll feel miracle morning in life.

And change this reading practice into reading habit.

Also you can check how to motivate yourself.

Finding the motivation to study more and fast

Finding the motivation to study more and fast
Finding the motivation to study more and fast

Do you ever wonder why the photo gets remembered soon.

Because your brain is superfast, and read the image with speed of light.

But in general reading we read with slow average speed.

Actually not synchronize with brain speed, so it takes more time to store in memory.

So you try to use your brain with light speed.

Because in this case it’ll perform better result.

And your brain will not feel tiredness, whereas feel positive.

But also use a pomodoro technique in reading.

When you read then after 30 to 45 minutes later, due to many scientific reason, oxygen,water and other deficiency occurs.

Or whatever you have read during these time, try to transfer this data to other memory.

Because it has to continue ahead.

So during the data transfer your mind distracted for few time.

And your brain feel some tiredness.

So you should just get relax for 5 to 10 minutes this time.

Therefore during this period you can do little bit exercise.

Because you have to increase dopamine in the brain right now.

Even you can take water, or deep breathing, and some fruits.

Just do something other than study, but not for long time to distract.

Because your brain is your property, take care of it well.

So use pomodoro technique for long time reading, after break.

But speed really matter for anything.

Because speed keep the things consistent.

Can’t force myself to study?

And one more important point, Brain has a theory that he has to wander.

The God has made it for wander.

But we want to break this rule, it’s law of nature.

And i hope you understand natural laws.

So for example Gravitational law, if you throw anything in the air, it comes down to the Earth ground.

Therefore you can’t break this natural law.

And in the same way, brain is made for wander, this is a natural law.

So why you’re not using this law, give him the topic to go into depth.

Therefore in this way you have to use your brain.

But we want, don’t wander.

If you have not given him instruction, then that will go anywhere.

Therefore always you need to provide a proper direction, to your brain for the best result.

Hence you have to make the things attractive, so that you brain can’t distract you.

It’ll make your life very easy.

Find motivation to study when depressed

So what should you do, when you don’t want to read anymore ?

And you’re feeling bore.

But this happen with many people.

And the main reason is distraction, like mobile phone, social media and many more.

Now the question is that, how to get rid of this destruction.

So if you want to get rid of one destination, then you have to catch another destruction.

But the second direction should be good, so that you should get motivation to read ahead.

And these distraction are very easy, take self help books, any successful person biography, or articles.

Because it’ll help and push you to read ahead.

And i personally use this practice to get motivation to complete my own task everyday.

Because it’ll not only help you in study, but also to set your life goal as well.

Just get recharge yourself with these books 20 minutes and again start reading further.

But always keep in mind the end result goals, why you’re reading ?

And start writing that end result goal on paper right now.

Because when you write your goal, then positive energy will flow in your mind.

Which’ll boost and motivate you too for your goal achievement.

And you can play a game with your mind, it’s 20 minute game.

Because when you think something big, then your mind stuck.

So break the big part into many small part, and take one one small part and convince your mind for that.

Therefore first you have to win from mind.

And once you win, then game is in your hand, when you want to stop reading.

But don’t take it otherwise, because i’m telling you my own real experience.

Now read and write the best five positive affirmation everyday.

So for example, I’m the best, I can do it.

But must read or write before sleep, as well as when you feel lazy.


This article has given you a golden technique skill for reading books with speed of light. And apart from this what new value has this article added to your life. write your feedback in the comment box. If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. I hope you enjoyed learning about How To Find Motivation To Study with light speed. Thanks for sharing on social media.


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