How to Become Rich Fast in Real Life

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How to become rich is really a question for us in our daily life.

Because many times in school or colleges our teacher ask with students, what do you want to become ?

Then all students have their own choice, what they want to become, but one student has different answer.

Because he want to know the answer, how to become rich, even he don’t know how to become rich.

So this is a real story of a student, who ask everyone how to become rich.

Now keep reading how he became rich just using one gift of the God.

How to become rich by using a common gift of the God

When everyone born in the world that time the God gives a gift to everyone and send.

And that gift is the power to see the dream, how much it is effective you’ll know here.

Because the dream power is given by the God to everyone, it does not matter in which family you are born.

So dream is a power to change your present situation.

But unfortunately 99% of people lose this dream power during living their life.

Because he ask everyone how to become rich, please just tell me, i am ready to do everything to become rich.

And some people suggest him different, different idea like do engineering, medical or MBA and more.

So he finally choose MBA and continue his study.

And during the MBA course education he faces so many challenges.

Some time he feels to drop MBA but his dream image come in front of him.

Then again he start to improve himself to complete MBA.

So whatever he did only due to his dream power.

And during this period he understood well, nothing is hard and easy in life.

Because the work you really want to learn with heart and do practice for it, then it becomes easy and rest become hard.

This is the difference between a hard and easy work, nothing more.

Now after passing MBA all of his batch students get placed in the different companies.

But he did not get any job, even he wanted a job without salary and not got it.

Then he cry alone in a dark room, how to become rich, he want a answer.

Because he has taken education loan, also promised with family one day i will become a rich man.

So he was thinking i can’t go home without job.

But if without salary he was not getting job, then who will give job with salary ?

Then he went to placement incharge and asked, what should i do, because i am in bad-seep.

How to become rich one best example for us

How to become rich fast in real life
How to become rich fast

And again the placement incharge told him nothing is hard and easy in life.

If you’re ready to learn and practice any work regularly, then you can do anything.

Then again he started learning and practice for next 6 month.

And he was the first boy in the campus to got a job.

Because one common student got answer how to become rich using dream power.

So just do in life, what should do, and then do some extra, this is an evergreen principle for success in life.

Now after finishing duty time, he was working some extra for company for better performance everyday.

But passing 3 to 4 years in the job, still he was asking how to become rich ?

So he was thinking, can i do something big, and can i try my own business.

Because it was the internal voice of dream power, which was boiling the blood every month for target.

Now where is desire there is way, finally he got a chance for business.

But it was horrible due to no background support, as well as no business experience.

Then he started a part time business along with job.

After finishing the duty, he started to spend 3 to 4 hour everyday for his own business.

Even he was working on holidays and Sunday for his business.

Because he was thinking he has an opportunity, so he can do something big.

And started his own business it was running fine as per expectation.

But after one year business failed, and again arises very bad situation.

As you know, unless if you are not able, then you can not get that thing.

So there was something missing in his business due to this fail, and that was customer handling.

Now family and relatives started to advice everyday to leave this business and go back to join job again.

But the dream to become rich man was so strong power, which not allowed to leave business during bad days.

How to achieve target without fail ?

And continue for learning everyday something new in business without give up.

So during this period, he learned the experience, if you’re not getting your target in life, then don’t change you goal.

Then just change your work style, and make yourself excellent in your chosen field.

Because he made himself excellent for achieving his dream.

But some challenges may come, so be ready to face that challenges.

And if challenges are coming then understand that you’re on the right track.

But People will speak something, so don’t care about this, because one day abuse voice will change into clapping voice.

So you have to work till that clapping voice day.

And finally he got the answer how to become rich ?

Because now he has became rich man in the world.

So how he became rich man, because he had a purpose in life, how to become rich.

Whenever you take big goal in life, then big challenges will come so don’t fear.

Even people near you will stop you, but don’t stop yourself just remember one day clapping voice will come for you.

So check this article, what is life secret ? don’t waste time

How to get rich in real life ?

How to become rich in real life fast
How to get Rich

Everyone of us want to become rich in their life.

But due to some basic mistake most of the people fail in real life.

So i am going to share important truth about how to get rich in our life.

Which will help 100% to get rich, if you practice in your real life.

When we small child, then we have big dream and think i will become richest man of the world, and get car, big house, money and establish my own company after becoming young.

But as you become young, finishing school, colleges and join job then feel the reality of the life.

And your dream start becoming big to small, and also feel it became very late, now my dream can’t complete.

Therefore now starts making excuses on thought.

Because that child who was thinking one day to become richest man of the world, now saying to people money is evil, money is not happiness, big house does’t good.

Actually this is not his own thinking these all are his excuses, Because humans do not even know to face themselves.

And in mind do not down his own image, but the truth is that he did not successed, so he is doing useless talking.

So now i am going to share with you some tips, how to get rich in real life.

