How To Be More Motivated Immediately

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How to be more motivated in life is a question for us ?

Because motivation help you to pick the right destination for the right reasons.

But how to be more motivated, then correct answer is, think big, even if you start small.

And put your goal always front of yourself.

Because this one habit is so powerful, it’ll switch ON your mind.

So this is the best one technique, how to be more motivated immediately ?

Because many people has used this technique to achieve their goal, and got succeed in real life.

So lets begin how to be more motivated using this technique in your life.

How To Become More Motivated For Goal ?

How To Be More Motivated Immediately
How To Be More Motivated Immediately

Well, very first i would like to tell you a story.

who has used this technique to achieve his goal ?

And i’m sure, this story will impact on your life very much to achieve your goal.

If you really want to know, how to be more motivated, in real life fact.

Because this story is real man story.

And that man is Jim Carrey Canada, and he was the son of a janitor.

So due to financial problem, he did not completed his school education.

And even no money for living home, then started living in a Van and paying rent for this Van.

Because there was so much poverty in the home.

So you can just imagine the situation.

But thinking was very big, even start was small.

Whereas his goal was to become a Hollywood hero.

So to keep himself motivated, enthusiastic and energetic, he found a way.

And he took a cheque after that he wrote on the cheque payee name Jim Carrey for acting services rendered.

Along with date 5 years later, amount 10 million dollar and signed this cheque.

So the son of a janitor has nothing, even not able to afford home, no any support from home.

But still he made a check of $ 10 million for his name.

Now see, how the things influenced, and how he advertised his goal.

Because he kept this cheque in his wallet.

So every time he open the wallet, he looks at the cheque.

And his mind switch become ON, because he has to reach goal.

But he think, what am i doing to reach my goal.

And when the people come near to him, and says, you can’t do it.

Then he used to take his cheque from wallet, and see it, i can do it, I will do it.

How to find motivation and purpose

whenever situation were negative, but the cheque used to switch ON his mind.

Then his mind start thinking this is my dream, and i have to complete it in my life.

Therefore this level of daily motivation, which you’re seeing everyday and every time.

So this motivation gives you a automatic discipline life to complete your task everyday.

Hence everyday he completes his work, and he sees his cheque and counted his day in the every evening.

So he developed all the good skills, which a actor need.

After that he got offer for some small roles.

But he got offer for first movie, in which he got a side role only.

And exact after 5 years later, he got offer for DUMB and DUMBER movie.

This is a Hollywood very famous movie DUMB and DUMBER.

And for this he got a cheque of 10 million dollar, to Jim carrey for acting services rendered.

So many people has done this practice for example, Bruce Lee, Jack Canfield, and many more.

When they were nothing, but puted his goal on front.

How To Get More Motivated In Life ?

If you really want something big from life, then first do one thing, write your goal and put on front right now.

But don’t take it otherwise, i’m giving you paid thing in FREE.

So make a visual story about your goal, because your brain loves story and images.

But why ?

Do you want to know ? I hope you will.

Because every story has a starting and ending point.

So there will be no confusion for your brain, Why to do ? what to do ? and how to do ?

Because our physical body do only three things, work, eat food and rest.

But all the other work is assigned by our brain to body.

So just tell the right direction to your brain, And the work will be done by your body.

Even you don’t like but your brain will compel you to do it.

Now for images because your brain is superfast, catch better with fast speed.

So images enter into your brain with light speed, and brain like to store that images and recall it fast.

Therefore it’ll be easy to remember your goal all the time.

So whenever you remember your goal daily, then automatically discipline comes into life.

And once the habit of discipline is developed in your real life.

Also check how to find motivation to study with light speed.

How to find your motivation in life

Then you’re moving everyday few miles near to your goal.

Because if you want something big in life.

Then want some madness.

Because big fire gives big heat, small fire gives small heat.

So big dreams give big result, and small dreams give no result.

But remember success is not attained until you are worthy of it.

And If you write your goals, and put in front, the best result you’ll see.

But most of the people think and limit their self, i can’t do it.

So never limit yourself, you can do anything, like Jim Carrey, because everything is possible.

Therefore in every part of life, for example relationship, carrier, business, jobs.

If you feel no happiness in your life, then try to set your goals, you’ll definitely get happiness.

And if your goals don’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

How To Be More Self Motivated ?

How To Be More Self Motivated ?
How To Be More Self Motivated ?

Well, there’re two important point to become self motivated.

So first is, why do self confidence is important ?

And second is how you can check your self confidence level ?

Because in any field, confident people has a different identity.

And all people like confident person.

Because in your real life, you also take advice from that friend, who’s confident.

As well as you deal business with that person, who’s confident about his services.

