5 Best Business Ideas That Make Money

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What’s the best business ideas that make money for you right now.

If you’re really looking for some great ideas, then you’re at right place.

Because i’m going to share with you today the best business ideas that make money.

So you’re going to learn some new amazing business ideas in this article.

And i hope you’ll definitely enjoy and like these ideas.

Because it’ll show you the invisible business ideas, which’s best for you.

So read the complete article if you’ want to know some best business ideas that make money for you.

Lets begin now.

Best business ideas to make money real comparison

5 Best Business Ideas That Make Money
5 Best Business Ideas That Make Money

For a business and about money, there’re so many confusion among the people.

And in this article, i want to make your perception clear, about business and money.

So that you can well understand the truth about business and money from the general people thought.

Then it’ll be easy for you to setup your best business ideas that make money through business.

Therefore, suppose there’re two people Bob and Robert.

Now, suppose Bob is working in a MNC company and earning 12lakh rupees per year.

Whereas Robert is earning 6lakh rupees per year, while doing his own business online.

Now if i’ll ask you, who’ll be richer both of them ?

Then almost everyone will tell Bob, because his income is double than Robert.

And this answer is correct, but only, when we’re comparing with absolute income.

But in real world, everything is relative, not absolute.

So we’ll compare relative income both of them now.

Bob works 80 hours per week, but other side Robert works 10 hours per week.

So if we calculate then Bob gets 288 rupees per hour [1200000/(52*80)].

Whereas Robert gets 1153 rupees per hour [600000/(52*10)].

Therefore, now think who’s earning more ? Our time is the most costly thing of our life.

So if we consider relative income, then Robert is more rich here.

Because he is doing work 70 hours less than Bob.

How best business ideas that make money ?

So you can think, How much can he do in 70 hours every week.

Hence for example, he can learn many new skills in that 70 hours and can develop more his business.

And this the best business ideas that make money, as well as setup a successful business.

So from this skills his business will develop fast and can multiply many times his growth.

Even he can give his time to family and friends, and in return he’ll get much happiness in his life.

Whereas Bob will face difficulties to do this things, because he has very less time or no time for this.

And apart from this one concept Geo Arbitrage makes this comparison more interesting.

Because Bob works in a big MNC company, which’s located in a expensive city.

Hence he has to come and go office regularly, so he has to live near office location.

Best business ideas to make money with freedom

Whereas Robert is doing his business online, so he can do his work from anywhere in the world.

Only he required one laptop and internet, So i’m telling you all this.

Because Bob has to go to office at least 5 to 6 days in a week, So his going and coming expenses.

And house rent near the office is more expensive.

Due to which after earning more, he saves less. Whereas Robert moving around the world, he is able to do his work from anywhere.

So Robert is earning in dollar and living in Nepal where his expenses is less.

Therefore if we compare Bob and Robert, as much money spend Bob once in restaurants.

The same amount of money Robert will go six times in a restaurants for the same quality of food.

So due to less expenses Robert saving is more.

Hence Geo Arbitrage meaning is leveraging the economic difference between markets to generate a high return.

Which’s only possible for Robert but not Bob.

So this’s the best business ideas that make money in short time.

Now come to the main question, Is it possible for us to earn like Robert ?

Then the answer is YES, absolutely possible.

And you can do it, just by making your income automated, which’s called passive income.

So actually there’re two types of income.

  • Active– Need to always work for getting money, for example job or sitting on own shop store.
  • Passive– you no need to work or little work for getting money, for example rent your shop, YouTube channel, there’re so many ways to earn money through internet.

But there’re mainly 3 popular ways.

  • Product– Make your own product and sell it online.
  • License– Get the product idea license.
  • Resell– By doing the things resell.

How to sell the product online to more customer ?

Hence the simplest way is resell the products.

So if you want to become a reseller then you have to buy products, which you can buy from any whole sell website like Alibaba group.

Or any other who is providing you products at low price.

After that you can sell that products same to same or make your own some changes, logo and sell this product on your own website.

Or sell on Amazon or flipcart website.

But you would need to learn business and outsourcing, and once you understood properly.

Then you could easily earn automated income.

Now to do effectively anything in less time, author advice to focus on two important points.

  • Elimination– If you want to get best result in your work in less time. Then it’s very important to know, What things to do selectively ? And it’s more important also, what not to do ?