Many people from us only think that wish i became rich in life.

I have to become rich, want to earn more money, but they don’t have any practical figures.

But they only say want to become very rich, but how much rich ? have no answer.

So rich meaning for different people have different meaning.

Because 1 lakh for someone is more but 10 crore for other is less.

So they don’t have a fixed figures in their mind, but they want to become rich very quick, but how fast ? don’t have answer.

Actually they don’t have figures for how fast, one month, one year or 10 years.

How to become rich fast ?

So if you really want to become rich, then first you decide your real figures.

If you want to know how to become rich fast, then follow these important tips.

First decide your real amount, how much money you want, along with clear the date.

So take a pen and paper and write down on it how much amount you want, and mention the fixed date.

Whatever is your goal just write everything on paper along with target date.

Because whenever we write on paper then target is fixed in our mind to complete it anyhow.

And second tip one more step everyday.

Because winer are those, who do something extra along with his daily routine work.

Just for example, if anyone do 10 push ups daily and next day he do 10 push ups only, then there is no improvement in his work.

But the actual winer is those, who do 2 push ups on first day and 3 push ups on next day, and continue one more step everyday.

So gradually that man improve themshelf, who do some extra everyday, and get success in his life forever.

Now third tips “think for others” .

Some years before a Walmart company in the USA was world number one products supplier.

Then after looking this company “Jack Ma” saw a dream and thought, who is a Chinese, he decided to sell the china products in the whole world.

If you want to know more about Jack Ma Chinese business magnate story.

Then you should check this link, Success story for change Your life.

So Jack Ma showed Chinese people a dream we will sell our Chinese product to the world and made a Chinese community for this.

How to make business successful ?

And ensured the Chinese people, our manufacturing products will sell more in the world.

Therefore all people welcomed this proposal and supported him.

And therefore he made a company and today this company is world largest products supplier.

So how this Chinese business magnate made this possible ?

Because he first thought for others and not for himself.

So whenever you open a new business, then first think for others benefit, rather than yourself.

It may be product or services but first care about people benefit.

If you serve the society for their benefit, then people will automatically support you.

Because different people will continue to join your product or services and you will gradually become richest.

How to become rich and famous ?

Many years ago one child went to his father and told father give me one rupees.

Then father gave him one rupees coin, now this child was playing with this coin and crossing the road to buy something.

But suddenly the coin fell into the drain from his hand.

Now he was very worry and thinking how i will buy my things ?

Then again he went to his father, and told about the incident, i lost my coin in the drain.

After that his father scold him, why do you play with coin, so you lost the coin.

And his grandfather was listening, so he called the child and told son it’s not your mistake you lost the coin.

But it’s your mistake you had one coin only.

So we are same as child, because we think more about saving less than earning.

Therefore think more about earning, rather than saving.

And saving is good thing for future.

But 1000 rupees earning is better than 10 rupees saving, and then saving 200 rupees is better.

So always think high, but when you are at teenager, then we take advice from different people about our goal.

Like what should i do, and people start to give them useless advice, saying as don’t do this, also don’t do that it has much risk, and so on.

But you just think, whom you have asked ? are they all successful in their life ?

Who are giving you advice ? they have level for advice, they are already poor.

But your thought is very high, you have to go far ahead.

So you should not take advice from that people, who is already poor.

Therefore take the advice from mentors, who is many times ahead than you, who is already successful in their life.

But where can you find them, so you can get them in books, in their interviews, biography and many articles.

So read about them, and they can give you best advice, how to become rich ? as well as what should you choose for carrier.

What is big cause to not become rich ?

Well, it’s our some stupidity.

Because marketing people are doing their job very well and selling offers everyday.

So we buy that things, which had no need for us right now.

And your money get blocked, which can work for you somewhere else.

So the main difference between a rich and poor is that, poor work for money and money work for rich.

Therefore never excite for an offer to buy, if you really need that thing then buy only.

And save to invest ,not to save, most of the people from us save some amount in bank account.

Because we feel our money is save right now.

But inflation rate is very increasing every year almost 12 to 13%.

So you should invest that money somewhere like, land, share market, some mutual fund and many more.

And whenever that money become big amount, then you can invest in your business.

Because the second difference between a rich man and poor man is that poor man has only one source of income, but rich man has many source of income.

For example one person has a job and getting every month a fixed salary income.

Whether you are satisfied or not it does not matter, but it’s running a system.

But you have to manage all things of your life with this source of income only.

And just think if your source of income become multiple like, you’re doing job, along with getting money from rent, land, car, share market so on.

So i mean to say spread out your source of income, such that you get huge amount of money from multiple business channel every month, rather than a fixed salary.

And don’t depend upon salary only, who knows, if you lose your job tomorrow or may be your business failed.

Because anything can happens, so just distribute your money in small pieces.

And let the income come from everywhere.


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