Another Word For Success in Our Life

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Everyone want success, but what’s another word for success in life meaning.

Because if you really want to success in life, then you need to know another word for success importance.

So that you could achieve your target and dream of life.

Therefore in this article i’m going to EXPLAIN step by step about another word for success importance in life.

So keep reading to know the true fact about another word for success role in life.

Another Word For Success in Our Life

All people really search the answer for the question, what leads to success ?

So i’m going to explain “another word for success” which leads the way for success.

And without using these word you can’t achieve the success in your life.

Because these eight words are total value for success in anyone life.

And these words came out, when 700 hundred successful men were interviewed to know the secret for success.

So we need to understand these eight words value and implement in our life to achieve the success.

Now let’s start all these words one by one in details to secure success in our life.

So another word for success in life is motivation to achieve your goal.

1 Passion

Well, it is time to understand What says successful men about passion ?

So everyone say i’m driven by my passion, and do it for love not for money.

Because we would pay someone to do what we do.

If you do it for love, the money comes anyway.

Passion is our internal power which motivate us to keep doing till the success is not achieved.

It has been already proved that if you do anything which is not your passion, then you’ll left it very soon after failed first time.

So it’s very important if you want to start anything new, then first find your passion before start anything.

And search it till you not found it, and once you find it then start to do it regularly.

Just forget about the money, your passion work has much power to attract money.

You will get huge amount of money later on, just continue your action day by day.

And you’ll really enjoy by doing your work, because it is your passion, never feel tired and bored by doing it.

So your goal will come near to you, just by taking everyday continuous action.

Now i hope you understood the importance of passion for success in our life.

Prayer Another word For Success in Work

Another word for success in our life
Another word for success

2 Work

It’s all hard work, because nothing comes easily.

But i have a lot of fun, i mean do hard work with enjoy never take tension for your work.

Whenever you’ll love and enjoy your work, then the work become a fun for you.

But how you can make your big work fun ?

I’m going to explain a simple trick here, so use this tip in your any work.

After using this trick, you’ll never feel your hard work is really hard.

So here is trick, just break your big work in smaller parts like 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

And complete the big work just by doing smaller part 25% everyday and enjoy.

If you’ll consider to do big work together, then your mind will distract and you’ll feel it hard to do.

So never attract to do a big work together, just complete a part a single day.

This is the best method to enjoy your hard work.

Because hard work is important another word for success in life.

And check a success story can change your life.

3 Good

To be successful in life, put your nose down in something and get damn good at it.

Because there is no magic, it’s practice, practice, practice.

As much you do practice, you reach near the good level.

So it’s not necessary that if you do any work first time and it’ll be good.

It may be required more practice to achieve good level.

So continue your practice, until you do not achieve good level.

Because everyday you’ll learn something new during this practice.

Which’ll make you excellent as well as confidence.

So whatever you do make yourself excellent in that field.

Because you can’t get success, unless you’re not deserving it.

But don’t think it’s one day game, it can take month or years

Therefore keep patience, and do whatever you are doing without waiting for result.

But measure your goodness level achievement during time to time.

So good is another word for success in our life.

Words For Success And Achievement

4 Focus

You need to focusing yourself on the one thing.

Because the prime condition of success is that concentrate your thought energy on the one thing.

The secret of success also lies, just start whatever you want to do.

And break your complex tasks into small manageable tasks, then start on the first one.

So i don’t think this is so much secret, but people don’t give proper weight or importance for this.

But i hope you’re familiar with the Chinese proverb.

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”

And the wrong first step could end as far as two thousand miles from where you want to be.

So the focusing helps keep your first step right.

Actually life is a question, so ask yourself so many questions like, what,when.

And it’s simple, answers comes from questions.

But remember if you ask the wrong question, then you will get wrong answer.

And if ask right question, then get right answer.

But ask the most powerful question which is possible, So the answer can be life changing.

5 Push

Well, push yourself physically and mentally.

If you have got to push, push and push.

Then you got to push through shyness and self-doubt.

Because life is a just employer, he gives you what you ask.

So any wage we had asked of life, it would have willingly paid to us.

But push yourself to do whatever you have decided to do.

And after sometime it’ll change to your habit, then no need to push.

Because “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures” (F. M. Alexander)

And push yourself, What is the ONE Thing I can do to ensure that I hit my goals.

So always push for big and specific, because it leads to a big, specific answer.

Which is absolutely necessary for achieving a big goal.

Important words for success

6 Serve

A lot of people want to be millionaires.

Then the first thing i would like to say, well, you can’t serve yourself.

You have got to serve others something of value.

Because millionaires serve others something of value.

If you want to become rich, then serve something which solve the real life problem of people.

And this is the only important point through which people really become rich.

So you can’t imagine how much money you’ll earn, just need to add value.

Therefore serve the value, which is important word for success in life.

7 Ideas

There is no magic to creativity in coming up with ideas.

It is just doing some very simple things, like listen, observe, be curious.

And ask questions, solve the problems and make connections with others.

Because you know, one of your good ideas can change life.

But your ideas must be a mental representational images of some object.

I mean to say it should be fully clear to you in your mind through visual image.

Because your brain understand image well rather than text.

So formulate your thought or opinion through visual image.

And this types of visual ideas will really work for you fast without any confusion.

8 Persist

Well, persistence is the number one reason for our success.

But it’s not easy to persist, because the power for persist you get through failure.

So never give up your goal very soon.

Because quit-er never win the race.

And believe in yourself and continue your action to achieve goal.

Your everyday action will help to make it habit in your life, and fight with distraction.

So persist your dream until you don’t get it.

Therefore persist is an important another word for success.

I’m sure if you practice these eight word in your life, then no doubt to success in your life.

Because this word is use by all successful men in their life.

So after taking their interview, they all agree to accept the value of these words for their successful life.

Now it’s time for us to practice in our life and make our life successful.


These are the big eight word that lead to success. So write in the comment box, which word most influenced you and why. If this article is helpful for you, then comment, like and share on social media. I hope you enjoy learning about Another Word For Success in Our Life. And if you have any doubt ask me because i’m always here for your support. Thanks for sharing this article.


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