So to find this one techniques comes into picture, that is 80-20 principle.

Because really this principle is powerful.

What’s best business ideas to make money ?

best business ideas that make money
best business ideas that make money

According to 80-20 principle, most of the result we get for 20% of our work only.

Infact you get 80% result due to your 20% work, So it’s important for you to know, what’s that 20% work ?

Because you can focus and put your all energy to that 20% work, and rest 80% work you could eliminate.

Outsourcing– When i used to see rich people in the childhood, then i thought, rich people assign someone for their little work, For example driver for car, and servant for home work, then i used to think, they do these for show off only.

And actually they’re lazy people, because they can’t do these little work themselves.

But slowly i realized that, actually i was stupid, I used to think like this.

Because mostly rich mentality people keep servant to save their time, rather than show off.

And rich people understand the value of their time,

Because they know, to spend their time in little work is not good for them.

So in that time they can finish their some important work,

And after completing this work they can earn more money in one time, than to pay those servant.

So you should also do only that work, which you can do, and you’re expert in that work.

And rest work you should outsource to other people.

So this’s the best business ideas that make money, If you want to setup your own business, rather than job.

And you can achieve more in life just by doing less work in short time, as well as enjoying the life.

Also check this link If you want to know more about how to start a successful business online.

How you can start businesses that make money right away along with your job ?

And in this business, your hard work will be less but there will be more income than the job.

So first change your concept about wealth, because we generally measure wealth with money.

If someone is earning more money then he’s rich than other, who’s earning less money.

But in reality, such an approach is a small approach.

Because only money amount does not tell, Someone is how much rich.

There’re two more additional factor of wealth, which clear the picture about anyone richness.

  • Time
  • Mobility

Because money, time and mobility allow you to freedom in your life to travel anywhere anytime, make you real rich in your life.

For example one accountant is getting money, but he has no time for his own interest work.

Whereas a online teacher can give coaching from anywhere, and by selling recorded lectures, getting money always.

And after making a course, he can earn money without working right now.

There’re some wrong assumptions in our mind, so we need to remove it now.

So that we can make clarity in our mind, what’s good for us.

And the first point money is not what you’re looking for.

Because we run for money in the desire to be happy, and we do hard work to increase our income.

But when our income increases, then we feel, our happiness is not increase with our income.

Then we actually don’t understand, where your life is going ?

What you’re doing and why you’re doing ?

So its mean that in our life, happiness comes with freedom and power, rather than money.

Because you can only be happy, only do what you want to do.

How to craft businesses that make money ?

best business ideas that make money
best business ideas that make money

Many people understand to start a business is very big thing.

And becoming an entrepreneur is very difficult, a lots of money and hard work is required.

Also need to leave job and to take financial risks, and many more things.

And which’s not possible for everyone to do it.

But according to author, who’s running billion dollar software company, says these all concept are wrong.

Because problem is that, most of the people, when think about business,

Then they think about big business successful people like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Ratan Tata only.

But it’s best for you, if you think side business in starting, which is profitable and sustainable.

Because it’s the best business ideas that make money,

Which can earn you a good side income, and the best part is that, it can be done easily by anyone without more investment or leaving your study or job.

Now there are four important principle to make a business successful.

  • Scratch the itch– Bill Bowerman who was a track coach, when he was searching for a perfect light weight strong shoes in the market for his students, and did not got, then he went to a local shop, and putted rubber in a woofer oil heater, and made a shoes by himself. which was stronger and light weight, and liked by most of the people, And this is where the Nike company started, today everybody know Nike.

So in this example, one problem had itched in his own life, so he made a solution for this itch.

Therefore in the same way, you notice what problem you face day to day life, and how you can solve that problem by making a product.

So your real aim should be to solve the real problem, and it’s good, if it’s your own problem.

Because your own problem solution will be easy for you to understand. Which you can solve faster and best solution.

small businesses that make money

  • With core minimum– Suppose you want to sell Burger so to make this idea a successful business what’s the most important thing to be, Because this your business will not run, So that is tasty Burger is important factor and this is core of your business. So you should focus on it in starting. But most of the people focus on other things rather than core.

Now it’s become easy to do things, therefore ask yourself and write down it, what’s important to start a business.

And can you start by using cheap free alternative.