And the person get the job, who is confidant in the interview.

So whether it’s professional or personal life, but self confident is important for everywhere.

Now it’s time to check your confident level.

Are you confident ?

Then answer these questions honestly.

So, do you believe in yourself ?

And, do you accept risks ?

Do you accept your mistake ?

Also, do you accept others compliments ?

Now if all the above questions, if your answer is positive way then you’re a confident person.

And if negative like, blame others, then you’re not a confident person.

Now action steps, how to build unstoppable confident ?

So do you know ? you’re an owner of brain factory.

Wow, You don’t even know and you are the owner of the factory.

And about 50,000 thoughts are produced daily in this factory.

But there are two unit or department in your factory having two different supervisor.

Therefore one is Mr Happy Singh, who take care about your positive thoughts products.

So he tells you, how you can successful ? how you can achieve you goals ?

What’s your capability ? and what’s your quality ?

And second supervisor is Mr Udas Singh, who take care about negative thoughts products.

So he produce negative thoughts, he tells you, Why you will fail ?

Why you can’t do ? what’s not in your control ?

But both are very obedient.

Because they will take such action as you give command.

How to be happy and motivated everyday

Even you can do practical it right now.

So for example, If you say today is bad day, then same time, Udas Singh will take your command, and start making negative thoughts.

But if you tell, today is good day, then Happy Singh will take your command, and start making good thoughts.

Therefore in every situation and every moment of your life, they work, as you give the command.

So to whom you will give more work, it will gradually take up the space of your entire factory.

And it’ll become your attitude and nature Happy or Udas, means positive or negative.

So what to do.

If you want your confident always boost up, then get out Udas Singh from service of your factory.

Hence keep only one supervisor Happy Singh, for 100% product produce.

So just imagine everyday 50,000 thoughts come and most of them are negative from this.

If you make it positive, then what a better change will be in your life.

How Do I Become More Self Motivated ?

If you don’t know yourself, people won’t accept you.

Because we’re also salesman and we sell our self everywhere for example, in job, carrier, relationship and business.

So it’s very important to know about yourself.

Because many of us tell they have ideas, but no capability.

whereas everyone has capability, but many of us actually don’t know their capability.

So know yourself better.

And you’re responsible for price tag putted on you by the world, for example, failure, weak, looser and incompetent.

Because if you understand yourself that you’re not suitable for study.

Then slowly your neighbor, friends and relative will feel the same.

And those people will also say study is not for you.

So when you realize your value, then others will also realize your value.

Therefore others will also support to boost up your confident, Knowingly or unknowingly.

Now many people from us have ideas and thoughts, but don’t have self believe.

Because don’t you need a different mind to be successful? They are just like us, but they have self believe.

So you have to believe in yourself, same as successful people do.

Hence just think, today we’re using mobile.

Because some years ago someone believed that it is possible.

So anyone achieve success in life, because of their own believe.

Therefore it’s in your hand to make your own identity with your believe system.

Or just passing the time for life and sink in the flow.

And I feel like, you’re not be among those who believe in luck and cry.

Because if you’re reading this article, then you’ve some desire and want to complete it, then you’re reading it.

So go ahead, and believe in yourself, talk to yourself about your dream.

And commit yourself you have to do it at any cost.

How can I increase my energy and motivation ?

How can I increase my energy and motivation ?
How To Be More Motivated

Fear is our main enemy in life.

Because the fear is the thing that does not make you opportunity, and it goes away in front of you.

And due to fear, you do not move forward in life.

Also due to fear you don’t learn something new in your life.

So, is there any solution to kill fear ? And how you can overcome with this fear ?

Yes here’s is solution, prepare yourself and practice as much as you can.

Because there’s his practice, and hard work, behind every confident person.

So accept your weakness, and work on it to overcome this weakness anywhere.

If the people around say you can’t do it, then go ahead and complete it, let them to see, your’s potential.

And tell them you’re confident, you can do anything.

So think better about yourself, not bitter.

Therefore take action against your weaknesses, don’t fear.

Because if you’ll fear, then you’ll lose your confident.

So how to increase your will power ?

Just do one thing attach your will power with emotion.

Because emotional will power never tired as well as never die.

And emotional experience give you a feeling and visualization for your dream.

So it’ll drive and push you forward for your dream.

But will power is simply a desire.

Whereas emotional will power is a dream.

And there’s big difference between desire and dream.

Here i can’t write more, because i have already written in previous post,

So check out and know the big difference from previous post.

But the best part is that you can cultivate emotional experience in your brain, without any event.

And you know one golden rule, extreme emotion has a deep rooted retention.

Because where there is emotion, there is devotion.


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