Family Quotes About Love True Story

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Family quotes about love is a true story for success in life.

Because many people ask this question, what should choose from love, family and carrier.

So such situation come many times in our life, which become difficult to take decision.

Therefore i’m going to share family quotes about love in this article.

Which’ll help you, how to take right decision and what’s value of family, love and carrier ?

So read the complete article to understand family quotes about love in the simple way.

Because you’re going to learn here something new for your life.

Family quotes about love true story

Family quotes about love true story
Family quotes about love true story

First of all, increase your value in your life.

So make yourself strong, such that you can take your own decision.

Because as long as you are weak, you’ll not be able to make a successful relationship.

As well as you can not get too much respect in the family.

So increase your life value, And do you know ? how does life value increase.

When you add some value to the others’s lives.

And When you benefit the other,

So that man who does not do anything for his family, company, customers and his owns.

Such a person can never have value.

Because when others are benefited due to you, then your value increases.

And when your value increases, then people faith in your decision.

If the parents know, our children take the wrong decision, then they’ll never support your decisions.

Therefore if after knowing all the things, and if your parents don’t support then you should accept their decision.

And if such a time come in life that you have to choose one, then don’t leave the parents.

Because the relationship of love breaks and connects many times in life, but parents are only one.

But many times, for which you leave everyone, he sometimes leaves you because of your small mistake.

whereas your parents forgive even a big mistake.

And never try to break the heart of parents and achieve your own happiness.

So i accept it is very difficult to live without a person who you love a lot.

But the position of parents is many times bigger than that.

And never leave your parents at any cost, because your existence is due to them.

Hence if your parents feel you’re mature and able to take right decision.

Then they’ll sure support you.

But if you’re feeling restless, then make a distance from all that things, which’s disturbing you right now.

These words will do wonders in life

And only focus on your carrier or goal of life.

Because this time will never return again in life, but other thing can be done later.

So don’t care about others, what they’re doing right now.

But keep your full focus on study and life goal only.

And also care your health, because health is wealth, without good health you can’t do anything well.

So a healthy body has a healthy mind.

Therefore if you’re not strong and stable, then you’ll be not able to handle anything, like, family, love, study and carrier.

Because everything will be out of your control.

But many people has confusion that, after getting job, money and degree, their value will increase.

Whereas all these things do not increase the value, With these things you only survive your life.

So your value only increase when you add value to the others’s lives,

As well as if you make someone life happy, and others get benefited from you.

Because a man is not remembered, but his work is remembered.

Therefore focus on, how you can make yourself better using everyday life experience.

And make yourself capable to achieve whatever you want in life.

I love my family quotes about love to save my life

So i would like to start with a story.

Once a priest in a church was teaching children,

Whenever you talk about heaven, you should have smile on your face.

Then one child asked, and what about the hell.

How to make face, when we talk about hell.

Then that priest said to those children, you do not need to make any face.

Because the person has face like that, seeing it,

we feel that he is living in the hell.

Because he is not happy with his life.

So this is the essence of this story.

Because seeing a person, it feels that there is no such thing as a heaven in his life.

Like, nowadays one gets to see the face of people.

Doesn’t seem to be happy in his life.

Because looking at him, he seems to be living in hell, not in heaven.

So this story gives us a lesson.

Are we happy in our life, and smiling ?

Or have befriended the miseries and troubles in life.

So you tell whether you are living in heaven or in hell.

Because heaven or hell is nowhere else, that’s here.

Therefore it’s among us and we choose whether we want a life like haven or hell.

Why most people are worry in life nowadays ?

What kind of life are you living in Heaven or Hell ?

So just look at your life and see what it is, heaven or hell.

Do you Know ? why there are so many problems in your life.

And why you’re so upset ?

Because you have given your mind the freedom to think anything.

just see, we learn everything, how to cook ?

And how to talk ?

As well as how to drive ? how to dance ?

So we learn everything.

But we never ever learn how to think ?

And we never thought, how to think ?

Because 50000 thoughts comes everyday in our mind.

Types of thoughts to save family quotes about love

Types of thoughts to save family quotes about love
Types of thoughts to save family quotes about love

So there are total four types of thoughts.

  • Essential thoughts– for example, i have to eat food, and i have to go to office, i have to do this, and many more, which work itself. So about which you do not have to put a lot of mind.And this is 10% of total thoughts.
  • Negative thoughts– fear, doubt and worry in mind for everything, And this thoughts are 70% of total thoughts. So meaning that the whole day you think 70%, which is wrong. And which is spoiling your life.
  • Positive thoughts– A way for good life, and a confidence perspective, for example, yes i can do it, this man is good, And this work is good for me. it’s possible, to see with positive thoughts everything. So those who think such positives attract positiveness in life. And they get everything they trust. When negative thoughts come to your mind, such as doubts and fear. Then it really happens with you. And when you think of everything in life as positive then it starts to be positive. And this is 10% of the total thoughts.
  • Healing thoughts– Which rarely someone uses, And this is called affirmation thoughts. Which can go to higher conscious levels. Therefore which can make a great person from an ordinary person. Because to feed your mind ‚Äč‚Äčthat value start rising above every worry, happiness, problems. So you start separating from every suffering. And things outside of you seem to have very little effect.