  • Fight passionately– Find out solution of any problems with minimum expenses, and how you will look in this rush differently. So that people will choose your business product. Well, there’s a good ways through which you can make it possible. And that is fight with competitor brand, people are emotional support their brand.
  • With less– Harvard university or Cambridge university are top university, but do you ever think, being as successful, Why they are not opening their branches in other countries, well, they know it’s good to fight with less.

If they will open many university around the world, then their quality will impact from present time.

And You’ll see most business man compete with numbers, they feel more features in products is good.

Even they feel, if more items in restaurants menu, then restaurants will run good.

But according to author this thing is stupid,

Because focus on less things with best quality, which is loved and liked by customer.

Then the chance of success will increase but not with increasing number.

So you should also compete with less in starting, due to this you’ll save money, make more profit and grow fast.

And a bonus lesson, many people say you to learn from failure, But you can’t learn what to do from failure.

But you’ll learn what not to do. So learn with Success or successful people, then you can go ahead fast in business.

Top 5 Online business ideas of 2020

Motivation Need business ideas
Motivation Need

1 Search engine optimization.

Because every businesses are trying to attract more customers, and looking for customer attention.

And the world should know, what do you offer ? So there is one full proof technique to get customer attention.

Because many companies are dependent on search engine for their business, now on and average 63000 searches every single second on Google.

So that on search engine 5.6 billion searches each day, And no matter what field you are in,

Therefore the secret of search engine optimization (SEO), create content online which’s searchable.

So SEO checks the right boxes, presses the right buttons, to get the top result as possible.

Because 40% of people click on first result found on the Google search result.

If your website tends top 10 results then you get more attention by customer.

And attention means potential business, So how can you turn SEO into an online business.

Just provide SEO support to those companies who’re looking for their businesses.

Because SEO expert are constantly in demand.

2 Personal consultation.

Every day million of peoples using internet and looking for someone to help them to manage their business.

So consultation make very natural and profitable business, Because you’re using the knowledge you’re already have and applying this for someone.

Therefore how you’ll proof yourself, so value first, execution later,

And in consultation business, customer testimonial is the key, which proof you have helped customer in the past.

But in the starting don’t look for big cheque, but help the customer problem solution on the right track.

So that customer can give you best testimonial, you did a great job, and you’ll get a reputation to success in your business.

Businesses that make a lot of money without more investment

3 Affiliate marketing.

You can find these kind of business anywhere online, But very few people exactly understand, what’s affiliate marketing means?

Because affiliate marketing is, when a content creator promote a product or service, which ultimately brings a new customers for the business.

If every time someone buy those products, creator gets a small commission. but if brings 1000 of new customers,

Then those commission become a large amount over a night. So affiliate are online promoters,

Because traffic means customer attention, and attention means business, So if you’re smart about this you can make huge amount of money.

Hence if you want to do affiliate marketing, you have to remember two things.

  • Attention is a resource, just like money– If you’re popular content creator, put it to good use.
  • Your audience should be the biggest concern– Take the time to think about the people appealing to, and the way you marketing a product. Because your presentation can make or break your business.

4 The membership model.

If you’re looking for stable monthly income, Then membership programs is the way to go,

Because membership is the great way to establish a community for your service or products.

If you proof a worth your content, it’s money, So if you do your job, then customer want more,

even they’ll pay a little amount of money for the content of your service.

And if they pay, then they’ll get all kind of access to exclusive services.

Because membership model serving a special purpose, it’s creating a community, and encourage people to invest in you.

Businesses that make the most money through your passion

5 Informational content.

Do you want to turn your hobby into your carrier ? If your answer is yes,

Then create online business your best hobby content, start ask yourself one question, What am i good at ?

It could be anything, for example sport, craft or may be you know a lots about any specific subject.

Whatever it’s you try your area of expertise, and setup a successful business,

Because information and media is increasing from years, and the reason is that, there’s no limit of, what you can talk about.

No matter what’s your passion about, Because million of people always share your interest,

So use that advantage and create your youtube channel and advertise on social media,

And the best part is that you can use your spare time to build this. As well as found the popularity around the world and also educate the world.

So don’t wait, turn your interest into your business and success in year 2020 right now.


We have discussed here everything about business, and which’re top 5 business for you right now, What you have learnt new value about business in this article, write your feedback in the comment box. If this article is helpful for you then, like, comment and share this article on social media. And you can subscribe us for our latest post, Thanks for sharing this article on social media.


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