Now tell me which thoughts go on in your mind the most, essential, negative, positive or healing thoughts.

Because as far as I have seen the people, most people think only negatively.

So people think always negative for everything, for example about his life, carrier, relationship and success.

That is why they don’t achieve what they want to get in life.

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Inspirational quotes about family strength

But you get what you do regularly practice.

So It becomes your mantra.

Therefore be careful, whatever you’re thinking, the same you’re going to become.

Hence you never allow your mind to think anything. So control over it.

Because we’re doing practice to wander our mind for years.

And nowadays distraction level is more due to mobile too.

Because four friends go out to hang out, and all of them are talking on phone but not among themselves.

And people go out to have a family dinner but everyone is busy on the phone,

Everything is turning upside down.

Because the people who are with us from the body are far from the heart, and who are with us from heart is far from the body.

The reason we have done so much practice for distraction, Therefore, you do not feel pleasure anywhere.

So the mind is wandering and running here and there only.

Hence this is time to think outside the box.

Therefore you need to do meditation, and to control your mind for useless thinking.

And as slowly you start to control your mind, it’ll continue to control.

But you must do one thing, spend one hour time with your family, such that there should be no any distraction.

whereas must do one thing, spend one hour time with your family, such that there should be no any distraction during this period.

Because when you will do practice for concentration, then your concentration level will increase.

So It is very simple that whatever you practice you will become the same.

Because you practiced wandering and therefore today your concentration have lost completely.

But it’s need for concentration now.

And how you can do it, i have explained well, so it’s time to take action right now.

Therefore try to understand each family members feeling, and exchange your thoughts with each other.

This is the best family quotes about love.

What’s the best habit to change family and your life ?

What's the best habit to change family and your life ?
What’s the best habit to change family and your life ?

Because due to this practice, family will not face any bad challenges and quarrel.

And this habit will make a strong emotional bonding with each others.

Because each day you’re discussing the problem and finding the solution.

So there will be no any gap for misunderstand at all.

Therefore do this practice anyhow, if you really want to save your family from bad time.

Where the problem is, the solution is also there, and you’ll not get outside solution.

And the benefit of this, your family will get happiness.

So you’ll get happiness in your life too.

And start practicing what you want to get in life from today.

But whatever you have got till date, just forget it, and start a new life to change your thoughts right now.

Because changing is really needed now to achieve something big in life.

And now you will think better about yourself.

Because the God has made you unique.

What you can do, no one else in the world can do it.

So believe this in yourself, because you’re an important dot of this universe.

And why do you always search defect in yourself.

So you can do whatever you want, you can get whatever you want.

Because you’re made by the God with super huge energy.

And you’re the owner of this super energy, and how do you want to spend it,

This command is totally in your hand, laugh or weep.

But now you promise yourself, you have to make your life heaven, not hell.

Whatever the worry and problems will come from outside, but you’ll not allow to enter in your mind.

And now from today you’ll do this practice for your life and family happiness.

Self affirmation can change your life

Also do self affirmation practice, for example, i’m happy, i’m not the body, emotion, thoughts, mind, but i’m the soul.

And i’m the child of the God, and connected with the God.

So i’m one with the God, i’m one with all, and i’m deserving, I trust myself,

And i enjoy every moment of my life, I’m the best and amazing in this universe,

Because i’m unique and special made by the almighty God.

So repeat these sentence in your mind everyday, and very soon you’ll see your life will completely change.

Therefore very soon hell life will change into heaven life.

And write your feedback in the comment box after doing this practice.

And stay blessed in your life.

How do your thoughts impact your future ?

Well, it very matters, what you’re listening.

Because what you listen, that comes into your mind.

And that comes into your daily life action.

Therefore according to your action, you get the result in your daily life.

When you live only for someone, then you get it or not, but you definitely become lonely.

So if you think that, If i will get someone or any job, then i will become happy.

Then in this condition you’ll not get that things.

But you have to be happy in the present and then try to get that things.

And in this condition you can get that, whatever you want to achieve in your life.

So always live in the present with happiness, then you can make your future happiness also.


How much these story impacted and added new value in your life to change your thoughts, write your feedback in the comment box. And which practice you’re going to use in your family to save from bad time ? If this article is helpful for you, then like, comment and share on social media. I hope you enjoyed learning about family quotes about love. Thanks for sharing this article on social media.


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